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  2. No. I do, however, have a local friend with that exact setup on his 95 with a 408w. I'll look for the PM with the spec list. ** here's all the information I have** irwinner Registered User Trader Feedback: (47) Join Date: Mar 2006 Location: Baton Rouge, LA Posts: 1,068 Holley EFI CnP It wouldn't let me send this via visitor messages, too long apparently! Ouch, that's how it goes! As for Holley DIS, here is what I did. I had the TFI system but I decided to switch to CNP just because I wanted to really. I bought the innovators west balancer with the flying magnets, it comes with the trigger mount. Then i had to buy the holley crank trigger sensor, MSD style sensor is a no go. The holley is hall effect and the msd is VR magnetic. Next, I bought the ls coil on plug harness, and a universal cam sensor / crank trigger harness. I had to make my own harness for the crank and cam sensors. After that I got the price motorsports cam sensor and the pigtail plug, they sell both. I then bought a set of D585 coils on ebay, I got 8 of them plus the harness for each side for around $70 shipped and mounted them to my valve covers. After doing the setup I just made the appropriate changes in the holley efi system and she fired right up. I can idle that thing down to like 600rpm or less if I wanted but I'd rather keep it around 800 haha. Oh and i got some crane spark plug wires for a 5.3 chevy truck. -Innovators west balancer w/ flying magnets - comes with trigger mount and pointer -Holley Crank Trigger sensor -Price Motorsports Cam Sensor and pigtail -(2) Harnesses -D585 Coil packs (D581 packs are suppose to be better...over 1000rwhp soooo the D585's work for me!) Wiring it all up is really easy too, so thats a bonus. The TFI system worked fine, I just wanted the cleaner look of the CNP and I'm sure it has better spark and all too. Always a good thing. I have a couple of TFI distributors in case you decide to go that route for now. One of them is a mallory distributor that was a pos right out of the box, it would have to be sent back to them for repair. The car would run for about 10 seconds and just shut off for no reason. Toss the orielly distributor in there and it ran fine lol. The holley ecu controls all of the timing, no need for any MSD box although some people add one anyway. 306 - RIP - 12.01 @ 117.2.... 408w AFR 220, Ported Super Victor, FTI Cam, Holley EFI
  3. Swept out the already swept garage waiting to get it back from the body shop
  4. There have been some miscellaneous things (maintenance/broken pieces) that I didn’t get pics of but here’s a recap all that I’ve done to her: Maximum Motorsports Steering Shaft KYB GR-2/Excel-G Rear Shocks KYB GR-2/Excel-G Front Struts Body was repair and painted Cervini Heat Extractor Hood 94-98 Cobra Front Bumper 94-98 Saleen S281 Style Rear Spoiler 96-98 Raxiom Smoked Tail Lights/Sequential Combo w/Modified Turn Signal Flasher Black Cobra Style Head Lights Cobra Style Fog Lights Black Pony Grill Emblem Head Light Switch and Connector License Light Lenses /LED bulbs Left and Right Door Panel Inserts – tabs broken on originals DEPO Smoke Rear Side Marker Lights 98-00 Center Console Cup Holder Insert – Replaced by an 03 center console Alpine UTE-52BT Kicker 40CSS684 6"x8" Component Speakers – Front Kicker 41DSC684 6"x8" 2-way Speakers – Rear Hardware Kits for the Rocker Moldings, Splash Shields, Rear Bumper Cover Front control arms (drivers split while pressing out the ball joint) Left outer tie rod end (because I damaged the threads removing the spindle) SR Performance front and rear lowering springs w/ Isolators SR Performance front and rear sway bar SR Performance complete rear control arm kit Mach 350 Stage 1 Clutch and Ford Racing 6 Bolt Flywheel Ford Racing Rear Main Seal Saleen Style Wheels – 18x9 and 18x10 265/35/18 and 285/35/18 Nitto NT555 Tires Both Front Hub Assemblies Adjustable Clutch Cable, Quick Release Quadrant, and Firewall Adjuster The current thing's are the drivers seat that has fallen apart (pic to come), and the explorer intake that's getting ported and painted.
  5. With car back together, I focused on the 4x4 stance: Cant forget about rims:
  6. June of 2016 is when I started to get finished pieces back: With the car being completed two weeks later:
  7. In October of 2015, the disassembly began; and shortly after that, the body shop when to work:
  8. I decided that I wanted to change the look a little so I picked up a replica Cobra front bumper, replica Saleen wing, and a Cervini’s heat extractor hood. This is how I got the bumper and wing home.
  9. I guess new site means new (old) build thread…. My current ride is a 1994 E9 GT convertible 5sp with 125k on it. I got it back in June of 2014 with 98k on it with some damage to the driver’s side and LOTS of dings and fading. The plan was to restore the exterior and then work on the performance. Here are the before photos:
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  11. Absolutely nothing. Thats because its getting painted. But I did stare out the kitchen window dreaming of the day I would finally get it back and finally get to enjoy it.
  12. Car stats: 95 V6 body Cobra front cover, 95 cobra cowl hood, S281 spoiler, side scoops and 1/4 window covers. Motor: Stock bottom end, 94 cobra GT40 cobra heads with 1.7 roller rockers and SVO intake. New timing chain and oil pump. 65mm throttle body and chipped. Exhaust: BBK equal length shorty headers, BBK off road H and Borla mufflers. Trans: Stock AODE was rebuilt with a shift kit, aluminum DS. Suspension: Front - Stock K-member with non offset MM control arms, Koni yellow struts with coil overs, MM CC plates, MM solid steering shaft, BBK strut tower brace. Rear - MM sub frame connectors, torque arm / panhard bar setup, Koni yellow shocks and torque arm springs, 373 gears in the rear end Interior: Black stock interior with 05 mustang leather front seats. Can't wait to get it back and finally enjoy driving it.
  13. I guess I never did introduce myself. My name is Mike and I own a 95 Mustang. I pulled everything out of my first mustang that was rusting away and put it into my current one. Compete drive train, suspension, wiring harness and interior. Currently waiting for it to come back from paint. It's been a long two and a half months wait. I was told it should be done by Tuesday Wednesday next week.
  14. Thanks! My name is Mark, I go by Point_Oh on most of the forums (including the “other” SN95 site). I’m on my 6th Mustang; it’s a 94 E9 GT convertible 5ps with 125k miles on it. When I get some time, I’ll make a build thread.
  15. agreed the rear sticks out too far and I think the front sticks out too far and is too squared off on the corners. The sideskirts are clean but I think a little boring as well. I can appreciate all the work they did to make it look so smooth but I can't say I love it or hate it.
  16. @Forcefedhatch where you at these days?!???
  17. Yeah I'm sure I'll get to play with making brackets fit when I get to putting my new motor together with my new balancer/sensor combo. @White95 did you get a chance to research what all will be involved with this while using the 94/95 accessories??
  18. Mustang.........I owned one once........ ........now I own a metal body on stands and a bunch of random parts laying around........ ..........bought a new shiny piece to toss on the pile of parts.......... ................once my other big purchase is completed this winter I might actually see if I can start making random parts turn back into something worth while....... but i I did look at it today and wiped a lil dust off of it!!!
  19. Nice work
  20. Seeing as I'm the only Evil one here your plans were foiled before they began........... ..........and now that you've gotten your history lesson, work on a new plan!! :-)
  21. I was going to quit my job and go on welfare but Trump got elected and messed up my plans. I had already picked out my Obama phone. I would have had so much free time for forum life but my evil plans were foiled.
  22. I want to try molding it into the Saleen rear that I have.
  23. Aw sorry to hear about your kitty loss I love the markings on them, they are cute little monsters! Are you going to try and get another one that looks similar?
  24. Message to Valtteri Bottas: Swerving Doesn’t Heat the Tires by Paul Haney "How quickly a racing tire comes up to a good operating temperature, at least 180 degrees F, depends on the load, car speed, ambient temperature and the track surface temperature." Read more: http://trackdayzone.com/articles-general/features/trackcar-technology
  25. Yesterday
  26. Yes sir. Sharp eye. On TF valve covers, the driver side already comes threaded so you just simply need your fitting. Passenger side is not threaded and I didn't want to weld over top of brand new powder coated valve covers, so I bought a push/lock in AN fitting, so the fittings themselves are different, but both are 10an feeding to the can
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