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    Thank you for the welcoming!! My real name is Edwin, I'm from Puerto Rico. Noob to the Cobra scene but was always fascinated by the car, purchased one almost 3 yrs ago and learning along the way how to work on the car. When I bought it blower was ported, has intake and exhaust but no headers... so thats my starting point with this car.. Bumped on to this page by luck!! I'm here to find more info on how to's and learn from things/ideas others might have or suggest. By the way the car is satin silver and I'm installing a UPR coilover kit with strange struts adjustable Thanks!!!
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    Hello all, I'm Carlos from the bay area, I own a 1996 Saleen
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    Thanks for the add! Currently have a 95 gt canary yellow with 188k on the odometer. Basically stock. Dumped H pipe, Cai. I have pacesetters longtubes and x pipe en route and picked up a full nitrous express kit tonight so just here for experience, information and to gain what I can out of my car. Thanks!
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    Hey! It's been awhile... Life got busy... Bought a house, changed jobs (very happy now) and did some other shit. Still have the SN95, but switched directions and just doing a SBF. Still have my F150 - added 2 sn95 parts cars. Oh, and a Volvo.. IMG_1950 by Richard Brown, on Flickr
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    Thanks for Joining SN95Source.com! Here are a few tips to get you started: Introduce yourself: Make sure to check out your "Welcome Thread" and introduce your self. You can find that right here --> Welcome To SN95Source.com: Sk8Stang Update your Profile: You can finish editing your profile here --> View Member Personalize you Profile: Add an avatar and a banner image to your profile here --> View Member After that please feel free to browse around and get to know the others. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask. -White95
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