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    OK here are a couple pics from the car show for the Source guys. I'll make another thread in the media section with more photos. My view sunrise Moonrise Toby's previous whip. Ryan's killer Rolocut's Hotness Sinis Fox
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    Alright so we’ve been busy doing stuff with the house, but in the interim the boss and I were on the hunt for a new addition to the garage. It’s something she’s always wanted and something I’ve been particularly interested in myself. So, the search began for a 98-02 Pontiac Firebird Trans Am WS6. We test drove a 2000, but it was a bit of a wreck and the guy refused to move on the price. He was pretty interesting. He was really excited about how clean the oil was in his car, and repeatedly pulled the dipstick and wiped it off with his fingers. Any time we would address another issue with the vehicle; be it cosmetic or something not working properly, he would return to the dipstick and point out just how clean the oil was. No problem, he didn’t need her money. The next car we looked at was a 2002 Collector Edition. These were the last Firebirds to ever roll off the factory line from what we understand. The car is in incredible shape. No cracked dash, the seats are in great shape, carpet, etc. The guy we bought it from bought it approximately a year ago, but had not ever registered it or driven it. He said he just parked it and put some Sta-Bil in there. As such, he was not necessarily aware of any issues aside from a squeak on the passenger side, but based on how clean everything was and the overall condition of the car, she knew it was the one. Bought the car, brought it home and the boss has been ecstatic. On the way home the service engine light came on. Codes PO154, PO300, PO135 and PO155. Basically O2 sensor codes, a random misfire code, and a “powertrain” code. Meh. Further inspection of the “random” misfire (using the Torque app and a Bluetooth scanner) showed that all the cylinders missed occasionally, but number six missed a LOT. So, here’s what we’ve done so far… There will be more pics to follow: This was us looking at the car. The big guy is our body who has owned about 2 dozen F-Bodies, and the Boss made an appearance. First picture I took of it in our driveway! Couple engine pics. Sorry it was dark out! So, first day I had to get to work. On the drive home (in the dark) we noticed the passenger side headlight and fog-light were out, and the pop up headlight rode up on the hood on the driver’s side so it would not open all the way. Pop ups are a huge pain but so cool at the same time. So, first thing was replacing the passenger bulbs, and then adjusting the driver’s light assembly: Yay working lights and brights!! Yay working fog lights too! All the lights need to be aimed, but right now we were looking for function first. Finesse later. The rain kept interrupting our plans. Next step was getting the brakes done. I knew there was a brake related noise and we needed to address it. I got the rotors all taped up. I usually do this and paint them black so they don’t get all rusty. In the future we can upgrade to better pads and rotors, for now we needed something on the car. You can tell it’s been sitting. Look at these weird egg things. Got the pads out; and just take a look at old to new. Every single pad was pretty much down to the metal. My guess is the guy who sold it to the guy we bought it from, did one serious burnout before selling it. That and it’s possible they were original pads at 125k. They were GONE needless to say. Here’s the brake fluid that came out. It could still probably take some more flushing, but for now I am sure what we did is better than what was in there. I will be able to do a better job with some speed bleeders in place. They were out of stock and brakes were a huge priority. While the car was up for the brakes I got under it to see just what kind of exhaust it had, because I knew it was throaty. Turns out it has long tube headers back to straight pipes. No cats, no mufflers, no resonators, just pipe. It does some weird bendy stuff by the axle but I guess that is probably normal on these cars. WOOT! Next I went ahead and got the fuel filter changed. Figured I couldn’t go wrong with an AC Delco filter, and it probably needed some love: This is the fuel from the filter. NICE! Next on the agenda were the spark plugs. I have always heard the old fable of how terribly impossible these plugs are to do. I guess not having EGR and having LT headers made it really easy? I am not sure. The plugs were a breeze, did the first 7 from the top and number 8 from the bottom. The ones that came out were Autolite Iridiums. Well, seven of them were. Number 8 (the one everyone cries about) was a factory AC Delco. NICE! All of the plugs were gapped over 60, besides the AC Delco which was at 40. I put NGK TR5 plugs in and they were all gapped at 40 and I used an untold amount of ant seize. Some pics: I am not an expert on reading spark plugs, but they all looked about the same. I think it’s probably running well? None of the wires appeared to be burned through or anything, which is a plus! MSD wires will be going on when they get here with some dielectric grease. Getting the old wires off was not easy, so that should help. Next on the agenda are the O2 sensors. I ordered Denso sensors because that is apparently all the AC Delco sensors are. We ordered O2 extensions just in case the new sensors are not long enough for the headers. Someone put in sensors with about 18 feet of cable and it’s all bundled up under the car. No thanks. I will also be doing an oil change and adding a Fumoto valve on the pan to preserve the threads and make oil changes even easier. Hopefully all of these little things will clear up the codes and make it so I feel comfortable with her out driving around reliably! Hoping to have it on the rollers this weekend at a car show to see what it puts down! Future plans: Probably keeping it mostly stock because it is the collector’s edition, but we can play that by ear. Tie rods will probably go soon. It would not surprise me if the clutch is going to need an overhaul soon. If it does, we may let someone rebuild the T56 and beef it up a bit. The passenger window motor is on its way out, but that’s a huge issue with these cars so I expect that. I discovered today that the door key holes are not the same as the ignition, we will need to either re-key them all the same, or at least get door keys for when the remote does not cooperate. The speakers are pretty much blown. Eventually we will probably just replace them, no crazy system or anything. So, that’s where we’re at. Hope you guys like it!
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    They're 19x8.5" on the front and 19x10.5" rear. So probably a 255-265/30 front and 295/30 rear. Somewhere in that ball park. Need to replace the Jeep because it sucks royally and I need a dump truck for the start of the spring 2018 season.
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    I use Flickr and love their app. I have it set to auto upload over wifi, then when I get on the computer I change the pics from private to "friends" or whatever, and start copying bb code links. Also, you can download an add-on for chrome to make it show the photobucket pics.
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    i started cutting some wood pieces and came up with iteration #1. This one has 1 1/2” of protrusion at the top: Not liking how much those stuck out, i tore it all apart and shortened the protrusion to 1” overall and ended up with this: Iteration #2 looks much better and is more sleek. It also allows the scoop to transition to the quarter panel to be nearly invisible. I believe iteration #2 is what i am going to go with.
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    Absolutely. There's a reason all the pros use them. I bet he is almost as helpful as Cujo lol! And good, finally someone understands!
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    I remember when I was a senior in HS my buddy's dad bought a brand new burnt orange 02 Trans Am WS6 and he let him drive it down to Myrtle Beach for senior week. That was a fun week to say the least. To a group of 18 yr olds, that thing was like a damn rocket ship!
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    I think I posted a few pages back of when I test fitted the TSW wheel I ordered. I was able to confirm fitment and struck a deal with them on the rest. They were supposed to arrive prior to MW but they came a week after. Oh well, the rest are finally here!
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    So I got married a couple weeks back! That was super time consuming. I don't have any cool pictures of the mustang and doing some donuts, but maybe soon! We used an extra 96-98 cobra hood as our guest book at the reception which turned out reeealllyyy cool. everyone seemed to love it as well. I also painted up a model for part of our cake topper, which i dont have a picture of the cake or anything, but heres the model. I did end up doing the wheels differently, but you get the idea. Anywho, during the reception my father passed out and went to the hospital and has been there ever since in the ICU from lymes disease and a few other complications. So i have been living out of a hotel a couple hours south of me checking in on him daily, as he was in a clinically induced coma and on a ventilator. Doing better now finally and may be out of the hospital in a week or two. But yea, I'm married now! Woot! Won't be a wedding and reception that I'll soon forget after all this
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    Picked up a set of 16" standard gt wheels and some hoosier QTP's. Hopefully I can get a chance to try them out tomorrow with the 2step and cut my 60 times down to at least a sub 2 second range lol. Untitled by Kevin Lanter, on Flickr
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    Well i ordered a 1.5 Quart paint kit so i can do all the door jams and engine bay. It’ll also let me decide if i like the color or not. Lol Im thinking the grill mount twin turbo setup may be changed to something a bit more tame.. probly a single billet 7665 turbo instead. I’ll save the insane build for the red car
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    Please welcome @LWARRIOR1016 as our newest moderator. He will mainly focus on modular tech but don't hesitate to contact him for anything else.
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    Congrats on the promotion!
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    No updates lately . Rc life took over summer for me hahah . Well summers over so just started ordering some maximum motorprots goodies for the IRS and it's time to yank the motor for some winter upgrades pics to follow after I make the 4 hour drive home after work tonight .
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    Someday they'll even have tires mounted on them! I wanted to be as different as possible (while retaining strength for track abuse) in a scene filled with CCW and True Forged wheels. At first I wasn't crazy about the exposed lugs and lack of center cap but I'm over it. 18x11s and 18x12s
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    your car could not handle my excellent driving style and melted a little
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    Finally got it fired up tonight. There is an exhaust leak I need to chase down and need to figure out why the oil and fuel pressure sensors are either reading incorrectly or what is going on and then hopefully we can time it better but for the first time in years it has fire....
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    This took place over the past month: (Flickr isn't playing nice so visit http://www.hano-Motorsports.con for pictures) 1) painted the firewall, installed the hydrobooster, removed and sold the QA1 k-member by oldawgnewtrikz, on Flickr https://flic.kr/p/YpH9pE 2) sold the Griggs FCAs (front control arms) + Koni struts + Griggs coil overs back to 3) installed the MM tubular k-member and ran into fitment issues (one FCA was off-spec) Friday shenanigans by oldawgnewtrikz, on Flickr 4) installed replacement FCA, '00 Cobra R steering rack, painted and swapped in some 96-98 spec spindles, re-installed S550/GT500 brake kit with BRAKE PADS for the first time since mid last year!! Sunday funday by oldawgnewtrikz, on Flickr 5) realized I have to take everything apart to drill the spindles for the bumpsteer kit Sunday funday by oldawgnewtrikz, on Flickr 6) re-installed old tie rod ends for now to keep it a roller 7) realized my calipers were in upside down because I had the bleeders pointing down, swapped sides and now my GT500 wheels don't fit... What the French toast... Setbacks? by oldawgnewtrikz, on Flickr 8) put on some 1" spacers and laughed at the stance yo Setbacks? by oldawgnewtrikz, on Flickr 9) got cold chills when I realized my Jongbloed Racing Wheels might not fit, scurried into the attic to retrieve one, bolted it up and let out a sigh of relief. Setbacks? by oldawgnewtrikz, on Flickr
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    I still say do a rad cover and you can sell as many as you make.
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    i switched to flickr. top right button opens up the camera, then you'll see a thumbnail on the bottom, from there you can select the ones you want to upload. once you get used to it, it's pretty good
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    I've used imageshack for a very long time. You do have to pay a yearly fee, which I can't recall the amount, but it isn't much.
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    ah the joy's of tiling....i don't miss that part. granted with the large format tiles i did, it wasn't complex like yours. but the finished product of this will turn out amazing. what's the plan for the floor?
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    You know, Mickey Thompson makes a new 285/35r19 and 305/35r19 ET Street S/S, Both stellar options for the rear!
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    Dude that ended up coming out sick! Is that a signed Ben Stiller??? Also, people don't realize just how long it takes to hang up pictures if you want to do it with any sort of accuracy and symmetry. Can be a serious pain lol. Great job!
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    went to the new york comic con last thursday. Only our second con ever. spent way too much money, but had a blast. this is just the artwork we got. got a 3 indiana jones movie posters, some pops (including the extremely expensive/rare indiana jones one), and a bunch of other free stuff. the one on the left is a poster for this guy's movie coming out. if you haven't heard of Richard Turner, check him out. he blew Penn and Teller's minds. dude does amazing card tricks and he's full out blind. was shear luck that i saw/recognized him. was walking around and passed a booth and saw him sitting there about ready to pack up. guy was incredibly humble about his tricks. he signed one of the posters for me. the top two are prints and the middle bottom is an original by CJ Draden. the original is Bela Lugosi and the top right is the gary oldman dracula film. i just love his style. it's all etched into a piece of glass and then painted. just really cool method to me. saw him at our first con in baltimore and kicked myself that i didn't pick up any of his stuff. so i wasn't walking away empty handed this time. the Thanos one is the one-off for this con that was raffled off (i didn't win), but i got a numbered print of it. @cjdraden on IG if you want to check out some of his other stuff. lastly is a childhood favorite. hell, i still love darkwing duck. i found that print in baltimore. found out that the guy who voiced him was going to be in NYCC so i brought it with to get it signed. dude was an hour and half late and didn't even apologize for it. so we were salty about the whole thing, paid $30 to talk to him for about 60 seconds and he signed my print. adult me says it was a waste of time; childhood me says its the coolest thing ever! i created a monster though. the wife is now loving these things. so i'm sure we'll be going to more in the future.
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    My boss is a PSU alumn and is going insane this year. Between the Eagles being better than expected and State's run, I can't get dude to do any of the work I need done to make my day easier. He just wants to talk football.
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    Got home yesterday and then today I taped off along the edges of the painted area’s, hung the doors and installed the wiper motor and mechanism. Tomorrow i will likely mount the decklid and reassemble the driver side door, possibly pull the fenders and front end off the red car if its not raining to horribly bad so i can shave the antenna and emblem holes on the fenders..
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    The Exedy lightweight flywheel would allow you to use a 10.5 or 11 inch clutch.
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    You have a good set of cams in the B heads to use for the Termi swap. Or is the add going to kick in and go with some custom ground cams?
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    I feel the same about the reflectors, they dont really bother me.. im just a bit concerned they may stick out more with the copper color than they would otherwise. As for the others, my truck and the wifes car stays on Satellite radio or CD’s bc the radio reception in the mountains suck, so it sounds like i’ll be welding in some holes on the fenders. Lol
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    its good to see you put the bilsteins up front before you hit the open track
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    Nice work. This is going to be a fun car.
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    Yeah I know I want more.... just like boost. I just went through all my build pictures looking for more, more, MORE. How much more lift and duration can I get...
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    2 white cars go into this bar....
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    Also @White95 continues to take my parts!! he took my cobra bumper. 20170923_171058 by brandon madrigal, on Flickr
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    I am glad I showed up to make it a complete tie.
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    Did you take the opportunity to get new chains, guides, and tensioners while it was apart? Or did everything still look good? Or is this engine only temporary until you swap in a Coyote?
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    Thats what Im hearing also, but for some reason, I just cant take no for an answer.
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    I heart this post. I will happily help help whenever I can.
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    Just seeing it get used again in a nice car is worth it to me. Its just such a nice sub. Dont owe me anything. But I do look forward to the progression of this project @Prokiller specially since i know the plans. Also cant wait to hear the difference once it is done!
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    Hi there! How can you be riored4v if your car isn't Rio Red?
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    Exactly! Why would anyone want to join a forum? Forums are dead compared to immediate response Fbook. Simple post on a popular page generally has a response within minutes. The answer......quality! If you are here reading this and havent joined or never chatted on a forum before, let me welcome you to the source! Here you will find "quality" folk thriving to teach and learn! We love new members who ....love cars and people. I state people cause we here offer the up most respect to everyone! Unlike Fbook, where BS grown adult children respond with highschool like wisedom. No way on earth would i ever present my face or name in such a manner. Regular Members like LWARRIOR1016 White95 droptoppony Evilcw311 Number Tew ttocs OLD H2S ......I could call great members for days here. All the folk here are great knowledgeable people. I encourage you, the new reader, to join up and report back often. Lurk around and see what the source is all about.
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