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  1. Frank.JD.Perez

    Forum Ban Game

    banned for such a horrible pun
  2. Frank.JD.Perez

    Project White95

    still cant believe you took that radiator
  3. Frank.JD.Perez

    Project White95

    Personally not a fan of the black... I’d say go blue but I’m biased lol
  4. Frank.JD.Perez

    FJD Performance's Stealth Mare

    I absolutely LOVE the wheel
  5. Frank.JD.Perez

    FJD Performance's Stealth Mare

    FJD Performance race livery ver 2.5 finished on the car. Going to get some pictures up soonish
  6. Frank.JD.Perez

    CF T1 race spoiler

    Bump for those who may be interested
  7. Frank.JD.Perez

    FJD Performance's Stealth Mare

    Some more pics of this steering wheel
  8. Frank.JD.Perez

    Project White95

    @LWARRIOR1016did you drive out to his place? also... i probably shouldnt mention i have an engine being built too ... 0. 0
  9. Frank.JD.Perez

    FJD Performance's Stealth Mare

    amazing! pretty intimidating the first time, but such a rush afterwards
  10. Frank.JD.Perez

    FJD Performance's Stealth Mare

    after the october track day i found myself running at a 105dB max level event in november on the one and only Laguna Seca. I later came to realize that my car how it stands maxed out at 85dB which means i can run all Laguna Seca track days (until the new motor goes in) some more track porn for you this is coming into turn 11 before the finish line. these pics were taken by my buddy Tim (who i will post about a bit later) these pics were from the track photographer for the event
  11. Frank.JD.Perez

    FJD Performance's Stealth Mare

    Yeah they were perfect but ultimately I ended up taking them out (rather recently) because they kept on burning out
  12. Frank.JD.Perez

    FJD Performance's Stealth Mare

    Lol no that was Andrew
  13. Frank.JD.Perez

    FJD Performance's Stealth Mare

    more track car porn
  14. Frank.JD.Perez

    FJD Performance's Stealth Mare

    This track day was at the end of october with my broski, Andrew and his 03 M tech 2 540i M Sport. i wasnt able to break my goal of a lap time in the 130s (shooting for 135) on Thunderhill West (2 mile), but i did set a very low, 140 time (something like 1:40:1XX). The bad thing was during this track day i experienced a overheaating issue, so i only ran 4 of the 7 sessions for the day. the overall temp at the track wasnt that bad, but the car just wasnt having it, so i need to replace the ac condesor and get a new 3 core radiator.