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  1. Turbo97SVT

    Post up your work toys!

    I work at Race Part Solutions doing the website and ebay maintenance, as well as their part photographer. Here is one really cool/new thing we have... Our MD-104 BOV (104mm) next to our 50mm BOV. It's a beast! Here is the BOV getting tested: http://youtu.be/20imTYMqRlc
  2. Turbo97SVT

    Member Pics Thread

    lol Thanks very much, guys! Hey there! Not to much, just trying to keep the car together. haha! lol for sure! It's great to see many old friends!
  3. Turbo97SVT

    Member Pics Thread

    I need to get some new pictures of me with the Cobra...here is a picture of the fiance and I during our engagement shoot: Me a couple days ago right before working out Old picture of the Cobra and I.
  4. Turbo97SVT

    Lets See Your Rolling Shots!

    I like this shot a lot! Unfortunately, I don't have any rolling shots of my car. Here are a couple shots I've taken of other cars, though. My friend, Cathy's, 03 Cobra: My boss's 84 Porsche 911:
  5. Turbo97SVT

    Member Pics Thread

    lol Oh boy, it's Mike, Jeremy AND Mark...How could you deal with all 3 of them at one time?!?! haha
  6. Turbo97SVT

    Launch Pic's

    Looking good! This was with the 5 speed on Nitto 555R's...I doubt anything will be coming off the ground anytime soon, but I do know with the auto and the car on the trans brake, it sees 10psi. Hopefully I'll have pictures or video next time I go out.
  7. Turbo97SVT

    who here has kids ? post goofy pics .....

    Thanks! lol Yea, he is growing way too fast! haha this is what I'm not really looking forward to!
  8. Turbo97SVT

    who here has kids ? post goofy pics .....

    Here is my little boy...he just turned 6 months old 7/6/12. And here is my goofy one of him lol
  9. Turbo97SVT

    Florida members?

    I could probably be down! I'm about 3hrs south of Orlando, so it would have to be an all day thing for me.