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  1. What's Your Ride Look Like Today?

    Lookin good!
  2. new jersey

    Reside in Kentucky, currently looking for my teeth
  3. Welcome To SN95Source.com: bcozzi71

    Thats a clean car. Welcome to the forums
  4. Cashless future?

    ^ racist ....lol Lwarrior1016 sound like some Alex Jones way of thinking.
  5. Cashless future?

    Visa has offered restaurants $500,000 to go 100% credit card! I can see the benefits. I also see the negatives. Besides, ill probably not eat those restaurants cause I do not own any cards.
  6. random misfire

    Glad you figured it out.
  7. suspension of direct file uploading

    I love turtle heads pokin. Hits that Gspot
  8. Old Fart's AutoX build

    I think its cool your trying something new! Innovators are ones that find. Im gonna say youll find out something! Good or bad results, its the results that matter.
  9. suspension of direct file uploading

    Evilcw311......what have you done? Honestly tho I see this forum taking off! Ill agree the format is a tad different taking a bit to get use to and....... (here is the big one)..... this site far superior for a mobile device than the "other" forum. Tapatalk is the only way I can post over there and not pull my hair out cause the full site on my mobile is a complete pain! Thats not to say tapatalk needs to be here. I think the format works well and like everything else, it has its quirks. Since we all some cool S.O.B.'s .......we will be fine, so just keep visiting and making post. Now if we could just setup a buffet loaded with cookies and milk. I love cookies and milk.
  10. SN95Source Under NEW OWNERSHIP!!

    Here is manageable, but im gonna say tapatalk is quicker. I can knock out post quick with it. Im not stirring the pot here, dont get me wrong.....just saying. Ill shut up now
  11. Lanter's rebuild of a '98 Cobra

    They look wonderful!
  12. MSD has driven the EFI throttle body price down! CARB Approved 8 Connections Single Fuel Line Self-tuning No Laptop http://www.rodauthority.com/news/new-products/msd-introduces-atomic-efi-throttle-body-kit-at-a-lower-price/
  13. http://www.nmradigital.com/2017-event-info/bowling-green-kentucky-general-info/ Once again , my desires to attend will most likely fail! Ive come to the conclusion ....I got to may kids! Oh well...they are worth it! Post up if youre going! Or want to go! Maybe dream about going! Post up! Its possible I may attend. Would like to see some folks face to ugly mug(me).
  14. http://www.nmradigital.com/2017-event-info/joliet-illinois-general-info/ Anyone close by? Whose going?
  15. http://www.nmradigital.com/nmra-coyote-stock-rule-announcement/ A new rule announcement for the stock coyote racing class of NMRA. A buddy of mine runs this class and Ive R&D extensively with him on this car. The guy is a mad scientist and I was there machining what he needed. There are a few untouchable guys in the class my buddy included. Im almost certain one of the many slow pokes is whining about the leaders cheating by reflashing their own brewed tune. Each race, every contender gets flashed the same tune by the same programmer. This ensures the cars to be close as possible. Its known one of these top leaders with a home brewed tune will run 9.9sec in the quarter!