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  1. Venomous96

    2016 obamas america

    agree wholeheartedly... apologizing to them for anything is absurd. We give them billions of dollars in aid that we dont have for what? so they can destroy our assets, kill American citizens and yell "death to America." F them. I love the fact that Obama stands up for the Muslim Brotherhood(morons running egypt) but yet cant support us here. So much for America being a super power. We're just a big joke and no one respects us anymore thanks to the douche we call a president. He can keep his "Change" He lied to us 4 years ago and promised so many things but hasnt really delivered on much of anything. He swore he would reduce the deficit but now were sitting at 16+ trillion dollars and hes racking that up. Oh and that healthcare reform bull shit... Now, we have to foot that bill too. Increasing taxes for Americans who can barely afford to scrape by as it is to pay for that. Gas thats 4 bucks a gallon and he hasnt done shit to help out with that. Hes against drilling for oil here but yet claims he wants America to enjoy energy independence. ANother thing...cutting defense spending!! This guy wants to sit here and piss of the world and turn around and cut spending for the one thing that protects this country!! He has tried to freeze pay raises for the military. He wants to freeze housing and food allowances for the military at rates that barely cover the rising costs of housing and food. The military sector still falls behind the private sector when it comes to wages. There are people working full time at McDonalds who make more money than the bottom 3 ranks. Oh, and he is trying to cut spending on Veterans Affairs. They handle the health care and rehabilitation programs aimed at assisting vets coming off of active duty. There you go asshole, screw the vets while theyre in and then tell them theyre shit out of luck when they get out. Im sorry, but im on disability relating to injuries sustained in Iraq and he feels i should take a cut on that. F you buddy. Hes a damn joke who's getting his pockets lined with some fat cash at our expense.
  2. Venomous96

    Sup? Im Alyssa!!

    Alyssa!!.....welcome to the forum. glad to see youve made it over here. Its brandon btw...
  3. Venomous96

    2016 obamas america

    im with you 330... obama is doing nothing but reiterating the same bull shit he did 4 years ago. And, for some reason people are buying that shit. Do they fail to see that his promises of change havent worked. And Romney, dont get me started. Neither will do anything to point us in the right direction. One other thing, im sick and tired of Obama blasting the fact that Osama was killed on his watch. end rant! lol
  4. Venomous96

    Headlights choosing issues

    I got mine for 51 bucks shipped from headlightsdepot.com. Exact replica of my stock cobra head lights. Look killer too.
  5. Venomous96

    from 20's to 18's

    The side wall size will be the same with a 265-35-18 and a 315-30-18. It may not be exact but its very close. The middle number measures the sidewall size in height. On the 315-30-18, the 30 means its 30% of the width of the tire . a lot of people get the numbers mixed up thinking the middle number is the width.
  6. Venomous96

    The new DD subi inside

    Nice pickup. Im currently looking into getting a wrx myself. Im hoping it goes through because theyre definitely fun cars.
  7. Venomous96

    BBQ cruise, Hampton VA

    lol.. i doubt my car will be ready for the cruise anyway. whoever put the gears in the rear didnt do it right so it whines really bad so for now its parked. That and im taking out the FTBR subframe bushings. It transfers all the noise in the drivetrain straight to the car and i dont like that very much. So for now, it remains parked.
  8. Venomous96

    BBQ cruise, Hampton VA

    oh if i drive 8 hours to get there then you have no excuse. your ass better be there!! With all due respect, Mr. Admin. ha ha
  9. Venomous96

    What Did You Purchase Today?

    I bought a pizza. :encouragement:
  10. Venomous96

    BBQ cruise, Hampton VA

    I will try my best to get down there. We will see what happens.
  11. Venomous96

    Soldiers getting paid too much?

    Hunter.... shes probably works for a DoD contractor. those peeps make bank.
  12. Venomous96

    BBQ cruise, Hampton VA

    I would love to come down for this..... but i need a place to stay and money is tight right now. ill let you guys know. then, i can pick up my lights too!!! HUNTER!
  13. Venomous96

    The Tangerine Dream

    as far as brakes, you could always do what i did. Black caliper and bracket with polished letters. BTW, cars coming together nicely. cant wait to see it done.
  14. Venomous96

    Det_Riot's Sexual Teal Whale Cannon Resurrection

    the rear calipers have a spiral piston that need to be turned in. if you look close on the piston, you will see two dimples on the face directly across from each other. thats why you were bending c-clamps lol. heres a video that explains how the tool works and shows you... Skip ahead to 5 minutes. this is on Mazda 3 but its the same concept/design as our rear calipers.
  15. Venomous96

    Det_Riot's Sexual Teal Whale Cannon Resurrection

    go to harbor freight or a place that sells tools and look for a caliper compressor tool. check the link below. Might as well just buy one because you will need it every time you do the rear pads on the car. i paid 30 for my kit a couple years ago when i had my speed3. i needed it on that and now i use it on the cobra. Its one of those things you wont use very often but is nice to have when you do. http://www.harborfreight.com/18-piece-disc-brake-pad-and-caliper-service-tool-kit-69053.html