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    There have been a few recent developments behind the scenes. We are actively pursuing options to continue developing the forum and restore tapatalk useage. We have a support request ticket filed with tapatalk so, more on that when we have news. We realize that in an age rules by social media there is no easy way to compete with Facebook and such. We do, however, recognize the need to stay as up to date as possible and are seeking avenues to offer things such as: 1) Direct sharing to Facebook, Instagram, etc 2) Better mobile access and tapatalk support. 3) An easier to use format for the forum with a familiar feel This place costs money to operate monthly. We thank each and every one of you who have made donations, it literally has kept this place running. I know you’ve heard this same topic a few times here and it normally means bad news but there is a silver lining this time. Starting yesterday, I have assumed all financial responsibility moving forward to relieve droptoppony of this burden. He has taken on new job responsibilities and simply doesn’t have the time to continue development here. He did an excellent job leading the charge and kept this place alive with your generous help. Thank you Bob, we will keep moving forward. Don’t be a stranger.
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    Some picture dump from tear down. First things first, when my buddy picked up the car it didn't run. The car would fire and shut down immediately. So before we messed with it too much, to me it was of the utmost importance to figure out why it didn't run. I wanted to inspect all major sensors, the condition of the belt assembly, and any other harnesses that could of gotten damaged during the accident. After a little bit of elbow grease, we got the hood pulled off since it was jammed up pretty well in the latch. Drivers fender took a little bit of work since it was pushed back into the door but it wasn't anything we couldn't handle Don't have too many pictures of the tear down, I'm definitely going to need to get a little better at juggling video work and camera for the different platforms of build threads we'll have going. Once we got the bumper off it was a little easier to assess the damage. As you'll see below, whipple heat exchanger was a definite total loss, AC Condensor is still up for debate on if it's holding but we didn't have the balls to crack the system yet and check. Radiator doesn't appear to be damaged to the point of leaking aside from the connector to the upper reservoir. The nice thing that ford did starting with the 15's (Thanks GT350) was make the upper core support bolt on and off. From what I've been told, the 350 engines and transmissions are assembled and installed as one, and having a bolted upper support increased the productivity at the plants. Also means this tear down was a breeze after that was removed! Some definite damage to the drivers upper frame rail, but nothing extravagant. Damage translated down to the fender support bracket, and bent up some stuff around the horn assembly but luckily nothing from the whipple kit was damaged (HX Resevoir and pump) That's enough for now! We tackled trying to start the car the other day but haven't gotten media uploaded yet so more to come!
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    It's pretty bad when I've renewed my registration so many times now, with the exact same mileage, that I don't even have to go look at the odometer to fill out the renewal anymore. 131,376 since October 2012 lol. (bought it with 99k on it in 2003)
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    You leave Rosco alone. He’s my guard spider to keep my wife away from the car.
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    Lets put it this way...... JoAnna got new wheels......and they DIDN'T come from a website...... 😉
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    That's the plan. I won't be making leaps and bounds of progress but I'm planning to at least start chipping away at it.
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    Figured you guys might enjoy this. My daughter had her first birthday about 3 weeks, and my brother showed up with a pretty cool gift. It is wild how much custom body work he did to this thing. Molded door panels, front bumper, rear bumper, 3d printed all the badges and license plate... He put a small build thread of sorts up on Reddit. Here is the link to the Imgur album. https://imgur.com/a/YlDmzjb?fbclid=IwAR1GNOVbaqN3PFfX5NtMaEdYtjk4UWyRM-S68oqLxdGGZxpYqYN18kspsEc
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    Good progress. Toyota ae86.
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    If you have to ask, you're probably guilty of it
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    Story of my life. Though I just put PLPD back on my rolling shell so that I can register it and get my personalized plate again so now it is costing me money
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    You'd better hurry and get the car moving under it's own power. I see a spider starting to build it's home on the rear diff.
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    Glad you like it brother!
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    I have been dying for a dark theme! Thanks!
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    “It doesn’t cost me anything for it to just sit there.” - me 😆
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    I’m sure we can work something out for our supporting members.
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    I know a new start up company that may donate once or gets a lil further along......... but there will be random demands!!!!! They may or may not involve a beer and boobies section.......... 🙂
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    God dammit. DIDN'T....they DIDN'T come from a website. Teaser's don't work when you give people the wrong lead on hahah
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    I believe Fiveohblow is in AZ. Not sure if he comes on here anymore.
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    I was in phoenix from 2000-2009 and loved it. It amazing how much there is to do in and around the area, let alone the state. I made it down to tucson but only went through yuma one time so I do not know much around that area unfortunately.
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    I've always wanted to go for Mustang Week. We may be planning to go to both next year If you look at the link to Hawks for the brace they have a video of the install, in the beginning they show how much it moves. The boss said she saw this one moving around right before we installed. I can assure you this is no placebo part. I was blown away by the difference. I can't wait to see if the SFCs tighten it up some. If anything, I'll have a great place to jack up from. That's one thing about this car, I don't like jacking it up because I feel like there is nowhere good haha
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    Everyone please welcome SilverStang98GT to SN95Source.com. SilverStang98GT Please tell us about yourself and your car(s) and feel free to browse around and get to know others. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask. Thank you for being part of the Source community! View Member
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    Is banned for looking under my hood.....
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    That fuel filler looks properly badass.
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