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  1. Roadrunner torque converters

    Torque converter fun! Im going to get the roadrunner installed tomorrow.
  2. Old Fart's AutoX build

    Everything looks great, as usual. Now lets see if the combo is going to work out this time! Also, have you thought about taking that a/c idler off and bypassing it completely? You can get a ribbed idler pulley and put it in place of your smooth one then just go on top of the pulley instead of below. Itll make the belt a lot shorter.
  3. E8 (Rio Red) Touch Up

    Red is really really hard to match because it fades way to fast. You can probably get them to match the gas cap or something but it will probably still be a little off shade.
  4. Roadrunner torque converters

    Whats the diameter of that marauder converter? I wanted to get something that was small (10" or smaller) so it could be stalled high and still keep some efficiency.
  5. Roadrunner torque converters

    Got my converters today. This is the one from roadrunner. 10", 3600 stall. So far I'm pretty pleased with all of it. I should be able to get it installed next week.
  6. Old Fart's AutoX build

    Trick flow has an option for 185cc's right? That makes me think the 180's should work out very nicely.
  7. Roadrunner torque converters

    Awesome. Ive got a trans cooler with a fan on it and have the transmission wired and shifting controlled by a microsquirt stand alone. Also have 4.10 gears and a not so stock 2v. The 3600 I ordered should do alright. I really appreciate the feedback as I was a little nervous about the torque converter to start with. Mine should be here today (along with the 4000 stall PATC converter I accidentally bought). Im going to run the roadrunner converter first and see what its about. With your 4300 stall, how much are you getting out of it, and how does it drive on the street? Is it real loose feeling or is it kind of tight until you flash it?
  8. Roadrunner torque converters

    My trans held up great, this clutch just wasnt up to the task. I replaced this one with a 6 puck clutch that didnt have any dampers and it would have help up but I blew the engine up a week or so later.
  9. Roadrunner torque converters

    Youve got their converter? Thats awesome, real world experience. What do you have it in and what kind of stall is it? Sorry about playing 20 questions, it just seems like everyone is scared to run them and keeps saying, "you get what you pay for" or "I would just go with a bigger name company". Not many people have anything to say in general about them.
  10. *NEW FEATURE* Reactions

    Definitely liked it darker.
  11. Old Fart's AutoX build

    Whoa! That's a lot more port! Now I'm curious what the power difference is going to be.
  12. Roadrunner torque converters

    I used 3 pedals and it didnt work out too well for me....
  13. Roadrunner torque converters

    Come on guys, we get no love for the automatic transmissions?
  14. Old Fart's AutoX build

    I really like the aluminum look of the eddy intake. If you wire wheel it to clean it up a little bit and then shot it with some clear, I think that would work nicely. I think if it was blue it would be just a little too much.