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    It’s for Ford pushrods. You know, like what goes in the Fox!!! Lol
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    Im baaaaack 😎 97 Cobra Rio Red/ Black This one is very stock with 83k It has some aftermarket alarm on it, which almost made me not buy it. Ill probably have to cut it out later on. I put springs on and wanted to try it without the isos. Its too damn low. Ill probably get some poly isos to install when I put in the bumpsteer kit.
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    Well, here we go again. I sold some of my 2v parts to Frank for his engine but I still had my 13:1 compression long block sitting in my shed, itching to go in a car. So I hunted around for a crown vic, or another mustang and nothing really came up. Until now! I found this car for $700, in good shape, with a locked up engine. It fit the criteria perfectly. 2001 Licoln Town car, congressional town sedan edition (whatever that means). Its got about 180k miles on it, just had a/c replaced and their son drove it without oil. Apparently they liked to drive without coolant also because the aluminum crossover on this POS dorman intake wasnt bolted down to the intake at all. The plan here is to port some NPI heads and out them on my aluminum block. 12:1 compression with PI cams, PI intake, j-mod to the transmission, and a 3600 stall converter. Probably a 3.73 gear swap. The day I got it home. Interior is in good shape, other than the carpet. Starting tear down Ill keep it updated!
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    Banned for not sending me fresh orange juice every week.
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    Hey you kids! Get off my lawn!
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    We could do a three way deal. Josh@RideTech has a k-member for an ls swap that he could sell you and then he could buy my team-z!!! win-win-win!!!
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    Throwback Thursday
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    When did I say that and what was the context? Im a little lost
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    Some small changes on the car, really haven’t had the chance to drive it much this year with the house renovations and working on other cars. However, now that we are getting closer to boost weather this fall I am starting to get it back out. Plus a local airport decided to start holding ½ mile racing twice a month all summer and fall, and at only $100 for a full day it’s a decent bargain. Before I run though I’ll be following @Tabres writeup for adding attachment points to the car for a 5 pt harness. I picked up the eyelet bolts and snap clip last week so will start installing that soon. Another change has been selling the ponies and hoosier slicks. I found a set of holeshot holestars 16x10 for a decent price. Ended up wrapping them with 26x11.50 H&R cheater slicks. Untitled by Kevin Lanter, on Flickr Untitled by Kevin Lanter, on Flickr Hopefully get back to the drag strip soon and give these tires a try, should be able to launch with more boost and hope they give enough cushion to keep the IRS happy. Also picked up a couple more cars, I sold my Jeep TJ a while back and just picked up a notchback project. Plans are to turn it into a more purpose built drag car but still be mildly street-able. Then while cruising the Facebook classifieds I came across a pretty local z car, it’s a rough 1972 240z. For the price I couldn’t pass it up, car will eventually get an LS and just become a driver. So now half of the shop is full and I really need to start on one of the cars lol. Untitled by Kevin Lanter, on Flickr Untitled by Kevin Lanter, on Flickr Untitled by Kevin Lanter, on Flickr The notch came with some quality extra parts too, scott rod weld in inner fenders, complete 2003 IRS, brand new rear bumper and trunk lid. Untitled by Kevin Lanter, on Flickr Untitled by Kevin Lanter, on Flickr
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    Plans are to make this car very similar to my old 94. Certain parts I put on that car made a huge difference and ill definitely do again. Currently has BBK Catless H Pipe Stainless Magnaflow cat-back Some kind of short shifter lol Clear corners and headlights (garbage) Plans Lowering springs (already on) Bilstein Shocks *** Caster Camber Plates Bumpsteer Kit Steeda X2 ball joints Cobra R Steering Rack *** MM Solid Steering Shaft *** Rear Control Arms *** some 18" wheels TINT UPR Smoked headlights S281 spoiler fr500 Steering wheel ***things I used to have that are a must!
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    I would love to see this car back in action! It's such a nice canvas to promote the SN95 platform. If @95riosnake and @95opal also finished that would be amazing. I don't think you guys realize how important your builds are to the continuing popularity of our body style and how much we appreciate your dedication to your cars.
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    Some stuff has been arriving for the past week or two. Some front Bilstein’s showed up, so thay completes the damper package. I also got all the stuff for the AN hose hydroboost conversion. I also got a tap and some -8 orb to 8an male fittings to convert the valvecovers to AN line breathers. Also picked up a Mishimotor power steering reservoir. Its a nice piece, but it has an O-ring seal and no vent, which i was surprised to see. Oh well, nothing a drill bit cant fix. Haha Some random box showed up today with some S550 calipers. It appears that they will fit my adapter bracket with just slight mods to the caliper and the same mods to the spindle. I am amazed at the size differences from 94-04 cobra, GT500 and S550 calipers. Its crazy! I then got all the teflon washers put on the metric to AN adapters and installed those: I also started routing the ptfe hoses from the hydroboost into the fender well area and cutting them over length so i know i have enough hose to work with. Here is a photo of the P/S reservoir and where i hope to put it. Its a tight fit, but it should work. I also got a roll of 1kg Black ABS plastic for the 3D printer, so now i need to draw up and print some AN hose separators.
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    Banned for acting like he doesn’t have a 4V
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    Hello guys, I have a P51 intake manifold and livernois adapter plates. I originally wanted to go with a PI intake manifold because I wanted to do an upgrade on my 96 GT, my question is has anyone ever done this before? I also have a Saleen style hood so if anyone is wondering...it should, in theory, be able to clear. I tried researching on the net if anyone has done this but my results were futile. My current setup for bolt-on power is steeda pulleys, K&N fipk cai, mac 75mm t/b, c&l plenum. Nathan
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    You wont build another one......after this one
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    Nothing a lil duct tape and job weld couldn’t fix!!!! ;-)
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    That's why I have both!
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    Lots of rides here started as buckets. Everyone should make a thread since it's those that rise from the pits that impress the most This message courtesy of crapatalk!
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    This car is awesome! Keep us updated, makes me want to start a thread for my car since you have no shame in showing off your bucket lol! All love tho
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    Thanks man, no I don't have any pics without spacers in the rear with the Y2K's, sorry As far as the intake plaque, sorry to disappoint but that is a bit beyond my skill set still, lol maybe someday. Here's how the intake plaque went down: I loved the look of the COBRA plaque on the stock intake on my old 302, so I decided to make my new SysteMax have the same feel for the 347. First I put the intake on the end mill at work and shaved the top smooth, followed by TONS of sanding with a palm sander. This was the result: I then worked up a rendering of the new plaque that would accept an OEM cobra fender badge and be secured on using allen bolts so it could be taken off to access the center mounting bolt of the intake. Next, I machined out the mounting plate, tapped the bolt holes and TIG welded it onto the top of the intake. It was a bit tricky getting the cast intake heated up enough to weld properly without warping the shit out of the mounting plate. The welds turned out pretty nice for the amount of trouble I had welding to the cast aluminum. Check for fit one last time: Then contacted Steve at Billet Badges to have him CNC the intake plaque, after a couple months (this was a 100% custom job, much more going on with it than their normal stuff so it took a little while) it showed up looking sexual :thumb:
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