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  1. It's interesting for sure. I would also like to see what else they can come up with.
  2. I thought they used to come in both? Maybe the aluminum one was discontinued? I remember it being like $5k for the Fucking block 😶 The iron one is like $1.5k
  3. Agreed with what's been said already. I kissed a cylinder wall with the #7 piston and overbored to .020, but it was just a 3 cubic inch gain. Not worth it in my opinion if you are looking for more power. Have you considered to BOSS block? It's a 4.6 based modular with larger bores cast in. I believe it's equivalent to a 5.0 with stock 4.6 bottom end and there are stroker kits out there to make it a 5.3 as well.
  4. Roadkill is is an awesome one! They are becoming much more legit, but they still have their core style lol A lot of it is still vlog style stuff, which I struggle to watch, but there are a lot more up and coming channels with lots of great content.
  5. So, I'm not sure about you guys, but I don't have live TV. Youtube is my goto and then netflix isn't far behind. That being said, what automotive youtube channels do you subscribe to? This list is going to exclude channels I assume everyone follows like Jay Leno's Garage, 1320 video, etc. Here are some of the lesser known autmotive channels I follow: ADAM LZ - BMX guy who is getting into cars/drifting; Vlog style stuff and decently entertaining. DFW 5.0's - Coyote powered content that is usually very cinematic and well done. Gearhead Flicks - slower to upload, but always quality stuff! Gears and Gasoline - up a coming crew of two guys with lots of great content (Weekly Uploads). High Tech Corvette - Tons of content, similar in feel to 1320's videos. Kyle SVT - Starting to ramp up his video production - centered around his Cobra and his friends vehicles Obsessed Garage - This dude does LONG videos that are vlogish in style, but his attention to detail is unmatched. I hate myself every time I watch one of his long videos because I wasted so much time lol. Also, I want his fucking garage setup! Petrolicious - TONS of great, well put together, and cinematic content. Uploads every week. It's mostly just peoples cars and the stories behind them. Ricer Miata - Think "Roadkill" but much more low budget lol SR Entertainment - Dude has an modded IS300 and does hoodrat shit with his friends - vlog style The Smoking Tire - Everybody already subs to this, right? lol The Straight Pipes - Two dudes doing car reviews - decent production quality
  6. My .02 is that painting either side of the political spectrum with a broad brush is going to do more harm than good. Not all dem's are Trump hating "libtards" and not all gop'ers are racists. We, as a collective United States of America, need to be working towards bipartisan issues and more moderate views on all fronts.
  7. eyyyy! Another European Terminator Your car looks great as well! That's a super cool event.
  8. Hell yeah! Haha I wish I had the time, but no. That's why I put up how I did it, so others can follow along.
  9. Oh Hai! 👋😎👍
  10. Each pump is on its own circuit ... see photo 😁
  11. So, I have a return style system. No FPDM's are involved anymore. Originally, the Division X setup with twin Walbro 255's, was wired up with the relays to be on 100% all the time. One of the 255's took a shit, so I got to looking around and settled on a set of Aeromotive 340's as a replacement. Upon reading the Aeromotive white papers and corresponding with one of the tech guys, I decided to wire them up as suggested by the tech guy. One pump will utilize Aeromotive's 16306 Solid State Controller, which uses an RPM signal to pulse the pump for lower flow at idle/cruise and then ramps up to 100% at a pre-set RPM. The second pump will be on a Hobbs switch and relay to activate at 3psi. I am still on stock feed feed line and stock rails for now. Plans are in the works for upgrading all of that.
  12. I have the lethal wiring upgrade installed. Their site lists a 12 gauge wire for each pump. Also, each pump has its own relay. I just checked the aeromotive install stall instructions for the fuel pump controller, which will only be dealing with one of the pumps, and Aeromotive is recommending a 10 gauge wire for an A1000 pump.
  13. Are you you referring to the fender blinker or rear fog? All the rear fog wiring is inside the car and that is where I use butt connectors. All of the wiring behind the fender for the turn signal mod are soldered and heat shrunken. Thanks! I've heard that a lot, actually lol.
  14. Me and the ole lady at a super posh British wedding the other week.
  15. haha nice. It really just takes patience. You would rather not take off enough material as opposed to taking off too much lol. I wish I could give back to the community and sell some of my creations, but I just don't have time, unfortunately.