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  1. lol.. i doubt my car will be ready for the cruise anyway. whoever put the gears in the rear didnt do it right so it whines really bad so for now its parked. That and im taking out the FTBR subframe bushings. It transfers all the noise in the drivetrain straight to the car and i dont like that very much. So for now, it remains parked.
  2. oh if i drive 8 hours to get there then you have no excuse. your ass better be there!! With all due respect, Mr. Admin. ha ha
  3. I will try my best to get down there. We will see what happens.
  4. I would love to come down for this..... but i need a place to stay and money is tight right now. ill let you guys know. then, i can pick up my lights too!!! HUNTER!
  5. all of you were on the truman???? my wife was on the truman. she was security on the truman until the beginning of '10 when she got pregnant with our daughter. they moved her to shamberger hall to run the barracks. small world.
  6. ^^^^ i agree with member 00065 lol
  7. lol.... i secretly wanted to be 106 too..
  8. wtf lol where did i get 106 from.
  9. #106 here lol. barely in there
  10. sweet. thanks for appreciating the members. job well done on the site.

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