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  1. Fast95

    HIDs v.s. LEDs

    I thought one of the advantages LEDs had was of how cool they are compared to condesants?
  2. Fast95

    HIDs v.s. LEDs

    lol... I saw the same thing on 5.0 which made me post
  3. Fast95

    HIDs v.s. LEDs

    Hey guys, I was just wondering what is the general consensus now for our headlights. What do you all prefer? HID bulbs or LEDs? pros/cons of each, discuss...
  4. Fast95

    Talk to me about car loans

    Might be a bit tough if your getting paid under the table. Do you file taxes? If you have anyone that could co-sign with you might be the only other option. Most places look at "no"-credit like bad credit = no loan or a ridiculous interest rate. When I bought my car in 07 I had "no" credit and luckily I got my mother to co-sign a loan with me to purchase my stang.
  5. Fast95

    Gypsy Mike Mustang vs. Izzy Performance TT ZO6

    Ya the vette won, but if I was the owner/racer I would be pissed that I beat a all-motor stang by only a half of a car with my twin turbo'd vette. Sick cars regaurdless.