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    Ran some night work this week. Brutal AF
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    IM and TB off, disconnect all the wiring... Trans crossmember out, Rad drained, battery and air box out. That's how far we got today
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    Alright boys and girls, as I am sure you have heard through other posts, @Number Tews Boss Lady bought herself a 2018 GT.Little background:She sold the 2013 MCA, and was on the hunt for something more reliable than the Trans Am to daily drive. Though, she could have probably gone with a 1978 Yugo and been just as well, she was searching for a Boss 302, or Mach/Cobra, something of the like.She called one dealership on a red 2013 Boss, but they gave her the run around on the car. When I called, they said it was still available. When we called to schedule a drive, they said it was gone.Another red 2013 Boss, the dealership took on trade without a good inspection. They said it had too many issues for them to sell it to us (No cats, bad clutch, some sort of weird damage underneath, interior wrecked, etc.)We checked out an 04 Mach. After test driving it, I felt like something was wrong. Sure enough, they said the motor was blown and could not sell it to us.Common theme here I guess.The lot that had the Mach had a Lightning Blue 2018 GT on the lot, but marked down significantly. We inquired, and they acted weird about it. "Um, you know that cost more than the Mach you were looking at right?" - that was almost enough to make us say piss off, but, we kept at it.Test drove the car, loved it.Basically, some old man built the car out to retire in, with the black appearance package (black roof, badges) that likely would not have been ordered. He bought the car and brought it back hours later saying that he could not drive stick because of his hip, returned it and got something else. Hence, the big discount.I believe out the door it was $32k.So, here is a pic of it at the lot the day she got it:First thing we did was the clutch pedal extender. She made me do one in my 2014 as well. This helps her get the clutch pushed all the way down. It's a little weird at first but definitely makes it easier to get the clutch all the way down.We dropped the car off at a Tint World shop that is local. They did a phenomenal job by the way.Basically, we wanted the car to be protected from everything because it will live outside and the Trans Am lives in the garage. We only have two garage spots, it's only fair that we both get one The Tint shop did the following:35% on the front windows15% on the back and rear windshield70% on the front windshield - glass is already at 70% so this is basically clear, just helps to mitigate heat and protect the interior from some of the UV stuff.Paint correction over the entire carA full ceramic coat that is supposed to last 5 years.A clear "self healing" film over the front bumper, entire hood, front fenders, a pillars and half the roof. This should help with rock chips, etc.Black vinyl over the mirrors to go along with the roof.So, the car should now be much better protected from the sun and other elements. I was blown away when I saw it. Even brand new cars need paint correction, this was no exception.She has a video to post of the whole process.On the to-do list is hood struts and a delete panel for the trunk, basically just to debadge the rear.And how could I forget, an MGW shifter of course. I have one in the garage since a customer never paid for it. So, that should be done quick.Anyhow, she has the pics to post. Thanks!
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    I hope you are all able to spend time with your families. And of course, I hope your families provide an innumerable amount of Mustang related gifts. Be safe!
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    Hi Guys, hope you're all having a great holiday, I FIINNAAAALLLY got some time to work on the truck, here's a few pics: My shocks were blown out, so I upgraded to the 3" FOX calibrated swap out. I'm pretty happy with the parts, and the ride is noticeably better :)
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    Nice to see some progress, even with the two steps back, for every one you go forward.
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    I heard Mad Max was a really good one, especially from an Atmos perspective. I bought John Wick 2 the other night but have not been able to watch it just yet. I am bad about not wanting to watch movies over again so I doubt I will buy Ready Player One just to hear Atmos lol. You probably have a similar receiver to mine then
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    Sssssoooooooooo..........slow!!!! almost as slow as that guy who’s supposed to come help you do some cameras.........
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    Sooooo, is the pool complete now? When we visit we need a place to keep cool.
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    Looks like that front needs to drop an inch or so now 😕
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    drew up the hood liner where i need to notch it for the front mount CAI, notched it slightly oversize for the silicone connector, then took that drawing to make up a mold and cut template that can be 3D printed on my large printer. Once the couplers arrive and i verify fit in the 3D printed parts (im printing one of them right now) i’ll notch the hood and prep the 3D printed mold for a part layup that’ll be done with the remainder of the composite stuff i have to finish for other people:
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    I have a buddy with a lift but his Shelby is on it right now getting a 9 inch and custom driveshaft
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    Yep... paying someone. The more I think about it, the less I want to take the top half apart to put the hoist on the motor.
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    Not much but I did place an order for a Stifflers Fit System while the 10% discount sale is going. Maybe this will motivate me to get started on the Cobra once again.
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    The prototype Brake Brackets arrived today. 2 small changes and they are good to go. So i started installing those and got the driver side done. Also got the throttle body and accel ignition coils cleaned and painted. The clutch cable was also wrappes in techflex so it woukd blend in: The radiator brackets were painted with wrinkle black and the radiator installed. Yes i plan to clean and paint the radiator fan as well. Here is a view down the engine valley showing the engine coolant temp sensor T’d into one of the heater core lines instead of it being in the Radiator hose Y block. Im still waiting on some -12AN fittings to arrive so i can finish the plumbing of this.
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    My name is omar, I have owned my 1998 Mustang GT since my sophomore year of high school. It was my first car, and I plan to hold on to it forever. It currently has an 03 2 valve motor in it (I had to pull my original motor out due to a rod knock). It has a cold air intake with a new plenum, and throttle body, upgraded coil packs and 10mm spark plug wires. Shorty headers and a mac cat back exhaust. It has the 4r70w automatic transmission. Full ebach suspension with 2 inch lowering springs, and it has 17" american muscle new edge style cobra wheels. I have a lot of plans for her, but I havent had the time or money to execute any of them in the last year. I plan on building my motor for the 70mm on3 turbo kit. I also plan on rebuilding my transmission with a manual valve body, as well as upgrading the rear end to reduce the chances of breaking. I also plan on upgrading the rear end to 3.73 gears (I feel like 4.10s are a little steep since I plan on driving highway still)
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    Yawn..........is the lanai and pool built yet?!? 😉
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    Some small changes on the car, really haven’t had the chance to drive it much this year with the house renovations and working on other cars. However, now that we are getting closer to boost weather this fall I am starting to get it back out. Plus a local airport decided to start holding ½ mile racing twice a month all summer and fall, and at only $100 for a full day it’s a decent bargain. Before I run though I’ll be following @Tabres writeup for adding attachment points to the car for a 5 pt harness. I picked up the eyelet bolts and snap clip last week so will start installing that soon. Another change has been selling the ponies and hoosier slicks. I found a set of holeshot holestars 16x10 for a decent price. Ended up wrapping them with 26x11.50 H&R cheater slicks. Untitled by Kevin Lanter, on Flickr Untitled by Kevin Lanter, on Flickr Hopefully get back to the drag strip soon and give these tires a try, should be able to launch with more boost and hope they give enough cushion to keep the IRS happy. Also picked up a couple more cars, I sold my Jeep TJ a while back and just picked up a notchback project. Plans are to turn it into a more purpose built drag car but still be mildly street-able. Then while cruising the Facebook classifieds I came across a pretty local z car, it’s a rough 1972 240z. For the price I couldn’t pass it up, car will eventually get an LS and just become a driver. So now half of the shop is full and I really need to start on one of the cars lol. Untitled by Kevin Lanter, on Flickr Untitled by Kevin Lanter, on Flickr Untitled by Kevin Lanter, on Flickr The notch came with some quality extra parts too, scott rod weld in inner fenders, complete 2003 IRS, brand new rear bumper and trunk lid. Untitled by Kevin Lanter, on Flickr Untitled by Kevin Lanter, on Flickr
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    motherfuckinggoogleimagesfuckphotobucket I tried directly copy/pasting the pictures. See if that works.
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    Also, this arrived 2 weeks ago! Finally, and woot! Waiting on shop time with my tuner.....
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    Great so I need to add intake cams to my 2018 ported intake project??
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    I wasn't going to say anything, but since MK2 has already been pretty abrassive I'll just add in some info. I'm not saying this to offend you F8L, but the setup you have doesn't meet tech standards for most race tracks. I'm just adding this in so that the OP has the correct information for tech standards so that if he does go racing at a track that enforces tech standards he doesn't have to redo it all. First of all, the battery cable should be run under the car in a loom, not through the interior. Should the cable ground out, it is more likely to set the interior on fire if it is that close to the carpet. You also have to run the power wire off the alternator back to the switch as well. The safety crews have to be able to shut the car completely off from that switch in the back after a crash. Disconnecting the battery won't do anything if the alternator is still supplying power to the fuel pump and ignition. If you have a vented battery, it needs to be in an enclosed case, with a vent tube to the exterior of the car. Optima batteries are not sealed batteries, and do vent, so even they need to be in a case as well. Also, if you are using crimp on ends for your cable, it is a good idea to add solder between the crimp ad the stranding. Kurt
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