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  1. SniveTroll

    02 L Diddly

    https://youtu.be/7JzA0Zy6RTQ p0171 and home made smoke tester.
  2. SniveTroll

    Ordered a 2018 GT premium PP2

    oh you know... around. i had a few life altering events. too many deaths. too many episodes of depression. moving onto 2 degrees and slowly getting myself back into cars, you? @Prokiller
  3. SniveTroll

    Ordered a 2018 GT premium PP2

    did someone say lightning?
  4. SniveTroll


    hello folks... glad i found this site. happy to be a newb.
  5. SniveTroll

    02 L Diddly

    yes the caged pulley attaches at the crank snout and several bolted points to make it secure. it also takes off harmonic stress off the crank. i am using a steel forged cobra jet crank. its supposed to be a decent pulley. right now im using a 2lb upper and 4 lb lower. theoretically im at 14psi. with the ported blower, exhaust and cams i am lower. where at, i dont know.
  6. SniveTroll

    02 L Diddly

    So ive been driving it on an email tune. A few months ago, the lower pulley came loose. Then yesterday it came loose again. Since its a cageless pulley it worked loose. Today i removed it and blue loctiting the bolts with a lock washer. Its scary hearing what sounds like a knock... Again.
  7. SniveTroll

    02 L Diddly

    I installed the TR6s and gapped them at .034. I torqued them down to 13ftlbs. Most people don't use a torque wrench but you have to on modulars. The inlets for the pic on the lightning and valve covers are 5/8". Again I'm using romeo heads with police interceptor valve covers. The catch can hoses are necked down to 3/8". I started it up and noticed the idle was less noisier. Which is good. I'm almost certain that the Br7s I had in were too tight in gap. They were out of the box and not tightened. They were . 026. Between the fuel pressure regulator loading fuel and the tight gap, my plugs were fouled. I may have to go back to stock width vacuum line. The silicone width may be too wide.
  8. SniveTroll

    02 L Diddly

    Silly-cone came in. And I picked up a few other items. I picked up some TR6s and BR7s for the moostang. I got the upr catch can off Craigslist some time ago. I needed some barbed fittings and got some off eBay. I also already had the one wide band wired to run off the stereo. I'm not happy with it at all. I bought a used db gauge and lc-1. I plan on running a dual gauge setup and run them off the same toggle switch tapping into the cigarette lighter since I don't use it. 1 will remain in the pillar pod with a autometer phantom boost gauge. I will also use a column pod. Of curse they will both tie into the SCT X4. I'll use a removable splice on that wiring to a 10amp inline fuse. I'm using an led toggle switch in the ashtray.
  9. SniveTroll

    02 L Diddly

    I have some red, blue and black silicone hoses coming in. I am removing as much stock vacuum as possible.
  10. SniveTroll

    02 L Diddly

    I removed the lower wiper cowl panel to install vacuum block. Sadly no clear picture of that. I also redone some evap lines. I also threw in some door LEDs. I have some red, black and blue silicone hoses on the way.
  11. SniveTroll

    02 L Diddly

    I got the pumps in yesterday and had a no start issue. Funny thing is It ran before I dropped the tank. Walbros draw 9amps each. It would crank and no start. I was starting to think I forgot something. I put the battery on the charger and noticed it was at 33% 11.7 volts. I put it on charge awhile and it fired right up. Now I can finish the gauges and get it inspected and registered.
  12. SniveTroll

    02 L Diddly

    Better than I expected after dropping the tank. I was expecting nests of some sort.
  13. SniveTroll

    02 L Diddly

    Also some underside pics that needs very little love. Lakewood traction slippers on the bottom.
  14. SniveTroll

    02 L Diddly

    Yesterday I dropped the tank. I was informed upon buying that it has walbro 255s.... That wasn't the case. It had original stock dual 130 pumps in the tank. Now this adds onto WTF was the previous owner thinking?!?... I dropped the tank on a whim because I knew he blew it up top. It would hold pressure but to what end. One asked himself do I need to drop the tank. Also I ordered all new evap and fuel filler hoses. Teal/blue pumps are stock.