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  1. Project White95

    That valve looks like ass. The C heads better not look like that...
  2. Old Fart's AutoX build

    Well, at least someone had a good answer for you! I didn’t even consider the heads lifting because you are using head studs. I like that you are going 14:1. What is your squish distance going to be this?
  3. Old Fart's AutoX build

    Do you have any idea why #4 is so high compared to 1, 2, and 3?
  4. ThomasW's Two into One build

    I wish there was a “love” button in here lol. How are you going to make sure the other side is completely identical to this one?
  5. Happy birthday, Old Fart

  6. Old Fart's AutoX build

    Those numbers are definitely all over the place and way too high for the compression youve got. Could your cam profile be whats making the cranking pressure so high? Mine is 13:1 and each cylinder checks in at 235psi give or take just a couple. As far as the milkshake, is it possible that something went wrong with the head gasket around #8 and after sitting, the water made its way to the other cylinders or does it look like it was run with coolant in all of them? Is there some freak chance that the ports went a touch too big and when they get hot they are getting porous? (I dont know at this point, I just trying to help)
  7. Old Fart's AutoX build

    What the heck happened to it? You think it’s the intake manifold doing it?
  8. Project White95

    Dont even start with this again, we all know that youll sell it at the drop of a hat and start over.
  9. My Boss Lady's 2002 Trans Am Collector Edition

    Thats a nice car! Ive had a soft spot for those after I built a transmission for one that my buddy races. His is an 02 Formula NMRA Edition (I think thats what it is). It looks like you guys have a really good starting point for the car. There are couple things to look out for though. Traction control being a big one, this setup is on the throttle body and it physically limits how far you press the throttle when it becomes active so keep that in mind. My buddy almost died coming out of a car wash, not playing or anything just trying to get out in traffic, the tires were wet and broke loose then the traction control wouldnt let him get back into the throttle and he almost got smashed by a few cars. Pay close attention to the sail panel right behind the t-tops, they like to bubble up under the paint. Its something to do with the glue they used to build it. If it happens, the only thing you can do is replace it. No amount of body work will solve it. The dash, be super gentle with it. It seems like once it get armor all or something of the likes, the plastic starts to dry out and it will crack. Also, your transmission shouldnt need any work done to it. If it works well now, let it ride. Those T56's are pretty stout and Ive seen them behind nitrous cars, supercharged cars, daily drivers, all kinds of stuff. They are routinely launched on drag radials or slicks around here as the street scene is huge in my area. Your 10 bolt rear end should break before your transmission.
  10. new theme

    I was hoping for the dark theme also, this one does have more contrast in it though so I think its better than the temp theme we had.
  11. Project White95

  12. Project White95

  13. ThomasW's Two into One build

    Yeah, that color looks fantastic. Youve done a damn good job on this thing. Also, I wanted to ask, when you spray your paint do you wet the floor or anything before hand to try to keep dust down?
  14. Old Fart's AutoX build

    What did your final compression number end up being?
  15. Lightning Swapped Mustang, I mean, F150 Build Thread

    Oh really? Can you put up a link? You've got my interest...