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  2. Temp guage

    Anyone ever had a temp gauge read off the scale hot and not overheating? Does even with either temp sensor unplugged. New cluster did the same thing when I plugged it in. Any thoughts?
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  5. What Did You Purchase Today?

    bought a set of these. 19x8.5" S5 replicas for the allroad
  6. Dalamar 96 GT

    man i still love that color on the car!
  7. Welcome To SN95Source.com: Homie.S281

    welcome aboard!!
  8. Yesterday
  9. Project White95

    Yeah, trying to keep up with the times. I have an Eaton to throw at it once I have the bugs worked out and find a T-56 to swap in.
  10. Project White95

    Well then so much has changed . Hooly mod motor swap and all 👌🏻
  11. 2000 Mustang GT Steeda built #0048

    Man, thats awesome. Im glad to hear that youre enjoying it over there. What kind of rotation are you on for duty station changes? You think you might stay there after this one?
  12. 2000 Mustang GT Steeda built #0048

    Its getting ready to leave Baltimore... I'm already over here loving it so far. 60 degrees F and sunny and we were at the beach today and super good wine is $6USD a bottle lol. Food is cheap as hell too and really REALLY good. Going for a second showing on a house we really like tomorrow. Marble floors, fireplace, nice kitchen, 3 really nice big american size bedroom and 3 full baths with the Master being REAL big. Outside is super private, its in one of the nicest small cities in the region (El Puerto de Santa Maria) and really nice tile patio, good yard, off street gated parking with cover for the Stang and lemon/olive/banana trees too lol. Yard maintenance included, solar panels so the power bill is stupid low (like $75USD a month) and water is $60USD a month. I get $800USD a month for utilities lol. Excited but driving a rental VW Golf with a really sporty suspension (euro) is making me REALLY want my stang here. There is a Mustang club on base for the dozen or so ppl who own them. There is another silver New Edge (mine is nicer lol), a few Coyotes, a 6 cyl New Edge, a few 05-09 3V cars and I probably haven't seen a few yet but these are like... the ONLY Mustangs in Spain along with the few serviceppl who have them in Seville.
  13. The Not-So-Sexual Whale Cave

    Looks great Bryan! Nothing like picking a simple pattern for your first attempt at tiling haha.
  14. The Not-So-Sexual Whale Cave

    I'm not noticing the rookie mistakes! Looks a thousand times better than if I would have tried it!
  15. Last week
  16. The Not-So-Sexual Whale Cave

    Looking good man! And I second Ryan's comment. Usually you're far more critical of your work than anyone looking at it who wasn't involved. Your eye is drawn to that mistake you remember making, but to someone coming in fresh, most are usually not noticeable.
  17. Number Tew's First House Build Thread

    Over the last few days my dad and I really went to town. Finally got all of the trees taken DOWN! Now it’s just some clean up. I have booked a mack-daddy stump grinder for the weekend to go ahead and knock everything out, then hopefully get the fence up! Here are some pics, they should speak for themselves. I finally pulled these ugly scraggly bushes. This was the biggest pain. This pic has most of the “scary” branches taken down. The most scraggly oak trees ever! (Dad made an appearance!) Our intricate pulley system, we did this to keep constant pressure on one of the trees near the shed to avoid taking it out (again). Woo! Shed Clear! So you can really see how crazy the branches were on these trees. I decided to make a big fire out of some of the brush, it ended up working out quite well. I wish I would have done this for some of the other branches, it would have saved on pickup costs! Will have some updates with the rest!
  18. midget wrestling...and cigars

    you go to an event titled to watch LP wrestling, find a small ring in the middle of the place and then it takes 15 mins for that math to add up? How drunk were you when you went in?
  19. midget wrestling...and cigars

    As far as Ryan and I knew we were watching some sort of wrestling or movie on the TVs they had. We even walked in, saw the ring, and did not put 2 & 2 together for a good 15 mins. Cool surprise though!
  20. CF T1 race spoiler

    Bump for those who may be interested
  21. Project White95

    Get in line bub
  22. The Not-So-Sexual Whale Cave

    its true. not a single person has ever mentioned any of the things that bother me about our bathroom remodel. they are just impressed with the final product and the overall change to the room.
  23. The Not-So-Sexual Whale Cave

    That's what JoAnna keeps on telling me. I keep on saying yeah you're right, but in my head I'm really thinking man if only I would have done it this way instead, etc etc. *le sigh*
  24. The Not-So-Sexual Whale Cave

    turned out really good in the end. I can see what you mean about the rookie mistakes, but it's all par for the course. in the end, the only one that is really going to notice it will be you. Everybody else who walks in there is going to be looking at the whole room, not picking apart those imperfections.
  25. The Not-So-Sexual Whale Cave

    Thanks man! Yeah I think with what I was working with it ended being the best solution to make it look nice and neat! One step ahead of you Thanks Ry! We ended up deciding on going with a gray grout to accent the patter more. It ended up that we used the same grout color for the floor and the wall, go figure, you cant even tell it's there on the floor and it looks black on the wall but it is what it is lol
  26. The Not-So-Sexual Whale Cave

    Finally, After an afternoon/evening of work, grouting is officially finished! We decided to go with a Grey grout to help make the herringbone pop more. The color itself is a lot lighter than pictured, it was still wet when I took these pictures. The only downside to the darker grout is that it highlights all the areas that my amateur came through. Overall I can't complain being that I went into this pretty blind to everything that had to happen. This is a better representation of the color of the grout. And finally floor finished out Took the day off yesterday to recoop from going at it hard all weekend. Need to go back through and caulk the corners, along the ceiling, at the window, and around the tub. Planning on using the matching color caulk for everywhere except for right along the window frame, will likely just end up using basic white caulk there. Next steps are to finish smoothing out the walls and putting final paint on. we ended up running into and issue where the drywall along the door wall didn't' sit flat so I've got to trim out the lower half and re-straighten it all. Luckily that part will be behind the vanity so it should be okay!. On a little side project, picked up some new hardware for the house! Jo and I had been talking about getting and electronic deadbolt for months since we saw a friend's house that had it, we had to grab something from their house when they were out of town and they just gave us the guest code, such a convenience! After that, we were sold. Found this deadbolt on the HD clearance rack for $30! Couldn't pass it by! Then scooped up a matching smart key handle so we can have one key for both locks, makes life a lot easier that way to say the least, nothing bothers me more than having 150 keys on one keychain. Don't mind the greasy paw prints all over the door, it's likely getting painted this spring anyways!
  27. The Not-So-Sexual Whale Cave

    Upper insets finished Window Tile done! I think this also marked the finishing of the wall tile, aside from maybe a piece or two that I didn't picture but you've got the idea by now! Obligatory Pet Supervisory pictures: At this point, it was time to move to the floor. As I mentioned prior, we were using the same floor tile as the front vestibule thingy as the bathroom. Backer board laying Dry layout of the tile, I found that this made life so much easier when you lay out the tiles, it allowed you to trim without worry about your mortar drying up from sitting while you're cutting and fitting every piece. Ended up that the tile was just barely too wide to fit full tiles from wall to tub. Ended up trimming the piece up next to the tub, I think it was only off by a matter of 1/4" so not too terrible! Final Layout! Next was time to mix up the mortar and get to work! ended the first batch with only 1.5 rows left hahah turned out that I had the perfect amount of mortar left to mix and finish out pattern so I can't complain too much! Grouting in next post!
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