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  1. 96blackgt54

    Rio Red 98 GT Build

    Pics of painted car? ...lol
  2. 96blackgt54

    Orange 94's Track Build

    Awesome thread! As always
  3. 96blackgt54

    Old Fart's AutoX build

    I re-used my felpro perm torque headgaskets, still running strong. Ive read others have to with no problems.
  4. http://www.enginelabs.com/news/2-3-liter-ford-hits-770whp-shatters-stock-focus-st-block/ A good read for Ford fans!
  5. 96blackgt54

    Black lives matter rescues irma victims

    BLM arrives strong and ready to rescue victims of hurricane irma. Unbelievable. ...i know! Watch this news click https://youtu.be/-6-xokjS4PE
  6. 96blackgt54

    Old Fart's AutoX build

    I bought solid mounts. Really love them!
  7. 96blackgt54

    Ring gear lightening

    Yup! Things you gotta do to win! Like 2lbs off of driven rotational weight is next to a ton! Not really, but honestly its a hp improver.
  8. 96blackgt54

    Old Fart's AutoX build

    Funny you mention the fuel pump. I bought mine from AM years ago and i believe its counterfeit. Fuel pressure will barely squeeze out 32psi where the original stock was 42psi
  9. 96blackgt54

    Anyone at Mustang week?

    Its a sweet car!
  10. 96blackgt54

    Trump to kill DACA?

    I appreciate Trump enforcing the law.
  11. 96blackgt54


    ?.. Is this facebook? LOL....Evil.....you dang troll! Im thinking most here are 94-98 platform, so to see a comment like what Evil stated holds truth. Cant see why the name calling needed to come out. Are you cool?
  12. 96blackgt54

    Custom 99-04 Ducktail spoiler.

    You a mastermind carbon fiber genius! I agree, a 94-98 wing would be sick looking. To bad i cant contribute towards one
  13. 96blackgt54

    Mustang week 2017 vid

    Mustang week 2017 compilation Anyone here make the video?
  14. That engine bay looks tight! Being a pushrod id figure loads of room compared to a modular 4.6l. Maybe its the camera angle? Anyhow, this build is awesome! Im eager to see the in car action photos!
  15. 96blackgt54

    The Scourge is getting a turbo/needs help

    I drive so slow, others get pissed and pass. In a way its funny. I get that look down as they pass...lol For real mang! Keep us updated!