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    Picked up my first truck. She's kind of ugly now but she's got good bones, as my friend would say. Needs a good cleaning and rid of that horrible graphic on the side to start.
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    Stuck at home with a head cold and clogged sinus’, so may as well do something fun to work the cold out. Final coats of clear on my firewall panel: Painted the front bumper: Put the car back in the garage and put it on jackstands under the suspension so i can put the subframe connectors on and start replumbing the brake system as well as some rust cleanup and undercar coating on the bottom side. I’ll probly swap the solid axle out for the irs before taking it off the stands.
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    a few bluebell pictures before i mowed them all down last night
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    Not today, but over the last couple weeks I've been gathering parts for the daily - 2018 coyote intake, port job on said intake, misc parts for said intake, possibly a port-matched throttle body, LU47 injectors to convert to E85, and custom tune.... sound tube delete, stainless steel clutch line, separate clutch fluid reservoir, stainless steel brake lines.
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    Don't you love how it's impossible to have both a symmetrical exhaust, and one that has ground clearance? The undercarriages of these cars are so damn frustrating. Nice work though, personally I think it sounds pretty damn good!
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    It should be at Carlisle this year! As long as work doesn't get in the way.
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    Got a few more pieces to the puzzle for the 5 lug Cobra 4 wheel disc conversion. Found a decent deal on a slightly used (only 60 miles) '93 Cobra brake booster and master cylinder. Also included in the deal were m/c to proportioning block lines for 86 and earlier Mustangs. I probably will end up letting them go. And I got a package in from Maximum Motorsports full of more brake lines. Included are the braided front soft lines for Fox to SN95 calipers, Wilwood proportioning valve, master cylinder to stock prop. valve hard lines, and stock proportioning valve eliminator fittings. Also pictured are spacers for the Fox ball joint to SN95 spindle. Also on order is the rear hard lines and braided flex lines for Fox to SN95 calipers.
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    for those who would like to see what i was dealing with when we bought the house. here's some of the last vestige of sparkly popcorn ceiling in the house. replaced the ceiling fan in the spare bedroom.
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    got back at it last night. got the door pods mounted up and wires routed and attached to the crossover. (this isn't the final routing) then ran into a major roadblock my stock doorpanel is on the right. a panel i picked up a while back, but is a lot worse than what the CL ad said. the mach460 pods need the panel on the left to fit. so now i'm looking to get new panels that will fit. got a lead on a guy out in indiana PA, but it's a ways away to get them that i just don't have time for. so after that setback, i finished putting the rear panels in now that i had new xmas trees. i then put the trunk panels in and cut holes for the battery wires. then adapted my floor piece for the same. next i cleaned up the aluminum battery box i've had laying around forever. i snapped a picture of the starting point, but just realized i didn't take a pic of the now brushed box. i'll still need to get new latches for the top. tonight i'm going to stop and get the mounting straps i want for the power wire that is running up front so i can finalize that wiring tonight.
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    Bwahaha LS content inside
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    Out of everyone, I figured you would enjoy the yellow! 😉
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    Say it aint so!! 😭 That's Blasphemy! Where's the Banhammer for posting offensive material! 🤮 LOL J/K Good luck with the swap! But still not as cool as a termi! 😉
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    nice color on your first truck
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    Installed the foglights and bezels on the bumper last night: Also relocated the proportioning valve and started running new brake hard lines. They could be better, but they wont be visible, so im not to worried about it. I spent all day together working on replacing the rusted rocker panels on my truck, got one side about 1/2 wayish done. Tomorrow its supposes to rain and the truck doesnt fit in the garage, so i’ll spend the day finishing the brake lines and install the subframe connectors on the mustang.
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    damnnn sounds so good steveoh! and I'm loving the wheels, liking them more and more each time i see them! can't wait to see it this year ❤️
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    Damn Ry-guy, getting official! if you're feeling like you're needing more light down low, put some on the walls approx 4' off the wall. Just went to Alan and Osh's grand opening and I'm still shocked at what a difference it makes!
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    got stuff done these last few evenings. finished up the sound deadening i got some mach460 door pods to use with the setup and removed the old tweeters the previous idiot drilled right into the door panel...😡 wires routed. see where the original wiring came through? i drilled that out larger to allow the connectors to pass through for these. the clips on both of these were not that secure. so i busted out my favorite tube of weatherstripping glue and sealed them up moarbetta next i put some panels back in the car. nothing really special on that, we all know what rear seat panels look like. i mounted up the distribution block behind the splashshield on the pass side for the battery relocation wiring. ran out of christmas trees to put more of the interior back together. i'd like to put the rest of the interior back together and then work on the amp rack. i did encounter a problem last night though. my original plan was have the amps in the back driver's side in the little cubby area. but the way i routed the RCAs, they aren't long enough now. i'd really like to keep the routing, so now i'm thinking of having them right under the rear deck on the driver's side tucked as far forward as possible. Or i put them under the rear seat delete. i'll see how it plays out.
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    few photos of my car from10th annual Mustang Club of Poland meeting There were over 340mustangs all generations.
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    That copper color sprinkled into the CF weave is going to look killer on the car when it's finished. I love how the chin/splitter is shaping up also. I would love to see what you'd come up with for a 94-98 cobra front bumper.
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    those termi wheels look great on it!
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    Haha, well we're never making any babies, and we've had a dog for 4 years now so those aren't the cuplrits. The house is the sole culprit. There just isn't time or money left over for the car, and in the grand scheme of things the house is way more important and an actual investment compared to just being a money pit. Don't worry, I haven't lost interest in the car, and it pains me every time I look at it. Everything is boxed up and ready to go back together when I get the time.
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    Sold the Eaton swap
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