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    As you guys know we have had our ups and downs with keeping the lights on. @95riosnake, @Det_Riot and myself do what we can the best we can with what time we have, but we all have things going on in life right now that limit our time and efforts to keep this place going. When I started this site almost 5 years ago it was to give us a place that we can call home without the drama of most sites. I think we have achieved that and you guys have proven even at our darkest moments when it looked the doors would close you guys have stepped up to do whatever it takes to keep the lights on. For that I will always be appreciative. My intentions were never to make money off this site and this is why I never sold to an outside company. We all knows what happens when you do and didn't want that to happen here. With that being said I am happy to say that someone has stepped up to do the job I can't anymore. The lights will stay on and the OG staff will assist in that by helping the new owner in any way we can to get them settled in the drivers seat. @droptoppony has stepped up and will be grabbing the torch from me. He is an original Founding Member of SN95Source so Dan, Bryan and myself feel he will do a great job keeping this place up and running and even making it better than it is now. As we speak I am in the midst of transferring ownership over to him and making the necessary changes remove things such as Google Ads that are tied to my account and getting his PayPal set up to run the store and the Donation section. For the time being anything donation wise will go to the original account with me transferring the funds to Bob's PayPal till we are completely finalized with everything. So please join me in welcoming Bob as the new owner of SN95Source and from the bottom of my soul THANK YOU to everyone that has stood by this site through out the years and helped keep the doors open and the motors running. -Bullitt Founder
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    I still can't believe that Chemical Guys would have him as a face of their brand... Anyway, I have to say the flood of new members here is super exciting and I'm really happy to see things picking up. I love this site and even though my mustang game is lacking in recent years, I do plan on making a comeback very soon. I'm glad I can continue my build here
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    Thanks Fellas, we will keep the lights on and beer flowing.
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    We are in good hands, and @droptoppony I'm here for whatever you need!
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    I was going to quit my job and go on welfare but Trump got elected and messed up my plans. I had already picked out my Obama phone. I would have had so much free time for forum life but my evil plans were foiled.
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    Looks like I will be moving my build thread over here. Time to get my signature and all that good stuff switched over too.
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    @95riosnake You can thank my monumental PM campaign for the influx of members here. It has been going a lot smoother than I had anticipated.
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    i really didn't take much. it was really freakin hot out and i didn't bring my actual camera. just cell phone shots. Untitled by r d, on Flickr Untitled by r d, on Flickr Untitled by r d, on Flickr Untitled by r d, on Flickr Untitled by r d, on Flickr Untitled by r d, on Flickr Untitled by r d, on Flickr Untitled by r d, on Flickr Untitled by r d, on Flickr
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    I'm happy to announce that with the support of a few plus what we had left in the account we are officially good for 1 more month. I am already working on stepping our plan down one until the time should it ever come that we need to re upgrade to a higher level. Thank you to those that made this possible and we will work on getting everything finalized to as not put the fear of doors closing in your minds again.
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    You'll notice with the update the software company has added a new feature called reactions. Before we use to just arrow up (Like) or arrow down (Dislike) a post. Now you can react to a post. Here is how it works. Before if you upped a post it was +1 to the persons reputation. If you downed a post it was -1 to their reputation now it works like this. You can find this by highlighting over the gray heart. Once you do this you can either click that heart to like the post or click one of the other icons. As always any questions please ask.
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    What you guys are seeing is the default theme. I am currently working on a new overall theme for the site that will replace the two themes we had before. With site updates happening the way they have been it's easier to build something right off the default theme then some of the more extensive ones we have had in the past that I have paid for. It also makes it less frustrating as when there are software updates we have to hope that all the themes got updates that work with the new stuff. In the case of our most current update both themes were not and would've caused site issues. It's only a band aid but no worries we'll rip it off soon.
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    We decided to suspend the direct file up loader. Yes, we know it sucks. No, we aren't going to turn it back on JUST YET. We have to weigh our options on how to proceed from here so either bear with us, or don't. We want to keep this a fun and friendly environment for people to hang out. This CAN NOT be achieved by calling out the admin team for 'fawking up' the forum or making changes to OUR FORUM without first consulting the membership. Yes, the new influx of membership rapidly pushed the storage space to the maximum but it wasn't set very high due to previously slow activity. We see that as a positive issue and are working towards a temporary solution [spending more money] until we reach a final resolution. Until then, chill out and continue posting.
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    It is something that is being looked at but is also an added expense. We have had this place for like 3 weeks so give us some time to figure things out.
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    Side note, for all who don't know of "Handz" it's probably better that way.
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    Well that makes me feel a little bit better. I didn't sell to a random person and two........................ I DIDN'T SELL AT ALL!!!! I handed it down to an MEMBER so as to keep things personable and not business. That is the problem with all these other sites. It's about making a big pay day and in the end the only person that is happy is the founder who is walking away with a nice chunk of change while the members get screwed over by change they didn't want or sign up for. I know a lot of you didn't agree with why or maybe how I did things with this site but I hope I at least got the approval of the way I handled it when it came to making sure you (the members) were taking care of in the end.
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    Well, I'm here. You're welcome.
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    Well good news is we have a plan in play. More to come once we finalize everything.
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    @Prokiller don't worry, when it's done you'll know because I'll be doing donuts in your driveway while Jasper and I snap selfies in the front seat!
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    I agree thank you to all who pitched in, makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside to know you guys value the site so much!
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    I'll be there it's my first time going
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    There have been a few recent developments behind the scenes. We are actively pursuing options to continue developing the forum and restore tapatalk useage. We have a support request ticket filed with tapatalk so, more on that when we have news. We realize that in an age rules by social media there is no easy way to compete with Facebook and such. We do, however, recognize the need to stay as up to date as possible and are seeking avenues to offer things such as: 1) Direct sharing to Facebook, Instagram, etc 2) Better mobile access and tapatalk support. 3) An easier to use format for the forum with a familiar feel This place costs money to operate monthly. We thank each and every one of you who have made donations, it literally has kept this place running. I know you’ve heard this same topic a few times here and it normally means bad news but there is a silver lining this time. Starting yesterday, I have assumed all financial responsibility moving forward to relieve droptoppony of this burden. He has taken on new job responsibilities and simply doesn’t have the time to continue development here. He did an excellent job leading the charge and kept this place alive with your generous help. Thank you Bob, we will keep moving forward. Don’t be a stranger.
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    They sent a survey to the members asking what we would pay for hosting. My reply to every question was "fuck you, you ruined the internet."
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    Logan, I love ya, but chill the fuck out. It hasn't been years, and no one has promised shit. You are the only one of the Tapatalk users that can't understand that Tapatalk is out of our control. The forum software doesn't support it. We didn't write the forum software, nor can we force their hand. Sorry. Not sorry. You are a pain in the ass, but we love ya. You've just gotta be a little more understanding and patient. No one is going to delete your threads or ban you. Would you like a screenshot of the mod forum? There aren't, nor have there ever been, any "behind the door discussions" that weren't discussed in gen pop. There was a thread discussing the money troubles last year. We got like 10 supporting members that kept the site afloat until now. Same problem cropped up and the website was sold to Bob. Bob, his crew, and the remaining OG Source crew are working on a solution to the problems. The first temp fix was to shut down the file hosting as we were dangerously close to the website shutting down. Next is figuring out a permanent solution to that and our money issues. Then we can worry about the outliers such as Tapatalk.
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    And this is the reason that I try to be a supporting member when it looks like I have a future at a place.
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    All the pron has finally strained the internet.
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    There's a star or dot next to the thread title. Click that and it takes you to the first unread post in that thread.
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    I have plans you don't know about...just give me more seat time, kthanx.
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    Good news for all! Now to continue with everyone building the baddest SN95's on the planet!
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    I'll give you some white fluff you'll love steve oh ;]
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    Also subscribed! Thanks to all who have subscribed! It's great to see you all value this place enough to do so!
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