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    Since we got the truck for the wife, i don't need to have an all-wheel drive 4-door sedan anymore. I drive an hour each way to and from work, i need something to keep me engaged. when i drive the truck in sometimes, by the 45 min mark, i'm just super ready to just be home or at work. lastly, with my 3rd promotion in 3 years straight, i don't need to be in the office like i used to. i can work from home whenever i want for the most part so if it's inclement weather, i just stay home. so no threat of snow driving. I wanted to get back into driving a sports/muscle car on the regular. the infiniti had 300hp and was quite peppy but not the same thing. i have absolutely no regrets about that car at all and would strongly recommend them to anyone interested...but its just not the same thing as a true sport/muscle car. I really liked the new 2015 mustangs when they came out and even more with the 2018 changes. i sat in a camaro and just can't see out of the damn thing. and couldn't justify the boat of a challenger. so in the end, i really want to get back into a mustang. i already knew what color combo i wanted, just needed to decide on the add-ons and transmission. I wanted a GT premium with the 401a package which gets you the new digital dash. i also wanted to get the performance pack for the 6-piston brembos and such. The dealer we went to didn't have a GT auto so we took out an ecoboost auto. it didn't float my boat one bit. i was really disappointed with the auto after all the reviews about how awesome it is. took out a manual GT and was happy with it. Now came in the problem, we go to talk about ordering one because there is nothing in the combo in the area at all. so no big deal as i'm fine with waiting for the right car. But the guy then sprung the performance pack 2 on me. Sadly, i've been out of the loop on the media for these cars and had no idea about it. But really liked the stuff it came with, just you have to get a manual which i was still on the fence about even though i didn't really like the auto. i do hit traffic and a little leery of driving a manual as a DD with my commute. went home for the week and did some more research on the packages and such. fast forward to this saturday and we went to a different dealer to drive one of their GT autos. wow it's a world of a difference compared to the ecoboost. i now see what all the fuss is about. it's stupid fast shifting. the paddle shifters do make it fun too. then went to the dealer i was going to order from and took the manual out again. the wife drove both this time and in the end agreed that the auto is great but if i really wanted a manual to not let the commute be an issue. Which then allowed me to get the PP2 package which ultimately is one hell of a deal. you get all the stuff from the PP1 pack, but it adds magnaride, 19x10.5 fronts and 19x11 rear wheels that i love. also adds stiffer sway bars, and drops it about a 1/2in. basically it was worth the $2500 up charge. it in essence turns a GT into a boss302 without the intake swap. so after all that story time, i placed an order for a 2018 Mustang GT Premium w/ Performance Pack 2. Lightning Blue exterior w/ Midnight Blue interior and the shaker pro audio system. leadtime is 8-10 weeks to delivery. now for pictures (from google searches) so you know what i'm talking about. Lightning Blue: (this is with a PP1 pack. spoiler and wheels are the things to note.) midnight blue interior: (notice all the blue stitching over everything and the blue tinge in the seat perforation) this also has the PP1 pack on it, notice the center vent now turns into an oil pressure and vacuum gauge. now for the PP2 stuff. here's the wheels that will come on mine. called dark tarnish stainless steel: (305/30-19s Michelin sport pilot cup 2 tires on all corners) comes with a front splitter: and a "unique" spoiler: no i don't like the spoiler very much. i would much prefer the PP1 spoiler over this one, but it's always something i can switch out easily. i'll probably do a GT350R one anyway. the first thing i want to do though is get these two things: https://www.americanmuscle.com/barton-short-shifter-2post-bracket-1516.html https://www.americanmuscle.com/whiteline-positive-shift-kit-1114.html the stock shifter is a little too slushy for me.
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    Firewall panel was put in the vaccuum bag and then infused:
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    Surface layers of CF are placed in the mold: Then the core material is applied and a final layer of CF: Peel ply is then applied over it all: Then the resin flow media, vacuum line, resin fees line, vacuum and resin feed line adapters are all put inside a vacuum bag and sucked down: The top half is ready to be infused with resin. I’ll do that in the morning as well as get the bottom half prepped and ready to infuse.
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    Work has begun: molds are prepped with mold release, then about 5 coats of clear (8-10oz of material, ish) is sprayed inside of them: Then the stabilized twill CF fabric rolled out and the surface layers cut: The Soric core is also rolled out and cut: The clear has to be allowed to fully cure before applying any of the layup layers with the specialty spray adhesive. I also cut the resin flow media out and did some cleaning and organizing of the garage to make room for all of the pandimonium thats going to be happening for the next few weeks.
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    A little update on the firewall panels. I’ve done two so far and havent been happy with the final outcome. The first one turned out fairly nice except for 2 area’s that werent pressed completely against the mold surface. The shape of these are making i difficult to get them perfect. That said, i’ve got Version 3 half way ready to infuse. I’m using some of the same core material as the Saleen T1’s which should solve the problems i have been having. Here is the first one i did with a thin coat of clear:
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    Awww sweet, something I can get behind for sure!! Hope I win!
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    Top half has been infused: Bottom half is ready to be infused: 7 layers of the resin feed mesh for the top have been cut:
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    Congratulations to @Rambo_Nate for winning the St. Patrick’s day Picture contest!! Please PM me your mailing address so I can send your stickers out. Also, send @95riosnake a few of your best pics to announce your victory on Instagram and also to me to be posted on Facebook.
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    Hey guys, Jay "1998cobrasvt" encouraged me to join. Here is my ride:
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    Hmmmmm, for once they didn't have this show on my wife's birthday. Might be able to make it happen this year!
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    finished up the basement garage lighting on saturday. Before: After: before: after: hard to tell but it did make a good bit of difference. i think it will really help with cleaning the sides of cars now that there is light all the way to the wall on that side. then today we had the vanity installed. have to wait for the countertop guy to come out and take final measurements. you can see here that we wanted it to be on legs, but the problem was the drain and water lines come up through the floor. so they built a little fascia to cover them. you can't see it at all until you get down on your hands and knees.
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    Very nice Ryan!! Donut videos to follow I would assume?!
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    I scored a set of 3" in/out Borla's from my buddy so buh bye shitmasters! The finger was not directed at you guys, I took this for my buddy who said I wouldn't take it off tonight so I was saying "eff you" to him. Fixed the video now
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    Can you see the green? F'in snow
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    Fixed the broken trace and it fired right up! I even got the front coil-over springs switched out for the next weight range up. Now to get a few miles on the clutch and it'll be ready for the track!
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    went ice drag racing with the stupid thing. aanndddd took first in my class haha. 4wd rubber tire class. had a few subaru's, a 600hp srt8 jeep, few trucks. only about half had snow tires on, the rest did absolutely miserable. i also picked up a few new parts for the allroad. Got some rust free doors and finally got me new wheels. kinda close to rubbing, im going to need a small spacer.
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    Roll cage install is moving right along. Finishing up the rear shock towers after this and then it's on to wiring.
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    Scooped up this gas pedal off of a facebook group the other day. One more piece of the puzzle.
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    I got married in November and got this sweet shot with a gorgeous girl. My wife is pretty hot too.
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    Very nice, diggin the heat extractor hood!
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    We just got a fresh new shipment of Butyl and Standard H1 projector systems! As well as some harness adapters. We will be working on some new lighting solutions for the SN95's for both function and form. But, if you need a custom harness made, let us know!
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    you got some high hopes there steve. but i do really really hope you will make it out this year Dan!
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    both? assuming i get the 18 in time, the wife would bring it out.
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    you know I will be there as for which car ..... not sure yet
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    Didn't work on the car much this weekend but I was able to finish a few things up.1) Installed the other headerInching closer... by oldawgnewtrikz, on FlickrInching closer... by oldawgnewtrikz, on FlickrInching closer... by oldawgnewtrikz, on Flickr2) Finished my fuel linesInching closer... by oldawgnewtrikz, on FlickrInching closer... by oldawgnewtrikz, on Flickr3) Simply installed an oil filter and will revisit the relocation setup at a later timeInching closer... by oldawgnewtrikz, on Flickr
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    They were waiting on the Mage to bring it back into the light. You failed them Wilbur.
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    it was cool to see 1320 there. this "track", if you wanna call it that, has been used for just around 50 years now. Crazy that its been hidden for this long from the world.
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    k04 or F21 this thing already!
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    Nate has a cleannn DFG GT. I will let him know to join in on this.
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    bbuuummmppppp Post those green cars guys!
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    Good thing your car isn’t green!
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    Liberty safe. Excellent build quality, American made and excellent customer service.
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    LOVE Lightning Blue! Also love the GT350 spoiler. Great choices! Piece of advice from a S197 manual driver... The MT82 sucks. I'm not even close to a "good" driver and I can tell how bad it is. The clutch too. It shares a reservoir with the brakes, so when your brakes warm up, the rubber line gets spongy the the pedal goes flaccid. Don't bother with the Whiteline shifter. Go straight to MGW and DO NOT pass go. It made a world of difference. I've yet to change to a stainless line, add a separate fluid reservoir or drop $1k on a decent clutch though. 45k miles in and my trans is whining in 1-2-3 gears (thankfully it's still under warranty). I hit traffic almost everyday that almost makes me wish I'd gotten an automatic.
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    oh i certainly will as soon as i get it Trinity. the next 8-10 weeks is going to be tough
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    thats awesome Will! was this your first time doing it? and those wheels are going to look fantastic on there.
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    A friend of mine just got a Scout safe. Its real nice, its felt lined on the inside, got holders on the inside of the door for hand guns and shelves inside.
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    RGBW™ LED Demon Eyes The only LED Demon Eyes made in USA! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K53cCDcDyxw Diode Dynamics is pleased to announce RGBW Multicolor LED Demon Eyes, designed for use with Mini H1 projectors, or OEM Mustang projector applications through custom mounting. Demon Eyes are small, high-power LEDs that illuminate the projector lens inside your Mustang's headlight, for a unique, custom look. Diode Dynamics' LED demon eyes are made in USA, and feature bright, full multicolor control! Specifications and Features: - RGBW LEDs, for full multicolor and true white illumination - Fully waterproof and shockproof constant-current drivers - Compatible with any standard RGB or RGBW controller - Brackets included for Mini H1, or custom-mount anywhere you wish - Small size for easy custom installations - Designed, tested and manufactured in the USA Your order includes: - Two (2) RGBW Demon Eyes with sturdy JST connectors - Two (2) constant current RGBW drivers, fully waterproof - Brackets and hardware for easy mounting to a standard Mini H1 projector Installation: - Headlamps must be opened for installation (professional installation recommended) - Brackets included for fitment in Mini H1 projector - Demon eyes can be mounted with adhesive or custom brackets, for other projectors - RGBW controller required for operation (not included) Professional installation is strongly recommended, as the factory Ford Mustang headlights must be opened in order to install the demon eyes into your Mustang's headlights. Check out our dealer locator tool: Find a Diode Dynamics Dealer (Photo courtesy of PS Lighting Solutions) If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to post, PM, email contact@diodedynamics.com or call us: (314) 205-3033 *PM us for the free-shipping code* (U.S. forum members only) Thanks for looking! Nick C. Diode Dynamics
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    On a different topic, the stuff to re-plumb the brake system and the braided brake lines have arrived:
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    And what a good fight it was. Im so damn happy to have that finished lol.
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    send me the ECU. i have a hammer that can fix the problem
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    @Prokiller @RedTwilight @ttocs @Venmous28 @Yeahloh95 @Psychorugby @Steve-Oh @Evilcw311 @LWARRIOR1016 final price would be $210+ shipping. Shipping will be about $35-40 at most. Thats what i got for a quote east coast to west coast. For those who are getting one of the CF T1’s, i can do $195 for the firewall panel and shipping wont be any extra since i can fit it in the same box as the T1. Deposit needed would be $130, the rest due once its ready to ship. Since these are pretty small, i will likely make them all , then spray the clear all at the same time to make things easier. By the time materials arrive (i would like to order them on March 1st with the T1 spoiler materials), I should be off bed rest and able to do these. Paypal address is- stangflyboy@yahoo.com put your username on here and “CF firewall panel” in the notes so i know who is who.
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    I hope my bathroom looks that good when I finish it. That fridge fits perfect there. Having a second one is a god send.
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    They look killer on the car. To me, the spacing looks perfect.
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    I have a buddy that might want these. I’ll text him real quick and see what’s up. I’ll let you know
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