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  1. Dalamar

    Dalamar's 2013 RAPTOR

    pretty much Great motor for a tow boat.
  2. Dalamar

    Dalamar's 2013 RAPTOR

    OK, it's back on for next week! Truck back from Ford, exit shaft on T-case broke. thank you again extended warranty. Has this motor in it
  3. Dalamar

    Dalamar's 2013 RAPTOR

    still not done. Picked it up and took it out last weekend to tow the boat. T case started leaking... at ford.... At least I can enjoy it all winter ;/
  4. Dalamar

    Dalamar's 2013 RAPTOR

    Also, this arrived 2 weeks ago! Finally, and woot! Waiting on shop time with my tuner.....
  5. Dalamar

    Dalamar's 2013 RAPTOR

    Drove around the mountains over the weekend, area called Daniels Summit. Good times.
  6. Dalamar

    Dalamar's 2013 RAPTOR

    I do, paid for it 4 weeks ago! Should arrive tomorrow. the Long tubes and x are in and waiting.
  7. Dalamar

    Dalamar's 2013 RAPTOR

    LOL, thanks Buddy. Delay from WHipple, blower shipped out monday.......
  8. Dalamar

    Dalamar's 2013 RAPTOR

    had to look this up.... LOL White!!
  9. Dalamar

    Dalamar's 2013 RAPTOR

    Thinking about these. the factory fox shocks are due for a replace/rebuild .... http://www.rogueracing.com/shocks/king-raptor-10-30-race-series-front-remote-reservoir-coil-over-pair What do you all think of this front bumper? I like that it fits the stock lines of the truck, looks clean, recessed light and gains some clearance....
  10. Dalamar

    Dalamar's 2013 RAPTOR

    Just workin my brotha! Interesting story
  11. Dalamar

    Dalamar's 2013 RAPTOR

    Hi Guys! So, I pulled the triggerand ordered the Whipple kit for this thing, it's about 2 weeks out ! https://whipplesuperchargers.com/index.php?dispatch=products.view&product_id=22 Kit Long Tubes Tune More to come 😁
  12. Dalamar

    Dalamar's 2013 RAPTOR

    1 Pass rotary, 1 pass orbital with PP3n Polish LUV And DONE
  13. Dalamar

    Dalamar's 2013 RAPTOR

    my buddy Jason stopped by, put him to work
  14. Dalamar

    Dalamar's 2013 RAPTOR

    I detailed my truck a few months back, after over a year of driving with nothing but handwash and car washes.... horizontal lines, yes... after polishing, I put down a product from Justin at Obsessive: DR Beasleys Nano Resin, and so far it is an excellent sealant. The truck looks better (thats a given..) more shine, and washing - dirt and grime washes off noticeably easier. I'm on mo. 3 and it's supposed to last around 12 months... super easy to apply and remove as well. I was thinking, "that's it?!" ez sause. you can apply it over graphics, HL's, tails... good stuff. here's some PIX: this was after wash/dry/clay bar and wipe down with tar remover....
  15. Dalamar

    Dalamar's 2013 RAPTOR

    I hear ya. They're pretty sweet! props man.