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  • Year 2001
  • Model GT
  • Color Silver
  1. Not sure it says RPM and it's black
  2. So my car randomly rpm will hang at 1500 -2000 etc when idling sometimes it will stay under 1k. I'll be sitting there at a light and it will just jump up on its own when I'm in N and foot off the clutch. Got a aftermarket TB and is tuned I bought it like this
  3. Yeh I don't have the money. I was trying to buy a car that didn't need much my inexperience with this car cost me time and money though I still love the car drives great interior is nice sucks that it has the hidden problems
  4. Yeh my seller didn't tell me anything so I'm pissed paid $5500 for it
  5. Yeh I can't afford to replace the quarters and pull the motor
  6. Right now I have coated it with automotive rust bullet I guess it's similar to por 15
  7. Yeh I can't afford to pull the motor etc and the quarters panels there are some rust bubbles up by the sail panel so my body guy said it's spread etc
  8. Lol I don't have the funds means or time for that Car only got 73k on it runs strong
  9. Only had my Mustang for 2 months when I bought it I didn't throughly look it over. Now that I have I believe my quarters are rusting from the inside out as there are tiny paint bubbles on both sides The second issue is there is shock tower rust rot on both sides I couldn't see cause the car is lowered and the engine bay had leaves and shit in it My buddy told me to sell it and find another Car looks pretty good not sure if I can slow down the rust rot etc Here is a pic of the rot
  10. Thanks for the invite. I hope i can get more out of this site than the other lol. I'm a new mustang guy got a 2001 gt
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