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  1. LWARRIOR1016

    ThomasW's Two into One build

    Man, I totally should have followed through with the intake idea like you are. In the midst of a coyote swap and I’m kicking myself in the butt for not doing it now. Im interested in the s550 bracket. Did you see if those would fit behind a 17” wheel like the gt500’s did? And what’s the wheel spacer situation with these? Any idea on price?
  2. LWARRIOR1016

    Number Tew's Number Two Build

    It’s kind of expensive, depending on how you go about doing it. You’ll have to do a transmission, and power steering stuff. It’s definitely easier if you start with a modular car. I don’t have power steering so I didn’t need any of the fancy swap brackets and my transmission already bolted up. 2v long tubes work if you weld coyote head flanges on them (check out my thread if you haven’t). I’d be willing to bet that I’ve only got about $2k maybe $2,500 tied up into my coyote swap so far.
  3. LWARRIOR1016

    Number Tew's Number Two Build

    Yes! Absolutely do a coyote swap. I’m still mid swap but it’s already awesome lol.
  4. LWARRIOR1016

    RedTwilight ZERO's build

    Boo! I’ve been having problems loading pictures to flickr and with the last round I had a problem getting them to show up here. I ended up direct loading them to the site.
  5. LWARRIOR1016

    RedTwilight ZERO's build

    What did you leave? I can’t see anything?!? Ps, I think the photo hosting has been giving fits lately.
  6. LWARRIOR1016

    Rio Red 98 GT Build

    Got this done monday. I had to make it happen by the end of the year. This was the actual first start. You can hear the engine kind of rattling until it gets oil pressure to the lash adjusters and everything. Its got the new oil pump and the engine has been sitting for 6 months or so.
  7. LWARRIOR1016

    Rio Red 98 GT Build

    Got the car side harness done and ready to go in. Then made an IAC relocation plate. I’m running a mechanical throttle body with a 2v IAC.
  8. LWARRIOR1016

    Rio Red 98 GT Build

    Got connectors on the quad spark modules, and soldered the wires to the dual Vr conditioner that changes the exhaust cam signal from a/c to square wave so it doesn’t burn up the ecu.
  9. LWARRIOR1016

    Rio Red 98 GT Build

    Then I had to pull the car side harness out and begin running my new ecu harnesses. Old engine harness and ecu harness laid out, ready for work. New harnesses in place, and making connections. I got that harness finished up, but cannot seem to get my pictures loaded to flickr. Ill see if I can direct upload them here.
  10. LWARRIOR1016

    Rio Red 98 GT Build

    Then had to move on to the fuel system. Got an aeromotive return style regulator with -6an fittings and stainless braided hoses. So I opted for the front of the strut tower. I kept stock hard lines up to the bay and then used some russel fittings to convert to a/n. Future reference, if you use the russel fittings to go on the hard line, the 1/4 fitting works but the 5/16 fitting does not. These are the screw together type. The nut that goes on the hard line is too bug to fit the line, so it had to be modified. This is after modification, but you see the larger one is taller. I had to mill the center of it out so that it was the same thickness in the center was the same as the 1/4" fitting. Just put it in the drill press and made it happen. Then started wiring Engine harness mostly completed
  11. LWARRIOR1016

    Rio Red 98 GT Build

    After all the paint and assembly, I got the engine installed in the car. Had to take intermission from the mustang and build the engine for the grandpa car.
  12. LWARRIOR1016

    Rio Red 98 GT Build

    I pulled the engine back out of the car after making sure the headers and oil pan were good to go. I ordered a 2018 intake, new timing cover, oil cooler delete, boundary billet oil pump, boss timing chain tensioners, oil squirter delete, mmr imrc block off plates, and secondary timing chain guide flip bracket.
  13. LWARRIOR1016

    Rio Red 98 GT Build

    Got a pretty good update. Just have to get the pictures on here.
  14. LWARRIOR1016

    Sexual Teal Whale Cannon Pushrod Part Out

    He asked first, so he would have first dibs. I’ll be back here waiting my turn lol. What at would be the price on that?
  15. LWARRIOR1016

    Sexual Teal Whale Cannon Pushrod Part Out

    Damn. I was about to ask about the steering wheel