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  1. javorm1

    Bama tunes

    I had scheduled a dyno session with Alternative Auto, but canceled after finding out about the refund situation. Haven't heard anything but good things about them. Maybe this Spring.This was the first Woodward that I made it down there super early and stayed all day. I usually hang out down near 10 mile and Woodward. I drove down near mustang alley this year and the line to get in and park was ridiculously long. Maybe next year. I just swapped out the 373 gears for some 410's and probably have 100 miles on them. Can't wait for Spring to get here.
  2. javorm1

    Bama tunes

    Update: I ended up buying another chip from American Muscle. They couldn't give me a refund because my card had updated since the purchase and would only give me credit. The dyno tune was going to cost me $700 and I needed something to get me thru Woodward. I recently purchased a new daily that consumes most of my extra funds in could spent on the mustang. I was considering the dyno tune in the Spring or something like the quarter horse. I'll try to update everyone in the Spring.
  3. javorm1

    Bama tunes

    I ran their chip for a couple years and it seemed to run pretty good. When I installed the trick flow stage one cam they recommended a reflash. I never did run the car on the original chip so I don't know how it would have ran. I sent 3 chip back to them and all had issues. Last 2 chip I couldn't even get the car to idle without babying the gas. My car is OBD1 and requires a chip in order to tune it. I found a good tuner in my area and now I'm just waiting for September to get here. Waiting sux.
  4. javorm1

    Bama tunes

    To be honest. I had the chip in my car for a bit, and it ran pretty decent. When I swapped in the trick flow stage one cam they "recommended" a reflash on the chip. It never ran right with each new reflash. It runs ok without the chip, but it will run way better after the dyno tune.
  5. javorm1

    Bama tunes

    I've wasted the last 4 weeks send back and waiting for a new chip only to be disappointed again and again. I am honestly excited to get the car dyno tuned at Alternative Auto Performance. September can't get here soon enough.
  6. javorm1

    Bama tunes

    Anyone else have issues with their Bama tunes? Mainly on the chips vs the hand helds or email tunes. I have sent my chip back 3 times for issues with the tune and only changed the cam to a trick flow stage one. First time trans would not shift and last 2 times had check engine light and would not idle without babying the gas. Last time ran super rich. I finally decided to setup a dyno session in September to hopefully get my car tuned.
  7. javorm1

    IRS swap

    Thanks. I was 2nd guessing the two tone paint scheme the entire time it was at paint. Not sure if it was the right choice, I almost called the painter and changed my mind. But now that its home, it was the right chioce. I love it. Caint wait until Woodward.
  8. javorm1

    What's Your Ride Look Like Today?

    Just back from paint.
  9. javorm1

    IRS swap

    This is not about an IRS install or anything, But I did finally get my car back from paint on Wednesday.
  10. javorm1

    Welcome To SN95Source.com: javorm1

    Finally got the car back Wednesday night. Paint looks phenomenal.
  11. javorm1

    IRS swap

    I've been watching them on ebay for quite awhile and they do very in price. I seen one asking $2900, but that looked to be fully built.
  12. javorm1

    IRS swap

    Sounds like the IRS is a pretty sweet install. I read the article and it seams to more predictable. I have to focus on getting my car back from paint. Hopefully within the next couple days. Now I wonder how much I could offset the cost of an IRS with selling my setup. It never ends.
  13. javorm1

    IRS swap

    I know this thread is a couple years old. But I was wondering if anyone has gone from a full touque arm / panhard bar setup to an IRS setup. If so, did you like it better? Ive been wanting to put an IRS in my car, but have invested quite a bit in the current setup.
  14. javorm1

    What did you do to your mustang today??

    Absolutely nothing. Thats because its getting painted. But I did stare out the kitchen window dreaming of the day I would finally get it back and finally get to enjoy it.
  15. javorm1

    Welcome To SN95Source.com: javorm1

    Car stats: 95 V6 body Cobra front cover, 95 cobra cowl hood, S281 spoiler, side scoops and 1/4 window covers. Motor: Stock bottom end, 94 cobra GT40 cobra heads with 1.7 roller rockers and SVO intake. New timing chain and oil pump. 65mm throttle body and chipped. Exhaust: BBK equal length shorty headers, BBK off road H and Borla mufflers. Trans: Stock AODE was rebuilt with a shift kit, aluminum DS. Suspension: Front - Stock K-member with non offset MM control arms, Koni yellow struts with coil overs, MM CC plates, MM solid steering shaft, BBK strut tower brace. Rear - MM sub frame connectors, torque arm / panhard bar setup, Koni yellow shocks and torque arm springs, 373 gears in the rear end Interior: Black stock interior with 05 mustang leather front seats. Can't wait to get it back and finally enjoy driving it.