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  1. 01yellercobra

    The "What do you do for a living?" thread

    I need to remember this hook up when the time comes. I want to run a set of 1000's on my next build. Sent from my SM-T237P using Tapatalk
  2. 01yellercobra

    The "What do you do for a living?" thread

    Metrology technician. But going to school to try become management material. Misspelling brought to you by Tapatalk
  3. 01yellercobra

    I made a thing

    I didn't know you took 2nd place. Congrats. Misspelling brought to you by Tapatalk
  4. 01yellercobra

    Buying a Cali car and registering out of state?

    If you're in AZ why would you register the car in CA? You're going to have to register the car in your name. No way around it. I think in CA you have 14 days to register the car. I imagine AZ is similar. The taxes and fees should be based on the cost of the car. As far as CA knows I paid $5000 for my 04 and that's what I paid taxes on. What you need to check on is how AZ deals with a trade. They'll probably go by the value of the car. Misspelling brought to you by Tapatalk
  5. 01yellercobra

    Safety and Confidence Simplified

    Damn. I just ordered one of these. I didn't think to use the discount code. Sent from my SPH-L720 using Tapatalk
  6. 01yellercobra

    IRS Swapped Springs

    I wouldn't do anything until you get some miles on it. It sucks waiting, but it sucks even more doing things twice. I want to say H&R's are known for not settling. But I'm old and the memory isn't what it used to be. I'm pretty sure H&R's are linear springs. If they are and they don't settle where you want you can always trim them to get the height you want.
  7. 01yellercobra

    Timing Cover DOHC

    1200+hp in those? That's crazy. I like it! I have one possibly two covers if you're interested. One is scratched up from a broken tensioner, but it's just cosmetic.
  8. 01yellercobra

    McLoed Hydraulic throwout bearing conversion and Viper T56

    Friend of mine looked into it for his Mach. Apparently the master cylinder doesn't clear the valve cover. According to McLeod at least.
  9. 01yellercobra

    McLoed Hydraulic throwout bearing conversion and Viper T56

    Thank you. I had a feeling it was a push rod, but I was hoping you were a mod motor.
  10. 01yellercobra

    McLoed Hydraulic throwout bearing conversion and Viper T56

    What year is your car? I'm on tapatalk so I can't view sigs.
  11. 01yellercobra

    Spare Tire Delete

    My 01 had a spare, but it was pointless. I never checked it and the one time I might've needed it, it was flat. The 04 didn't come with one. I thought about tracking down a spare and a jack, but I threw my tool kit in the spot instead.
  12. 01yellercobra

    05 Saleen Project is a GO

    Sorry for your loss. We lost our first one as well. But we have two more to take up our time. I read a lot from DOB on the S197 forum. Pretty impressive stuff. He's definitely all about lowering IAT's.
  13. 01yellercobra

    IRS rear bracket bolt & tire clearance?

    Are the 96-98 fender wells smaller than the 99+?
  14. 01yellercobra

    Getting warm out here in 702...

    It should read the coolant temp.