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  1. Idle rpm?

    no longer have the car
  2. My 2001 Ford Mustang GT

    Here is my new stang pretty good condition have alot of future plans for it
  3. Door panel help

    I get the bottom part on but then the top pops out on the old and new replacement and the new replacement is a bitch to get the metal clip part in
  4. Door panel help

    Does anyone know how to get this pos to go in and go on tight? I purchased a replacement and still doesn't fit right. I need help before I destroy the door out of anger http://i1189.photobucket.com/albums/...psc8pkeozz.jpg
  5. Convertible question

    Well I sold my Mustang yesterday because quarters were rotting from the inside and the shock towers rotted through way to much money and work This current car is clean besides that rust which I wanted to makesure wasn't to bad or really costly Here is the Craigslist ad check it out guy wants $5500 cash https://boston.craigslist.org/sob/cto/6158010335.html
  6. Convertible question

    Rust is on the top part by that windshield I just want to know if it's fixable before buying the car
  7. Convertible question

    Come on anyone?
  8. Convertible question

    So I sold my 01 gt and looking for a cleaner gt found a 01 convertible has some rust bubbles / rot by the windshield does anyone know if it's a easy fix or should I look elsewhere Also when buying a convertible what else should i look for towers are clean under body is clean lools pretty good
  9. Idle rpm?

    Its a acufab tb with rpm manifold I cleaned the tb and it still does it. I can see where the throttle doesn't fully touch the set screw on the tb I can push it with my finger and it goes back to normal and stays there till I rev it again etc
  10. Idle rpm?

    Not sure it says RPM and it's black
  11. Idle rpm?

    So my car randomly rpm will hang at 1500 -2000 etc when idling sometimes it will stay under 1k. I'll be sitting there at a light and it will just jump up on its own when I'm in N and foot off the clutch. Got a aftermarket TB and is tuned I bought it like this
  12. Need helping deciding

    Yeh I don't have the money. I was trying to buy a car that didn't need much my inexperience with this car cost me time and money though I still love the car drives great interior is nice sucks that it has the hidden problems
  13. Need helping deciding

    Yeh my seller didn't tell me anything so I'm pissed paid $5500 for it
  14. Need helping deciding

    Yeh I can't afford to replace the quarters and pull the motor
  15. Need helping deciding

    Right now I have coated it with automotive rust bullet I guess it's similar to por 15