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  1. LWARRIOR1016

    Det_Riot's Sexual Teal Whale Cannon Resurrection

    Oh wow........ this is most wonderful
  2. LWARRIOR1016

    Warrior's grandpa car build

    No evil, I will not turbo this one. It has to stay semi mild lol. The he plan for exhaust is maybe some shorty headers with 2.5” pipe, two cats, and chambered magnaflow mufflers. It’ll flow nice and have a really mild sound with a growl when I get in to it. I thought about doing cutouts but I don’t think I would use them enough to warrant the cost.
  3. LWARRIOR1016

    Warrior's grandpa car build

    The first drive (and many following) did good. I’ve got about 1k miles on it now and all seems well. It’s getting about 23 mpg and is so smooth and quiet. I’m really digging it. I started a new job last week and this has been my daily and has been doing great. Today I did pads and rotors all around and changed the pitman arm and idler arm that tightened up the steering nicely. I am also working on collecting parts for the rear end build, going 3.73 and have to install a trac loc unit as this one is open diff. Then I’ve got a line on a guy that will build me a full custom exhaust as all the pre fab kits are much too expensive. Until then, I’ll keep on driving it.
  4. LWARRIOR1016

    Project White95

    Why not?!?!? You drove all the way from California with it!!
  5. LWARRIOR1016

    Warrior's grandpa car build

    Today will be the first real drive with the grandpa car. I trailered it to work today (75 miles away) and will be driving it home. Looks like we will be in rain and heat, on top of new orleans rush hour traffic. That sounds like a good way to break it in and see if there are any issues.
  6. LWARRIOR1016

    SN95 Coyote Swap

    @Neverenuff1 do you have any pictures of how you did your heater core hoses?
  7. LWARRIOR1016

    Warrior's grandpa car build

    Thats the magic of it! lol I was totally joking.
  8. LWARRIOR1016

    Warrior's grandpa car build

    I took a bunch of small patches from various places around the yard and put those down on the new spot. That way, the yard look completely undisturbed. You'd never know I was there if I didnt tell you
  9. LWARRIOR1016

    Warrior's grandpa car build

    Dont worry, I have had the area dug out. 10'x10'x10' and the contaminated oil has been disposed of properly. The new dirt has already arrived and been put down.
  10. LWARRIOR1016

    Warrior's grandpa car build

    I started it and found this after about 30 seconds A huge puddle of oil Because I left the plug out here Also had to make up my home made egr delete. Its just temporary
  11. LWARRIOR1016

    Warrior's grandpa car build

    I also discovered that the mustang cam and crank sensors are just different enough so they don't plug in to the harness. I had to swap them over to the town car stuff, which meant pulling the a/c compressor back off and swapping the crank sensor out. I guess this is their way of selling two different sensors that do the same thing and marking one up higher than the other one.
  12. LWARRIOR1016

    Warrior's grandpa car build

    Well, I fired it up yesterday afternoon when I got home from work. It ran alright, mostly lol. There is an oil port plug that I missed on the driver side head, its gone. I kept reminding myself to put it in and still forgot to do it. So fired the car up and left a puddle of oil under it. All good though, its running now. I just have to get it all finished up.
  13. LWARRIOR1016

    Warrior's grandpa car build

    Ok, spent a couple hours working on the grandpa car yesterday afternoon. Got the torque converter installed And the engine ready to go. And set it in the car. I got almost everything finished in about 3 hours. Ive got to put the intake manifold on it and should be able to fire it up tonight.
  14. LWARRIOR1016

    Warrior's grandpa car build

    Got the engine out this weekend. Had to pull the torque converter with the engine because it was locked up tight. I am here to say, if anyone ever asks you guys to pull the engine out of their town car (Im assuming the crown vic and whatnot are the same), you should politely decline and then kick them in the nuts and run away as fast as you can. I would rather pull mustang engines all day long instead of doing these! There are a bunch of random brackets and bolts and ground wires everywhere. I had to pull the motor mounts off the block because it wouldnt come out by just taking the mount loose from the frame bracket. Either way, I got it out. The story continues.
  15. LWARRIOR1016

    Warrior's grandpa car build

    lol Thats what Im hoping for. Maybe Ill get the old engine pulled out this weekend, who knows.