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    According to this wheel/size comparing....calculator, [ https://www.rimsntires.com/specspro.jsp ] the 18x11's [16mm offset] with 305's will fit close to flush with the fender lip and may require some rolling to stay this low. My exhaust is probably 1-1.5" off the deck at the moment so it realistically needs to be raised considerably. Similar to this fitment:
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    ah i remember doing our shower...that schluter-kerdi system is really good stuff. looks like you are coming along quite nicely though
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    With all of that said, this is how she sits: @Lanter Ok, I still haven’t wired these tail lights up but I suppose I should while I’m in electrical mode 😛
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    Year flew by and the accomplishments on the house really went slow lol. A million reasons for the delays but there’s still some stuff I was able to get closer to completion. I’ve been on and off working on the master bathroom/closet and finally have stuff to show, though there’s a ton left to work on. Here is how the office turned master bathroom started (after the HVAC was installed): Looking at the north wall, where the shower will be going, basically standing where the closet will go and looking out into the bathroom. Looking into where the closet will be, after boxing in the HVAC and closing in the doorway and stair case opening. This photo is looking at the office closet that will be removed and the wall opened up into the master bedroom. Part of the closet turns into the hallway with the other half becoming a linen closet. I’ll start by showing the demolition of the old office closet and the construction of the new door ways for the master bathroom/bedroom door. Here the old closet door was removed and headers installed to open the space up as much as possible as well as provide a doorway into the bedroom. Here is a look from the bedroom into the new doorway. From that point I turned my attention to framing out the closet section of the bathroom, mainly consisting of three parts. First was framing in the old doorway and stairs and around the HVAC ducting. Next section was framing out the outer walls of the closet. Somewhat panoramic few of the closet walls Last bit of framing was closing in the staircase and building pockets for dressers so that I could utilize the space under the staircase for storage. After all the framing came drywall, laminate flooring (same as in the rest of the main floor) and the start of painting. I haven’t completely finished the drywall as I need to run some electrical for upstairs which means installing a conduit before closing the wall in. Now that the closet is to the point where we can move clothing into it we switched gears to the bathroom. We at this point had torn out all the old flooring and installed cement board and 12x24” concrete grey tile, and although all the pictures don’t show it we went with a dark charcoal grout. With all the drywall mud and sanding the grout lines are white and in need of a good cleaning. For some reason I have no good pictures of the tile and the rest of the bathroom, though the vanity and toilet are not installed they are sitting in place. Anyway, the next steps were starting the shower layout and install, and in the meantime my wife started with prepping the walls and painting. The blue we picked out was a touch dark so we decided to do a shiplap about a third up the wall to help brighten the walls. The shiplap will carry throughout the bathroom, while the closet received a grey paint and just basic trim. For the shower we went with the kerdi system, while it’s easy to work with and nice quality stuff it is expensive and very time consuming. I first laid out the shower dimensions and tore out all the drywall. Then ran my plumbing for the shower mixing valve, shower head, and body washer. Next, started hanging the kerdi board on the walls. And installing the shower niche. After the walls were up I cut down the shower pan and installed it, I also included a shower bench in the corner. I purchased a larger shower pan than I needed so I was able to use the extra that was cut off to build the shower curbs. After that came the waterproofing the shower pan and walls, which requires laying down the floor membrane and applying patches over all the screws and seams with thinset mortar. Some of the trim I needed took a long time to ship in so the next part of the shower I worked on was laying the penny time on the floor and installing the drain. Cutting the drain out and thinsetting the penny time down. This basically brings this up to date. My next tasks are to start putting tile on the walls and curb, along with the kerdi rondec trim to finish out the edges. Then I’ll need to connect the waste line and purchase and install the shower glass. The glass will take some time to get so my plan is to work on installing the toilet and vanity while I am waiting. Then finish the paint and trim work and finally have a completed bathroom project….. so I can tear out the old bathroom that we are currently using and redo it lol. Oh I also picked up another project car to stuff in the shop, 1988 notchback that’s currently getting a tube front welded on. Anyway, I’m really pushing to get the bathroom finished out this month so that I can start work on converting the original first floor full bath into a half bath with storage. Then the downstairs will be completed and we can move on to renovating the 2nd floor.
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