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  1. LWARRIOR1016

    Rio Red 98 GT Build

    This was a little pull I made when it was still on the first engine/trans combo
  2. LWARRIOR1016

    Rio Red 98 GT Build

    These couple videos are old, but they are right after the megasquirt install with the iron block 12:1 engine. This was filmed by a friend who still uses a potato to take pictures. This was after getting it tuned and driving it some. Just a quick run down of how it was all working. And, a good cold idle video
  3. LWARRIOR1016

    Rio Red 98 GT Build

    Ok. So then it went back in the car. This setup was 13:1, forged pistons with a taller compression height that stuck them above the deck .010". Ported 2012 pi head with ford gt followers and lash adjusters, it kept the comp 278 cams. Going behind it is the original 4r70w that came with the car. I rebuilt the 4r70 with a couple hardened parts and stuck a 3600 stall in it. Shifter relocation plate for a 99+ center console Stuck the trans on and had to "clearance" the floor for the shift bracket to bolt up and have access to the range switch if it needed to be changed. Not my finest work, but it works. Then I moved to wiring. This is the trans controller. It a Microsquirt V3 that communicates with the Megasquirt running the engine so they can share data. Got the trans wired up and moved on to my coil pack setup. I wanted it under the intake and the old bracket I made wasnt going to work so I found some scraps at the shop and threw this together. Got that all buttoned up and did a compression check to make sure the cams were firing even. That was the first run with the new engine.
  4. LWARRIOR1016

    Rio Red 98 GT Build

    Im such a slack ass, Im going to flood this thing with pictures. Ill add some comments.
  5. LWARRIOR1016

    P51 Intake on NPI Heads

    Definitely! Make sure to take some pictures and post up when you do it.
  6. LWARRIOR1016

    P51 Intake on NPI Heads

    Why are you wanting to use the adapter plates, Nate? A pi gasket with some rtv around the coolant port is all that’s needed for the pi intake swap. I daily drove mine like that 150 mile round trip to work for a couple years with no problems. I can can honestly say though, I haven’t yet seen anyone put a P51 on npi heads. It bolts and seals up just like a pi intake though so it shouldn’t be any different than a pi intake swap.
  7. LWARRIOR1016

    Rio Red 98 GT Build

    It ate up a bunch of rod bearings and tore up the crank. The oil pump wasnt keeping up with the 8k rpm it was spinning lol. Two rods were wrecked, the pistons were still good though. I just ended up building a whole second engine, the only thing I reused was the cams and valve springs.
  8. LWARRIOR1016

    Rio Red 98 GT Build

    Ok, I lost a bunch of pictures but Im going to pickup where I can and keep this going from here. I built a megasquirt stand alone for the car and got it wired in. That was definitely an adventure. I built an iron block, pi head 2v with 12:1 compression and comp 278 cams, had a built t45 behind it. It ran good and made 368rwhp. I took it to the track once and blew the clutch up, replaced the clutch and blew the engine up on the dyno. After all that, I decided to build a teksid block that I had been sitting on for a while and install a 4r70w behind it this go around. Thats where we will pick up, because those are the pictures I have. Its been a wild adventure to say the least, and Im sorry that some of you guys missed it. You will be able to join me on the next part of the journey that will be equally as wild. I will not disappoint! Got the teksid bored .02" and the deck shaved .012. So at this point we had a whole pile of parts, its time to build!
  9. LWARRIOR1016

    Lanter's house reno and garage expansion

    Wow. Thats an awesome place! Good job! Are you going to be posting interior pictures as youre updating it?
  10. LWARRIOR1016

    St. Patrick's Day picture contest

    Good thing your car isn’t green!
  11. LWARRIOR1016

    Gun Safe Recommendations

    A friend of mine just got a Scout safe. Its real nice, its felt lined on the inside, got holders on the inside of the door for hand guns and shelves inside.
  12. LWARRIOR1016

    SN95 351w swap

    Thats a good looking setup youve got there! I can dig it lol. Also, if you want the pictures to show up directly in the thread, you can click on the picture and there is a share arrow in the corner. Copy the BB link or the share link and paste it here.
  13. LWARRIOR1016

    SN95 351w swap

    Dont even waste your time with photobucket. They are charging $400 a year for 3rd party hosting. I would suggest flickr.
  14. LWARRIOR1016

    SN95 351w swap

    Nope. Ive had my tank out multiple times since the irs install. One bolt is a real bitch, but its doable.
  15. LWARRIOR1016

    ThomasW's Two into One build

    Looks like you are about to spend some more money.....