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  1. What Did You Purchase Today?

    Jeez Evil... No messes in the car! The wheel is very comfortable and looks great compared to the worn out 20 year old one the car came with.
  2. What Did You Purchase Today?

    You will love that wheel. Mine makes me happy every time I get in my car
  3. random misfire

    A few of us on another forum just had a similar issue. It turned out to be the FRPP plug wires... In 2 cases, mine included the wires were brand new. Worth considering.
  4. Kyle's Project 98 GT Saleen Replica/AutoX Build

    Looks like a lot of fun. Did you end up getting different wheels?
  5. Welcome To SN95Source.com: LI98GT

  6. Mustang Newbie

    Welcome! Is it done yet?
  7. Well that was interesting...

  8. Project Say Shhh...!

    Sweet car! I love a white Mustang and really like the hydro-dipped parts.
  9. Number Tew's Number Two Build

    Well bummer! Sorry about the pan but at least you are ok. I always worry about that happening. It would be awesome to have a lift to change out the pan. I changed my oil pan gasket a while back and had to pull the K...
  10. New guy from Akron Ohio

  11. Welcome To SN95Source.com: nitroram33

  12. Project White95

    Is it done yet?
  13. Ma's and my 98 GT

    That car is clean. Look at all of those cats...
  14. Welcome To SN95Source.com: cheebs127

  15. Welcome To SN95Source.com: Serpent