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    I didnt like the look and fit of the 90* silicone coupler and had concerns on being able to fit a T bolt clamp as well, ao i elected to go with something different. I drew up a 105* elbow to better work with the dimension i needed and 3D printed it with a pair of sleeves to slip into the current CF cai pipes: then mocked it all in place: with that done, once it warms up i’ll do some body work to smooth it all out and them mold the elbow, then make one in carbon fiber. I also took a little time the other day to makeup the vacuum block mount: then i installed the vacuum block under the intake using one of the knock sensor bolt holes. I also heated and reformed the factory plastic vacuum linea and hooked up all of the vacuum lines for the fuel rail sensor, hvac box and boost gauge. I picked up a flexible stainless steel universal radiator hose off ebay a few weeks back. It was only $20 ans looked better than one of the universal rubber radiator hoses, so i figure what the hell and picked one up. I installed that as well while i was rolling around under the car installing the exhaust: The only items left for the engine/drivetrain install is the Cai, driveshaft shortening, upper radiator hoses and the maf/iat wiring extension.
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    Coming soon: Whipple 2.3
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    we're probably going to fab a larger PS res, the issues with stock tank is the fluid gets too hot, and doesn't de-gas before re-circulation, needs more capacity. causes a jittery feel in the wheel, which my truck does do sometimes. Ford says it's within spec... 👎 We're on step 105 of 203!....
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    And in the process of getting all that other stuff done, find the right deals and boost it from the beginning. Lol
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    ^ Do you want to know more?
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    So accurate, we know how he is. Mr. Compaction!
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    Next thread update we're going to see once the blower is on: Still not quick enough; dalamar's 2013 raptor gets a 6.6L Livernois Stroker
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    Wiring!!! Wiring!!! Wiring!!!
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    drew up the hood liner where i need to notch it for the front mount CAI, notched it slightly oversize for the silicone connector, then took that drawing to make up a mold and cut template that can be 3D printed on my large printer. Once the couplers arrive and i verify fit in the 3D printed parts (im printing one of them right now) i’ll notch the hood and prep the 3D printed mold for a part layup that’ll be done with the remainder of the composite stuff i have to finish for other people:
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    The prototype Brake Brackets arrived today. 2 small changes and they are good to go. So i started installing those and got the driver side done. Also got the throttle body and accel ignition coils cleaned and painted. The clutch cable was also wrappes in techflex so it woukd blend in: The radiator brackets were painted with wrinkle black and the radiator installed. Yes i plan to clean and paint the radiator fan as well. Here is a view down the engine valley showing the engine coolant temp sensor T’d into one of the heater core lines instead of it being in the Radiator hose Y block. Im still waiting on some -12AN fittings to arrive so i can finish the plumbing of this.
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