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    Like wise Tony ... was a good week as always good to see everyone again . Quick one for Tony as I know the wait is killing him lol When I get a chance Ill get some more up
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    Lol oops my foot slipped: https://youtu.be/6pAJDKOJo5o
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    As you guys know we have had our ups and downs with keeping the lights on. @95riosnake, @Det_Riot and myself do what we can the best we can with what time we have, but we all have things going on in life right now that limit our time and efforts to keep this place going. When I started this site almost 5 years ago it was to give us a place that we can call home without the drama of most sites. I think we have achieved that and you guys have proven even at our darkest moments when it looked the doors would close you guys have stepped up to do whatever it takes to keep the lights on. For that I will always be appreciative. My intentions were never to make money off this site and this is why I never sold to an outside company. We all knows what happens when you do and didn't want that to happen here. With that being said I am happy to say that someone has stepped up to do the job I can't anymore. The lights will stay on and the OG staff will assist in that by helping the new owner in any way we can to get them settled in the drivers seat. @droptoppony has stepped up and will be grabbing the torch from me. He is an original Founding Member of SN95Source so Dan, Bryan and myself feel he will do a great job keeping this place up and running and even making it better than it is now. As we speak I am in the midst of transferring ownership over to him and making the necessary changes remove things such as Google Ads that are tied to my account and getting his PayPal set up to run the store and the Donation section. For the time being anything donation wise will go to the original account with me transferring the funds to Bob's PayPal till we are completely finalized with everything. So please join me in welcoming Bob as the new owner of SN95Source and from the bottom of my soul THANK YOU to everyone that has stood by this site through out the years and helped keep the doors open and the motors running. -Bullitt Founder
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    the hat really does exist steve-oh looking lost and alone all the sexy pics from 95opal are due to troys amazing windshield reflector lighting effect
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    i didn't do the cruise.....jacked up my exhaust and just wanted to head back saturdy morning and park it for a while lol. loved the whole experience tho and meeting some forum members. cool bunch no doubt...heres a few pics i took tho the man himself @haterbuilt
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    needs more phatballlllz...feel kinda left out so here
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    Just walked in the door from Florida, longest ride ever. Leaving the week early kind of sucked however it was nice to see the family in FL for a few days. The people we had was an unbelievable group, couldn't of asked for a better squad !! I have a few videos I need to compile together but here are a some pics from the phone in the mean time. The DSLR's were out in full force so I would expect some really awesome shots soon! Sent from Space
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    Just a sampling of our house squad
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    Sent from Space Also, newly acquired Mustang Week Dog Sent from Space
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    I still can't believe that Chemical Guys would have him as a face of their brand... Anyway, I have to say the flood of new members here is super exciting and I'm really happy to see things picking up. I love this site and even though my mustang game is lacking in recent years, I do plan on making a comeback very soon. I'm glad I can continue my build here
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    Thanks Fellas, we will keep the lights on and beer flowing.
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    We are in good hands, and @droptoppony I'm here for whatever you need!
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    Good Lord that thing sounds EFFING NASTY! Ugh...
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    Tony, you will probably leave the show salivating over the idea of getting yourself some caliper covers and sumitomo tires... that's the good stuff. A couple years back, I had just parked and was wiping my car down. Some redneck walked up and said nice car, etc etc... then he paused and said 'cept that carbon fahhber, judt don' lack it! (tried to spell it phonetically to give you a feel of how inbred it sounded. I was like well, obviously I do, that's why it's on my car. lol
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    Everyone please welcome Chris @Psychorugby to the staff as a super moderator! I'm sure you see Chris pretty regularly all over the site, so keep him in mind along with the rest of the staff whenever you have site questions or issues!
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    I'd like to announce a new feature we have here on Source. When you go to My Settings we now have the "MY SN95" section where you can post all of the info about your ride. Also, you will notice there is now a spot for you to link to your build thread. The link will then show up on the left under your user name as a clickable link next to every one of your posts! This has the added benefit of freeing up one line in your signature for something else, plus it will be really easy for others to find your build thread! ENJOY!!
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    I'm gonna start texting Chris things that sound like I'm a mistress, then slutty pics of some trashy college skank. Should make for a fun dinner time at the Higgins house
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    Well this is a no brainer, ill be there! I'm bringing like 10 clutch cables just in case Sent from Space
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    Looks like I will be moving my build thread over here. Time to get my signature and all that good stuff switched over too.
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    i really didn't take much. it was really freakin hot out and i didn't bring my actual camera. just cell phone shots. Untitled by r d, on Flickr Untitled by r d, on Flickr Untitled by r d, on Flickr Untitled by r d, on Flickr Untitled by r d, on Flickr Untitled by r d, on Flickr Untitled by r d, on Flickr Untitled by r d, on Flickr Untitled by r d, on Flickr
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    I'm happy to announce that with the support of a few plus what we had left in the account we are officially good for 1 more month. I am already working on stepping our plan down one until the time should it ever come that we need to re upgrade to a higher level. Thank you to those that made this possible and we will work on getting everything finalized to as not put the fear of doors closing in your minds again.
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    #throwbackthursday to Carlisle 2009
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    Last weekand I was at 7th Mustang Meeting in Poland. The report of the meeting is at our official site, (but only Polish), so I'm writing here (sorry for the mistakes in a translation) In 2008, a few dozen enthusiasts of the Ford Mustang came to Lodz, at the First National Meeting of the Ford Mustang Fans. From now on, every year we meet together at the end of April. In 2015 we chose Torun , the city famous for Nicolaus Copernicus. Meeting started on Friday, from every directions of Poland. Mustangs were going to the City of Angels, as is often called Torun, they began to descend to owners and enthusiasts of the Ford Mustang. The American Los Angeles is famous for its beautiful sunny weather, Polish ,, Los Angeles" also proved to be very sunny, so that our beloved cars could shine beautifully in the spring sunshine. But before it was Saturday morning, in the evening over a grill club members preparing for the main day of the Meeting which was to prove very intense and interesting. Unfortunately, I was unable to join on Friday, so with the first sunshine of 5.34 am I fired eight cylinders and set out for the next meeting. Empty roads and cloudless sky, I decided to turn off the radio, because that day was to rule music by Flowmaster. The A1 highway, which accounted for more than half the distance invited my Mustang into the left lane, five-liter engine is, according to me an excellent foundation for a galloping horse. Despite several changes in the suspension of my SN95, it still has not lost his style, and changes let you enjoy fuller and more confident with his power. I passed 250km very quickly. When I found myself on the other side of the Vistula river, I could feel in the air that the earth trembles under the rear tires hundreds of Mustangs, who were waiting at the hotel Rubens & Monet in Łysomice(small village near Torun). It had to be our base and a place where we spend a nice evening. For people who first took part in our annual celebration, view such many amount of Mustangs had to make a big impression (remember it's Europe). I do not blame them, even though it was for me 6 time that accompanied me the same feeling. But it does not view Mustangs pleased me most, but friends who came by them. A few minutes after 10.00AM herd of Mustangs, set out in the direction of the Castle Bierzgłowskiego (bulit in 1270). On the grounds of the castle we drove through the beautiful historic gate, builder of its dimensions adapted to the knights on horseback. Fortunately, Ford engineers did not exaggerated the dimensions and the entire column ride hy the gate without a problem. We parked at the castle green meadow. Part members pretended to explore the historic complex. You could also be measured in several pre skill competitions (eg. Archery). At the end waiting for us a delicious soup, which added to the strength, because we still waited for two stops. The first was located in the parking lot of the shopping center in Torun. During two hours of the exhibition, viewers can admire the example of our vehicles, the evolution of the legendary pony car. You could take pictures, talk to club members and even yourself to find out how the Mustang runs. Using the great square, we organized a charitable transfers, the income from which will be donated to a worthy cause. Colleagues, did not spare tires and fuel, showing how much potential lies dormant in their Mustangs. [yt] [/yt] Another point of the event, was passing through the streets of Torun on the Town Market. In small groups we arrived at the final official part of the rally. We parked around the Town Hall Nowomiejskiego. Colorful houses surrounding the market from all sides, created a wonderful environment for equally colorful group of our cars. For viewers on the market there were many awards that could win in organized competitions. There was a very nice atmosphere, because the residents of Torun received us very hospitality. [yt] [/yt] In addition to the Mustangs could see Bielawski brothers motorcycles , we support the project www.polskipojazd.pl because they are our old friends. Tired, but happy we went to the hotel for a gala dinner. But what is happening in the evening at our Meeting, stays in Meeting. In the 7th Annual Meeting attended by more than 110 Mustangs crews. They came a very different and unique cars. Everyone is crazy and fascination Mustangs, they created a wonderful atmosphere once again. There was 4 Sn95 and 6 new edge.
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