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      With the new update to 4.2 we have gained a lot of new features.  I will post more about those later.  With the change though came some problems with our current themes as the creator of those themes has not made the changes that allow us to take advantage of some of the new features.   I will try to clean up the default theme to make it more appealing for the time being. 


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    I think I'm going to do a few posts on the Source IG account with some pics of current build thread cars on our site, provided they have IG accounts to link to. That has been one standard I've self-imposed...every post on IG I make on the Source account has to be connected to an IG account of the owner of the car for people to go follow. I personally hate when someone just posts a picture of a mustang from the internet. Like, what is anyone supposed to do with that on IG? lol
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    You'll notice with the update the software company has added a new feature called reactions. Before we use to just arrow up (Like) or arrow down (Dislike) a post. Now you can react to a post. Here is how it works. Before if you upped a post it was +1 to the persons reputation. If you downed a post it was -1 to their reputation now it works like this. You can find this by highlighting over the gray heart. Once you do this you can either click that heart to like the post or click one of the other icons. As always any questions please ask.
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    What you guys are seeing is the default theme. I am currently working on a new overall theme for the site that will replace the two themes we had before. With site updates happening the way they have been it's easier to build something right off the default theme then some of the more extensive ones we have had in the past that I have paid for. It also makes it less frustrating as when there are software updates we have to hope that all the themes got updates that work with the new stuff. In the case of our most current update both themes were not and would've caused site issues. It's only a band aid but no worries we'll rip it off soon.
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    Well here is somewhat of an update. My scion served me well for the past 8 years, but had gotten to a point of needing almost weekly maintenance. It was getting to the point of being a money pit and was taking up entirely too much of my free time to keep it in good working order. Add to that my constant need for a truck, a for sale sign found its way onto the scion in May. Took me about a month to find someone who wasn't just wasting my time, and all told I ended up getting $5k for it. Not bad considering I paid $10,500 for it 8 years and 82k miles ago. Once the scion was sold I moved onto looking for a truck. I've been leisurely shopping for a truck for years now, so I was already pretty much set on what I wanted. Finding the actual truck proved much more difficult. I went back and forth between buying new and CPO (certified preowned) and it all came down to numbers. The only dealership that was willing to deal on a new truck to the level I was shooting for was all the way out in Illinois, and the 10.5 hour drive was less than appealing. I ended up finding the exact truck I originally wanted up in Ft. Gratiot, MI and picked it up on July 20th. I actually wanted to hit up @Det_Riot as I was cruising right through his back yard but it was a very long day and my dad rode up with me so it didn't really work out. Hit the road at 3:30am and got home with the truck at 8pm, lol. So here are the specs: 2015 GMC Sierra SLE All Terrain, 5.3L V8, 4x4, 6spd Auto, 13k miles (!), plenty of GM warranty remaining, CPO warranty on top of that, etc. The truck was originally from Tennessee and is a one owner, so it's about as mint as a used truck can get. There's not one spec of rust anywhere under it whatsoever. I know some people here aren't big GM fans, but this truck is by far one of the nicest vehicles I have ever driven. I actually look forward to going places again lol. The truck needs an exhaust pretty bad. As much as I intended to just leave it stock, it's just too damn quiet lol. Here are a few pics. The day I picked it up (reppin SN95Source son!) Gave it a full detail yesterday and snapped a few iphone pics. I love the color of this truck! You can see the OCD Machine lurking in the background covered in dust, patiently waiting its turn. Not having to keep wrenching on my daily all the time will hopefully open up a bit of my schedule to get back on the poor old girl. I know this wasn't technically a tool or shop/house update, but it is definitely a tool I will be using, and by far the most expensive tool I've ever purchased, lol.
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    aweseome! can't wait to see this down there.
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    That CZ is a super comfy gun. Of course the Ruger is too, otherwise they wouldn't have such a good rep
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    I have power! Had a little troubles with the electrical so I wasn't getting spark. Got it figured out so I'll try again this weekend for a start-up. [video] [/video]
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    the vac lines are 99% done now, fuel lines finished/installed, air lines ran again, installed a pair of bluetooth battery monitors that look perty nifty, belts installed, Hoses 99%(waiting on one part), and I FINALLY got notice the last piece I needed for the meth kit shipped. I ordered it in the beginning of june and it said it was back ordered till july. July came and then I watched the availability date change ever day so that it was always 2 weeks away. I must say I love how it all looks now that its almost all together. its getting sooo close now.
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    oh heck I thought I updated this, yes it is on. It was a little more of a PIA then I would like but I was pretty sure it would be a pain to put up and not scratch anything. I can't get a good pic from the back because I can only get about 4-5 ft back before The garage wall is in the way. I forgot to update this as I hope I am in the final stages of tying up the loose ends before I can start it but its been one surprise after another. trying to finish up the vac lines, install the mufflers and a few other little details. I am waiting on a couple of parts that will hold me up and my brother is in town starting this next weekend and that will slow me down.
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    tested out the new rear end with a burnout and sent off the old tires.
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    Sweet. I think a thumbs down would be easier to follow than a red heart vs blue heart. or a broken heart
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    Not much of an update with anything. Too busy trying to get house and other stuff done before the kiddo is born. My area of the country has been like living in Satan's personal sauna the past few weeks so it's been too hot to do anything or drive the car anyway (no A/C)... It did sort of cool off today though, was only about 90. So, I washed the car for the first time in over a year. Recently picked up a MTM PF-22 foam cannon and some Chemical Guy's Honeydew soap I wanted to try out. It does an awesome job. I would highly recommend these to anyone. Unfortunately, how thick the foam is doesn't show up well since my car is white. Also, I've been tired of my license plate for a long time (never honestly really liked it anyway) so I finally got around to getting a new one. Was starting to think they would never come as I ordered them about 10 weeks ago. I thought it was clever, and I've never seen this on a Cobra before (or Viper for that matter).
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    Well then fuck the dash and console and just integrate the cluster inro the sn dash. Done deal problem solved and tou keep the sn gut
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    Kimber Gold Combat II Limited Edition (think I posted this elsewhere on the page already) Heckler & Koch USP45 Both new, the Kimber is my my wife's Christmas gift and the H&K will replace my well-worn, Ruger P97dc (.45 ACP) truck gun.
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    Long time no post, I kinda forgot about this forum TBTH but then went on the other forum and got the PM about how the new ownership basically screwed that site in the ass with a spiked war dildo and to come here instead. So back here. Car is still not done but getting there. I have to have it done by early October or I need to sell it as a roller. I'm active military and have orders to Southwest Spain for 4 years and I'm leaving right after Christmas. Very excited about that and I want to take this car with as the 1 car that gets shipped over by the military for free. These cars TURN heads in Europe and are basically like Skylines are here but over there since they were never available. So what is going on... IRS is about to go in, Prothane Subframe and front diff bushings, FTBR in the control arms and rear mount. I think I may have had the easiest stock rubber LCA bushings to remove ever, they came right out with a 1/2 ratchet, no breaker bar needed... Steeda rear brace with fresh RP fluid and a lube locker gasket to keep that all solid. Was going to go in last weekend but found a slightly loose bolt in the rear mount and turns out it was stripped out (the mount). Whole IRS had to come back apart but luckily that's easy. Just waiting on the FTBR mount (thank GOD for FTBR...) to arrive tomorrow and it'll all go back together. 40k original mile 4V on the stand in the garage. Has the 190 duration Lincoln (mach/termi) cams in it and I was going to swap/degree them with a 202 duration set I got out of a 99 Cobra for free but no time or $$$ for that right now. Leaving the stock cams in it as they were installed from the factory vs risking me screwing it up and breaking something. Have the correct 4V brackets for the Novi 2000, going to run it non-intercooled between 6 and 8lbs of boost with a safe tune for a reliable 400 or so to the wheels with a 6800 redline and call it a day. Have EVERYTHING to get this done sitting in the garage right now, that happens as soon as the car is back on the ground with the IRS installed. So basically every weekend from now till I get the 4V in and get a startup tune on it is going to be busting ass on this thing. Oh, going to drop the tank and do the fuel pump too since I have no idea whats in it and if its the OEM pump or what. Stock line and rails to Terminator injectors.
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    Picked the car up a couple days ago. They still have to order a new fuel line in to be able to reinstall the filter. It's not that expensive so it's not a big deal. Turned out the fuel line they used to bypass the filter wasn't even fuel line. Just regular rubber hose so it was starting to deteriorate and clog the injectors. Put some fuel line in temporarily and cleaned the I Hector out and she's running MUCH better. Still a little hesitation at idle but off idle runs much better. I forgot how quick this car used to be lol.
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    Evil was never the problem. Tapatalk was. The way they require the software to work currently ins't friendly with how our hosting package works, so they either A figured out a way to make it work, or B TT has finally made the corrections that allow us to load 3rd party apps that work in our hosting package. See typically what happens with TT is you have to upload a folder to your server and from there load a file from the back end of the the software via the admin panel and boom you're done. Buuuut with our hosting package we don't have access to the server files as the company that makes the software does all our hosting so all of our 3rd party apps (which usually come from the official IPB site) are written in a fashion that give us a file that basically the admin upload from the admin panel that distributes the files needed to the server without us having to access it at all. Needless to say Tapatalk has to make that file and the last time I checked, about a month ago, they still hadn't accomplished this hence why we don't have TT.
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    someone with tapatalk give it a try
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    Josh told me $100 when I toured the plant the other day!!! ;-)
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    A lot of times putting a little bit of electrical tape around the tab closest to the switches will make a huge difference in how tight it stays in, plus it looks a lot better than a screw through the center
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    My dad has a GP100 and it's one of my absolute favorite guns to shoot. The grips are incredibly comfortable and it's very accurate. I am contemplating a couple of .38 wheel guns for my ankles in place of the .380s I carry down there. @White95 what's with the plastic?
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    Took the car to my boy house for a panty dropping detail job. Car looks great now. Still some minor things we need to touch up on but with it being crunch week before Detroit they are issues we'll have to address later.
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    Was the same. Then I came across a deal for a Ruger .22 convertible. I shoot it more than the rest of my stuff.
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    i need to bought more along that line
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    Ahhh fuck balls, it's Saturday not Sunday! Thanks for the reminder Troy!! <3
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    haven't done much to it other than figure out what and how we want to do the trim around the window and mirror. have to get some wood to do the window before i can go any farther into it. and have to get another piece or two of the chair rail trim as we decided to use that instead of the baseboard trim around the mirror. the baseboard trim is MDF and not thick enough for what i want to do. so we're going to use the chair rail trim, cut off the large flat section on the bottom and then notch the back for the mirror to sit in. wordy, but once i get into it and snap some pics, you'll get what i mean. but it's currently on hold for the weekend for the AM show.
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    don't forget the magazine holder .....
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    yeah wish you could have made it josh I still need to send you back the shockwave I have that needs fixing
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    just a fun way to react to post and earn rep points. the +34 means you have that many like posts. If you go to the leaderboard it's a way to track and look to see who had bragging rights for that day.
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    The broken heart is much better. The reaction thing is new to me, can I ask what the point of all of it is?
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    I dig it! I wanna use it just to use it hahaha
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    I know man! I keep getting thrown in different directions lol. I would've loved to have the fox down there, I had a blast with it last year. However, I did just tear the clutch out of it the other night.... I know that our owner talks to the OUSCI people quite a bit, we've got a couple of their cars here right now actually. I'll see what I can do!
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    Damn boyyyy! Congrats on the purchase! Fort Gratiot isn't too far away, Definitely would have linked up with you guys if you had time. I often (almost bi-daily) think about dumping the f350 and getting back into a f150 similar to what @prokiller just picked up. Just unnecessary and uneconomical for what I'm doing with it 98% of the time.
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    Now it needs to be IN your merstang
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    ERMAGHERD de erngin is berside mah merstang!!!
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    95s dont have a PATS system. Swap that shit in done deal..might want to throw the 15+ dash and console in while your at it.
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    Ill take those as a no. They automate systems and trust their shitty system. Once you are on their radar, they are ruthless, relentless and quite effective. My point still stands and its easily summarized with this; If you have an efficient process where reporting is as simple as a click of the button, CC companies can easily make money on ALL transactions and the feds can collect data. What they do with it wasn't necessarily my point...
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    Got the parts necessary for the conversion of power steering pump. The mockup will be done next week. Just the pump and pulley are necessary for now. If I can get those working, the lines and reservoir should be a breeze.
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    they turned that option off to save memory space. You need to use a photo-sharing app, check out flickr
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    the thing here is that you make it seem that the government is pushing this initiative. it's business and the american public. WE are making this happen, not them. it's not orwell's 1984, it's huxley's Brave New World. but ultimately i counter this by saying you assume our government is capable of these types of tracking. they can't get their tax laws together enough to balance a budget let alone track the common man's coffee purchases...
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    @RassCar, I'll probably run down there just to hang out. The company isn't setting up this year unfortunately. However, I do get to look at more cars and watch some racing this time . Also, Ryan isn't with the company any longer. He's now working a different job.
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    Its old and dusty but has been a great space to work on the car in.....
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    Finally got around to washing it, got caught in a wicked rain storm on my way home from the track last Friday so it was filthy. Car really needs a set of bias plys on the rear and some FTBR goodness to ease my mind on launching it. But even leaving off an idle and cutting a 2.5+ 60' it was still able to trap 132 in the 1/4 which I am happy with. Hopefully this fall I can get a good softwall slick on the back and launch it to really see what it has in it.
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    Don't let "losing" psych you out! I lose all the time. Autocross is a very good skill to have and its fun as hell!
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    You could easily go 12-13:1. My first build was 12 and my aluminum block in the car now is 13:1. They run on 93 octane and my cranking cylinder pressure is 237 psi.
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    This is yet another reason why this is my favorite forum. This has always been a place of people always wanting to help in a time of need.
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