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  1. 3 WEEKS! AWWW.....I WANT IT NOW! 3weeks is 504hrs! To long in my opinion. Im quiting this site....dag on slow pokes!
  2. He's home! Welcome home Rich
  3. All great view points to consider. You guys are pretty sharp! And im going to agree, .020" bore doesnt do anything for hp power cubic inch wise naturally aspirated or forced induced. Possibly a tad bit more torque. But let me open your mind! Mixture turbulence is aggenda #1. Failure to create a homogeneous mixture throughout the intake and compression process leads to a limp engine. Ill even go a step further to say deep advanced timing at low rpm is a key indicator of a poor mixture. Im not saying advanced timing in general is a key indicator. Only at lower rpm. You see, a rich mixture takes time to ignite, takes time to burn, and still will be burning out the exhaust. (Black smoke) In other words a slow burn.....not desired! Ok...so we got all the bases loaded with homogeneous mix. We got super pressure injectors, rough intake ports, grooved back valves, large margin valves, super swirl heads, ....what else could there be? Squish! Haha,...some of you could have guessed this. Squish is the amount of space between the piston crown and head surface. Here is a simple example. A 4.6l piston at top dead center is about .010" before the deck surface beter known as zero deck. Head gasket thickness crushed is .040"....this equals to a .050" squish. Now their is no 100% method finding rod stretch and piston growth with heat and high rpm so we will go ahead and run this combo down the track. Next time we will zero deck the block or deck the block .020" to bring piston .010" over the deck. And then we will use a .050" headgasket to start with. Eventually getting the gasket thin as possible to where the piston is kissing the head at high rpm. Here is where over boring the cylinders is a benefit. More squish area! Sure it may only be .010" of the crown, but a turbulence gain no dought. As the piston approaches tdc on the compression stroke, the mixture is becoming stagnant and the opposite of homogeneous ......a liquid! Slow burn liquid! BUT not if you have a tight squish! Squish is that last mechanical advantage turbulence maker and is the absolute most critical! Getting this area right really wakes an engine up! Leaner mix, faster burn, cleaner burn, hotter burn! If you're forced induced...disregard this info. Youll want to go the opposite direction of squish.
  4. Thought this would be a good topic to discuss. So lets bash brains to why over boring can be beneficial! One benefit known is more cubes! We all want more and bigger is better...right? Well if we all join in and add any bit of our own info to the discussion, we may reveal and unlock potential. ...or will we? Ok So more cubes is beneficial for power. Over boring cylinders now means the intake and exhaust valve have to support the new found demands. Yes, torque will rise, but hp remain the same and now will happen at a lower rpm. Dont hesitate to add info!
  5. So its settled! There are more factory cam offerings than we initially thought. Instead of a guess that 2 makes of cams were all that was available, npi and pi, Ford actually helped us out and blessed us diehards with a selection. Thank you Ford! Now, im still curious if matching cam part #'s are ground equally. The 2 seperate #'s at the thread beginning were in fact ground the same, but to show consistency, 2 of the same is needed. Also, with all the cams I have, im uncertain if any were a match from the same engine. Luckily I just aquired an exploder 4.6l and will be pulling both cams for measuring!
  6. Mustsng pi cam XL3E-6C255-BB (could be B8 or 8B. Light stamping) Intake / Exhaust .006" lift 244° / 260° .050" lift 220° / 210° .495" / .540" max lift LSA 113° Check it out! The exhaust has more lift! Explains why pi cams are a good upgrade to npi heads. Stock npi head exhaust flow is pitiful, coupled with npi cam, even more pitiful. Throw in the mix fast bleed lasher....even worse!
  7. Check this out! I just mapped a cam I pulled out of a npi 5.4l head.....pretty interesting! Passenger side cam F65E-6251-BA .475" / .460" max lift Intake / exhaust .006" lift 272° / 266° .050" lift 224° / 210° 114° lsa (lobe seperation angle) This cam is about as close to a compcam stage 1 as youll get. The compcam has 20° more exhaust duration at .050" and lift values are .550" both lobes. Compared to a pi cam this npi 5.4l cam offers alot more! These cams are dime a dozen at junkyards. Probably pick up for less than $50.
  8. Npi cams Both cams are driver side F2AE-6250-AA F65E-6250-AA(tool marking curpted any legibility. This cam did come out of a 99 crown vic) *corrected* F2AE Intake/exhaust at .006 lift 266°/242° at .050 210°/200° Lobe separation angle is 113° F65E(99 vic) Intake/exhaust at .006 258°/256° at .050 210°/200° Max lift .450 both cams Lobe seperation 116° F6 (99vic)
  9. Figured id post some of my ramblings! Here is a small peak into the factory modular cam world. What most of us always thought were 2 types of modular cams, npi & pi, has turned out to not be the case. Pi cams both passenger side XL3F-6251-A7C XL3E-6C255-B7B intake/exhaust at .006 valve lift 246°/250° at .050 lift 200°/208° Max lift surprisingly .480" I always told the pi cams had .050" more lift....oh well Lobe seperation angle 116°
  10. Just bring it over to my shop. We knock it out quick on the lift! Plenty junkyards around here too. We find something
  11. I love the avatar pic!
  12. Hannity podcast
  13. Alex Jones has announced he will release the full interview of him and NBC Megan Kelly TONIGHT! An interview that's been gaining criticism against Megan Kelly for mentioning the children of Sandy hook shooting. Pressure on NBC to not air the interview has been building as well! An interview set to air on fathers day is conjured up to smear and deface him as a good father and to delegitimize his political news feed. Check it out. A simple youtube search will find it
  14. Ive looked around the site. Maybe I didnt click the right button. How do I become a supporting member? Also, if you dont mind, give me a run down of what perks members get? It would be cool for some sn95source decals!
  15. Eye eye captain