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    So around December/January I finally ended a months-long search for a new Mustang. Considering I graduate pharmacy school in May and the "quarter-life crisis" I was experiencing through much of 2014, I decided to purchase one of my dream cars, a Saleen S281. I searched far and wide and found the perfect one sitting all the way across the United States from me in the state of Washington. Despite how crazy the whole scenario felt to me and how much I debated, I ultimately negotiated and paid near my asking price for the car. The car was shipped to me and I received it mid-January. I've been pretty quiet about owning it thus far as I was waiting for the car show season to pick up and also bought a few pieces to get the car back up to prime shape (emblems, etc.). Now that spring is here I can finally enjoy her. She's my "poor man's supercar" and I am absolutely thrilled to own her. 2002 Saleen S281SC. True Blue (same color as my V6). 5-speed. 42,000 miles.
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    thats where im at, motor, trans, and harness in. waiting on gas tank and rear irs from powdercoat... should be anyday now i hope.
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    The first pic was move in day, this pic is what the garage would look like for the next 3 or 4 years.
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    It occurred to me that I've never really posted photos of my car, though most of you have seen it...HA! Usually I'm only posting in the photography thread... Anyway... here's my girl. Just a run of the mill stock SN, but she's my run of the mill stock SN..
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    After almost 10 years of owning a new edge Cobra I finally decided to jump into a Terminator. My 01 has been down since August and I have no interest in fixing it. After some talking with the wife she told me to get something I really want. What I really want is a Mystichrome. The funny part is she found the listing. I went with Meanie to look it over today and ended up driving it home. I'm so frickin happy.
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    I used to post on a lot of Mustang sites, now I only post on this one and its just in the gaming thread and on my 600RR project that I did over the winter and early this spring. Have not touched the Cobra much over the past few years, thoughts of selling it crept into my mind on a few occasions. Recently 2 of my cousins and a friend from HS posted pics on FB from a Costal Mustang cruise that they went on over the past weekend....that got me thinking. I do miss having the Cobra out, I would like to do things such as this again. I got frustrated with the car a few years ago after doing so much work time and money put into it so it just sat. I drove it twice last summer just to move it to the new place I moved into. As of then it ran fine but over the winter the battery died, it wont take a charge again now, I neglected to remove it from the car...my bad. Starting tomorrow I'm going to go get another battery and get it running and registered and look into getting a sticker and start driving it again. My days of modding are done, the suspension / engine exc exc.. mods were enough for me. Id just like to get a new set of wheels / tires later this year or early next year and call it good and just enjoy the car for what it is. Many of you remember me from posing here before or other forums and some of you many not remember the car at all, it has been all over the internet as some of you probably know. One must do thing on the list is getting some dyno numbers the sooner the better, the last round of mods I did never resulted in new dyno numbers just a few runs at the track. So heres to re lighting an old flame, perhaps I just needed a break for awhile, besides I have to give some envy to that Hell Cat that my neighbor bought lol
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    I don't plan on doing a full build thread on the Daytona but I know enough people here like seeing it. So, from now on, I will post any new pictures that I have of the car here. Here are a couple I took over the weekend when I visited my parents. Sorry they suck, it was fucking cold out.
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    Hey @Drake, sorry, I've been on here a little bit. I wanted to give a somewhat detailed reply with a few pics though and haven't had the time really till now. Nothing too big to report though. I attended the coachbuilding class in May. It was very good. I learned a lot. The teacher, Wray, has each months class work on a project he has going on. For example, some of the classes before me had been working on making a Shelby Daytona coupe out of aluminum, using a very accurate fiberglass replica to work off of. The idea is to have each class pick up where the last left off until the car is finished. For our class though he had us working on making some fenders for a 34 Ford, again using some accurate fiberglass replicas. Some of the guys chose to work on their own little things though, which Wray is okay with. One guy made a piece for his 914 Porsche, one guy and his brother worked on a gas tank for an old Honda CB750 iirc, one guy made a section of a front fender for a 57 Ferrari Testarossa to hang on his wall. With Wray's guidance, he found some good pics on the internet, then used them to make a full size drawing of the side profile, then used that to make the fender. Anyways, the 34 Ford rear fender, we divided into 3 sections. Wray made the rear while we observed. Another guy named David made the middle, and I made the front section. First i made what Wray calls a flexible shape pattern to work off of from the original fender, along with some profile gauges. This is his system he developed and an alternative to the traditional wood bucks. In his opinion, a much better way, and I'd have to say I agree. I didn't take as many pics of everything as I'd wanted, but hopefully you can get an idea of the process. With the pattern removed, you can see on the right edge, some pie shaped sharpie marks, this is where I shrunk the metal by making tucks with a mallet and tree stump, then hammer the tucks back into themselves to shrink the metal. This makes it thicker in these areas. You can also see some dimples in the middle of the panel, this is where I hit the panel from the backside with a mallet with a large beater bag behind it. This stretches the metal and thins it. This is what Wray calls area change, and what the flexible shape pattern tells you. All the bumps and lumps are planished, or smoothed out, with the English wheel. The wheel can also do some stretching via compression. Continually checking progress with the pattern lets me know where I need some more shrinking or stretching then wheeling. Once that part is done and the pattern is tight against the piece the shape, form, or what Wray likes to call arrangement, is set. Here it is with the pattern tight. Also, each solid line is where a profile or contour gauge was made. The gauges are just strips of 18 gauge or so about 3/4" wide. Made to fit the contours with a shrinker/stretcher. The gauges are used as a guide to set the arrangement. Arrangement is set by hand, moving the metal over various forming blocks. You can see the English wheel gives it a nice polished finished. The wheels of the machine are polished and this acts like a printing press. Here is the fender almost finished at this point. It just needs the wire edge done around the lip and a few other minor details. The front section you see is the piece I made, from the weld seam down. Wray took care of the bead rolling operations though for the whole fender. After that I started working on a front fender section, also for the 34 Ford. It was a piece someone else started, but i didn't finish either. Here you can see the rear fender we made, then a few sections of the rear for the other side, and in the bottom right corner is the front fender section I had been messing with. All in all a really great experience. Like I said I learned a lot. Wray shows many different methods to achieve the same end result and lets you choose how you wanna get there. The class was 4 days, so not enough time to master the techniques. But he really got the wheels in my head turning about so many things. And I think that along with the knowledge gained are the more important things to take away from it all. I'm glad to have met and learned from him. He is a true master at his craft and probably the most innovative in the field. For anyone interested look up Wray Schelin at Pro Shaper Sheet Metal in MA. Aside from that I've been practicing my TIG welding. No weld porn going on yet, but I think I'm doing okay so far. I've been trying to keep a good variety of joints to weld. Lap joints, corner joints, butt joints, thin stuff, thick stuff, tube, plate, etc. I need to do some reading though, and do some more consistent 'tests' I think. And then do more destructive testing and checking penetration. Because I weld things and they look halfway decent, but if they really are, I'm not always sure. Unless it's something thin and i can actually see the penetration. For example, butt welding sheet metal is fine. Still, probably the hardest thing is feeding rod. I can dab, dab, dab just fine, but actually feeding it could be better. I notice many of the thicker things I weld are undercut as well. I'm guessing either too hot, or not enough filler. Maybe both. This is an 18 gauge butt weld. It is a bit wiggly, but otherwise a good weld as far as penetration goes. My torch hand was way out of position but I just rolled with it. Here is a 1/8" lap joint I did. I did a root pass and did a sorta freehand weave on top of it about halfway down it. Also that outside corner joint. It looked good until I flipped it over and did a couple passes back to back on the inside corner. I think I overheated it. You can see a little undercut though on that lap joint and cover pass. Still working on that. Here's another lap joint on the other side of that piece, and also that inside corner. I tried doing another root + weave cap and not sure what happened there, but it just didn't work well. Maybe my tungsten was contaminated, it was welding like crap for that inside corner. Another little outside corner joint on some 1/8" angle that I boxed up. This is the second freehand weave I tried a while ago. Undercut like crazy ha. With the Cobra itself, all I've done is finished welding up two patches on the firewall, and smoothed them out some, though not to 100% yet. One patch was where the stock throttle cable passed through. I MIG'd it cause I had started it with the MIG. The other patch was for where the HVAC box drain passes through. I TIG'd it. Honestly no real problems with it. Penetration was fine and it cleaned up just fine, no porosity or anything. But I really wasn't too enthused so I didn't take pics. Really wasnt the best spot to TIG my first patch in though. Was low, not much room, light, and couldn't get very close. It was like welding something an arm's length away. Without a before and after it'll prob be hard to tell what I even did. Edit: here's an older pic I found, you can see the triangle patch in the back, that's one of the ones I finished welding up. Just a few more things to tidy up and then I'll throw some paint on it and the engine and a few other parts for a mock-up so I can see if I like my idea for the color scheme of it all. I also got a 4x8 piece of insulation foam from Lowe's to start making one of the new quarter panels to get a pattern off of. While at the class, I asked Wray what to do if you have a project where the original metal is so messed up you can't use it, or just plain don't have a panel, or want to do a one off custom panel, where you wouldn't be able to make a flexible shape pattern off of. For the one off panels, basically a full scale model needs to be made. I'm going to try cutting this sheet of foam up, gluing it together, shaping it, then fiberglass and bondo over it until it is smooth enough to get an accurate pattern off of. One of the perks to the flexible shape pattern is it can be flipped inside out and used to make the other side. So hopefully, I can get away with just doing this for one side. I haven't started it yet though so no pics yet. Let's see, other than that, I've been tuning up my welder with a few new parts and some paint soon. And also I started building a cart for it. I drew up some plans a while ago. I made a compromise in the drawing and made it all 2x2 square tubing, even though I really wanted an assortment of bigger material. But one day I remembered I had a big heavy duty well built engine hoist someone gave me. I already have one and this one doesn't collapse so I took some measurements and to my surprise it is working out perfect. There's going to be very little scrap leftover. It's like this engine hoist was made for me to cut up and turn into my welder cart. Not finished yet but here's a little progress pic. Well here it is before I cut it up. The front leg extensions and the arm aren't pictured but you get the idea. The thinnest metal is 1/8". The 3x4 metal is 3/16" and what I'm using for the base. I almost felt bad about cutting it up. I also started thinking about how I'll design my English wheel. I came up with this and really like it, though I still need to design a stand for it. And then of course, make the real thing. Lol. I drew inspiration for the shape from the SN quarter glass. You can see the shape in the outside edge of the wheel frame. I drew up a few other designs that I like also. So really, it's just a matter of what kind of metal I can come across. I do like that one the best though. So lots going on I guess, but at the same time, not really, lol. Just making fake tools out of cardboard, melting things, and thinking I'm gonna make a car out of a shape I'll carve from foam.
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    Intake torqued down, rockers adjusted, valve covers torqued, 99% of wiring is done, waiting on fuel components from @Rolocut to get here Wednesday, some special cut goods from @95riosnake, and xr1's from my buddy in Florida. Thinking about taking the day off Thursday to try and finish everything for Carlisle and leaving Thursday evening!
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    A new home. My wife and I sold our current home on Monday night and had been eyeballing this place for quite some time. We put in an offer late Monday night and after a little back and forth they accepted yesterday afternoon. 3,600 square feet, 4 bed, 2.5 bath, 3 car garage, partially finished basement (enough room and egress window to add a 5th bedroom, a theater and still have room for a workshop), awesome deck off of the back. It's a custom floor plan with 9 foot ceilings on every level, has super nice custom trim work and a lot of other neat little touches. We close on June 12th. Pretty stoked. Already dreading packing up and moving.
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    I can't remember if I ever shared the plan with you guys regarding putting the OCD Fabworks logo on the compressor bracket. Anyway, I sent the logo design to Billet Badges and had them CNC me a badge. I went with a brushed finish and black logo to keep things clean and simple. I also can't remember if I ever showed the final logo design. If not, here it is lol. I'm very happy with it Billet badges ships out their badges with high strength double stick on the back, but tape just isn't how I do things. So I chucked an end mill into my drill press and started making chips on a perfectly good badge. Milled some flats down just far enough to give me a level surface. Then holes for 5mm bolts Then it was the compressor bracket's turn. Drilled and tapped a few holes That fitment tho. I tried turning the compressors around to see what that would let me do with the leader lines. This ended up being the only good looking orientation with the compressors turned. I'm 50/50 which direction I like more. The first way hides the compressor wiring better, but the second seems to take up the slack in the leader lines more. I'll have to keep thinking about it. After taking that picture, I disassembled everything to start prepping for powder coat and such. Spent a few hours on that, and still have several more ahead of me.
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    While I wait for the quarter to show up, among a few other things, I decided to relax a bit and concentrate on finishing up a couple final touches on the @Carbon Driven parts. First up was the double din radio bezel. I still needed to attach the vent assembly, so that got the nod for the first task of the day. I had a spare stock bezel on the shelves so I pried the vent assembly out of it to use in the carbon piece. The front face of the vent frame was scuffed with 80 grit to prep for some epoxy. The back of the radio bezel got the same treatment Then some 30 min epoxy was applied generously to mate the two It was allowed to cure overnight and I popped the vents in this morning. Installed it and it fits nice and snug. Next up was a little detail work on the shifter bezel. (camera settings FTL in this pic, lol) Rob from Carbon Driven explained very clear reasons why he couldn't pull off the textured edge you find around the edge of the factory bezel. It looks fine as-is but a little extra effort really will make it look perfect. I drew a line on the masking to line up with the line coming down from the upper dash, then continued it down to mimic the factory bezel's line. (got a little sloppy in a couple spots lol) Trimmed away the area to be painted, then masked everything else (the edge of the masking may look jagged but that's just the sharpie line) I teared up a bit when I started sanding that beautiful carbon finish, but alas, it was necessary lol. Prepped with 220 grit followed by 400 grit Light coat of primer Then 3 light coats of black interior paint from CJPP (can't seem to find it on the CJPP site anymore ) Finished product! And installed (once again, camera settings FTL but it's hard to see anything in this interior otherwise lol) I still have to figure out what to do with the cigarette lighter hole. I'll likely make a little insert to hold the USB plug for the head unit. I also ordered some 4mm stainless allen bolts and nylock nuts to mount the compressors, which showed up. Two rubber mounts bolted together should do the trick in keeping these compressors a bit quieter when they kick on. I need to pick up some fender washers for the tops still. I also sat and stared at the whole tank setup while holding the leader hoses in different positions and finalized my plan. Ordered a mess of fittings, so when those come in I'll show you guys what I came up with. This probably doesn't seem like much progress but it felt good to tick off a couple more boxes. The fact that it was frigid cold didn't help. It was 4° outside today, and even with the heater running full blast I could only get the garage up to around 42°. Just not comfortable at all, and warming paint cans and bezels in front of the heater, then spraying paint huddled in front of it gets old quick lol.
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    @ttocs, I think the term "pro" is subjective these days, and used far too loosely, but yes he's supposedly one. Anyway, great news. I test fit the laser cut mock up bracket and it fits PERFECT. I don't mean just close...perfect. I guess I should open a shop and start taking orders lol. Here's a teaser pic for you all. Once I have the real brackets in hand and some new grade 8 hardware, etc. I'll drop a proper update in here. To lighten the mood a bit further, I'd like to contrast the sloppiness I've shown you guys today on an expensive order with what I think is evidence of the polar opposite still in existence, and for a far less costly order to boot. I'm not sure if any of you have discovered www.build-threads.com, but it is easily in my top 5 most visited sites. It's run by a super nice dude named Anth from Australia, and he posts some of the hottest build threads on the planet with a nice, thoughtfully written narrative, link to the original thread, etc. Anyway, he had a deal about a month ago selling a pack of build-threads decals, and being a huge fan of his, I shot paypal his way without hesitation. Part of the promotion was that he would do a sketch of your car with each order. Being an artist myself, I thought this was a super cool idea. He kept me informed when he ran short on a couple of the decals and had to wait for another order to come in. Not a big deal after all. The envelope showed up today in the mail, it brought a smile to my face and restored a bit of my faith that there are still people in the world that take pride in what they do, even when there isn't a bunch of money involved. Here's a pic of the sketch and the decals, I think the sketch is pretty damn good. I definitely recommend checking out his site when you get a chance, you won't regret it.
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    On going project, 94 cobra, r block, tfsr225, hp efi, vortech ys Instagram @rolocut Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk On going project, 94 cobra, r block, tfsr225, hp efi, vortech ys Instagram @rolocut Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk On going project, 94 cobra, r block, tfsr225, hp efi, vortech ys Instagram @rolocut Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk On going project, 94 cobra, r block, tfsr225, hp efi, vortech ys Instagram @rolocut Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Took some pics of my buddy Nick's badass Competition Orange Boss 302 on the way home from Mustang Week this year! I would of done the pictures from mustang week first, but his car makes me feel like a got damn professional photographer. As always, comments/criticism is always appreciated as long as it's constructive =] Pic from the cruise in saturday: Straight off the Droid Rzr Max. Damn Impressive if I do say so myself Mild Mild editing (b&w) And to the stuff everyone loves! Rolling Shots!
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    Finally traded in the X5 and picked this beauty up! CPO (with full bumper to bumper coverage for 100k miles) 2013 GT Brembo car... with Borla exhaust already installed. She only had 10k miles, so she's just broken in! While setting up the Sync account, my wife named her Valentine since we wasted all of Valentine's Day sitting in a car dealership. This is (sadly) the most powerful car I have ever driven, and I cannot wipe the smile off my face.
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    Me and @Sleeperstang1994 have outgrown our household oven for powder coating and we've been wanting a larger oven for quite some time. Recently, Josh bought a power box and heating elements so now we are getting started on building the actual oven. We've read a couple DIY builds and figured that we would benefit from a 7' x 3' x 3' oven. Today we stopped by Home Depot for some metal studs to start the framing. The base will consist of 2x4 with a hoop that will extend up each side and across the top. This will give us a sturdy base and a strong top for hanging heavy parts. The studs we bought are simply used for the framing which will be covered with 22ga steel sheets and filled with Rockwool to contain the heat. I will be stopping to order the 2x4 and sheets Monday. So here's what we accomplished today. All the studs we bought (15 total I believe) Rock wool. After some cutting. One side done. Making sure we had everything square. The back and the front (door) had an extra stud in the middle for strength. The two sides will have the 2x4. Ummm, bigger than we thought, lol. We can cook humans! Then we added the top. Again, the base will be made from 2x4.
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    Got a few quick pics of the whole car with the export mirrors on. I need to get some real photos done still... One of the hood in sunlight. Carbon driven cowl panel will be painted to match (eventually.)
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    Brake system finished. Initial in bay mock up, everything fits. Some minor cosmetic changes and we can call it good.
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    Shot this yesterday.... kinda like it
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    Behold! The long fabled shockwaves, spoken of by our forefathers... how lucky we are to live in an age blessed by their long awaited appearance! They shall speak of this day henceforth with jubilation and reverence!
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    Aside from the typical gift cards n clothes n nonsense, the new lady friend killed it in the gift department! She totally surprised me by taking one of my favorite pictures of the car, and canvas printing it like those hip fancy thing people do for their kids! Finally got around to hanging it up yesterday, it isn't exactly even but it'll do for now!
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    Quick wash before the motor and trans go back in this week.hopefully have it all in by the end of the weekend.
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    I got a head start on this winter and put my car away back in November 2012, you can never be too safe. That snow can sneak up on ya
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