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  1. OLD H2S

    Old Fart's AutoX build

    I'm going back to the PI intake, 6 extra HP is not worth the trouble.
  2. OLD H2S

    Old Fart's AutoX build

    I got the intake off and the ports look good but I will try harder to see a crack while the heads are torqued down. Right now i think it is gasket leaks, they are not happy with the Edelbrock intake and the misalignment from cutting the heads and block down.
  3. OLD H2S

    Old Fart's AutoX build

    How can I tell if the port is cracked or the water passage is leaking into number 8?
  4. OLD H2S

    Old Fart's AutoX build

    I used stock gasket and black Right stuff this time. It is leaking in the port. I do not know if I can weld it until I can locate the leak. I have a set of NPI heads sitting here....Paging Dr.Price pick up the white curtesy phone.
  5. OLD H2S

    Old Fart's AutoX build

    Number 8 again. I had all the valves out last time and did not see any faults. I think I will run number 8 up on compression stroke and pressurize the cooling system and see if wayergets into the cylinder and then take off the intake manifold and look at the intake port to see if the crack is upsteam of the valve??? comments? yes/no, any help on how to trace a leak?
  6. OLD H2S

    Old Fart's AutoX build

    Well that did not work. time to put another notch on the engine lift, is this the 6th. time ? I am lost and have to go back through both web sites to keep track of what I have done. The engine started and idled smooth, sounded good and tight with instant response, could break the tires loose in first 3 gears with sticky new rain tires. Over all I could live with the power, my guess 300 RWHP. The engine hydrolocked again. Date night with the wife at the Elks Lodge for dinner and dancing. I snuck out to check the motor for leaks and it started fine. Later when we were leaving...clunk... locked up motor. Wife was pissed and caught a ride home with friends. My buddy with the flat bed came and got me in the cold rain. I was not going to leave my car in that part of town where I have had 2 sets of tires stolen before. Cold, soaked, sore and tired I made it home and will fetch the car off the flatbed later to see if I can track down the hidden leak. I will get a Ford pressure tester and see if I can find it? Stay tuned...
  7. OLD H2S

    Old Fart's AutoX build

    Squish is .029, 14:1 CR. The Cometic gasket is .032 and when I mike it it is .027 on the flats so total crush is .025 with 80 lbs on the head studs. The block is decked to -.004 to the top of the pistons. The gray sealer I was using to seal the intake to the heads with no gasket, the Ford gasket is made for the plastic intake that has smaller sealing areas where as the Edelbrock has wide mating surfaces that push the gasket side ways because they are so tall so I used the grey sealer and the straight water coolant broke it down??? I put in studs in to hold down the intake this time, I have been using them more as the threads in the aluminum block wear out with all the rebuilding I have done and I like them more than bolts.
  8. OLD H2S

    Old Fart's AutoX build

    Engine and trans are in, this is getting too easy and that sucks at my age. Maybe this time.....
  9. OLD H2S

    The Madd Motorsports POS

  10. OLD H2S

    Old Fart's AutoX build

    Here is the new cam specs: Intake Exhaust Duration @ .050 221 226 Total lift 530 530 Separation 109.5 Duration @ .006 261 266 Timing @ .050 4.5 36.5 46 0 Might get the engine in tomorrow.
  11. OLD H2S

    Old Fart's AutoX build

    Sorry, Just got back in town, I was in south Florida for the storm...ugly time. Got back to find the new Bulitt Cams here early so I spent the day checking the piston to valve clearance. All is good, dropped the gasket down to .025, upped the lift to .530 and added more duration, now I am down to .125 of clearance. Will check cam timing and post some pictures tomorrow.
  12. OLD H2S

    Old Fart's AutoX build

    Head gaskets look good, turned out to be that lousy grey gasket maker, leaked water into number 4 and 8 cylinder.
  13. OLD H2S

    Old Fart's AutoX build

  14. OLD H2S

    Old Fart's AutoX build

    I talked with Mark the Ford cam designer at Bullet Cams about my McKenny design motor, he knows it well and said it will never knock. He said the heads are lifting because I need more duration on the exhaust lobes on the up-dated PI cam. So I am getting cams with .530 lift for both intake and exhaust, 221-226 @ .050, 109 separation angle. They will take 2 weeks to get here and the Cometic gaskets will take 2 weeks too, so I will pull the engine tomorrow and report back. Next I am upping it to 14:1
  15. OLD H2S

    Old Fart's AutoX build

    I talked to Cometic and they say they can hold the pressure but.....the CR jumps up to 14:1 with their choice for gaskets, pricey too.