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  1. Serpent

    sn 95 wings/spoiler/ducktail

    Thanks!!!! me too!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  2. Serpent

    sn 95 wings/spoiler/ducktail

    no. still waiting on the fab guy. he had some family issues he was dealing with and so he has not finished the brackets yet. when he does and I get the spoilers made, I will post up some pics. thanks.
  3. Serpent

    sn 95 wings/spoiler/ducktail

    will post up when done with pics.
  4. Serpent

    sn 95 wings/spoiler/ducktail

    fab guy has the metal brackets for the final touches. bracket will have studs to extend down into the trunk for mounting there and will be tapped for the wing to be attached on the upright of the bracket.
  5. Serpent

    sn 95 wings/spoiler/ducktail

    will get some done when the brackets come back. right now fab guy still has them and the spoilers/wings are in mock up in cardboard.
  6. Serpent

    sn 95 wings/spoiler/ducktail

    fab guy has made the first rendition of the brackets. messed with them and gave them back, hopefully for the final version. mocked up the two wings and have the straight across one done I think and if so, will have it reproduced in a thick abs plastic. the wing with the center cut out has taken more time. made up two so far and modified the second one to the point will mock up a third and hopefully, final version of that one. once I get the brackets back, will test fit my mock-up and then have both reproduced to the final product.
  7. Serpent

    sn 95 wings/spoiler/ducktail

    new template delivered to fab guy today. hopefully, will have the beginning of the bracket within the next week to tweak.
  8. Serpent

    sn 95 wings/spoiler/ducktail

    happy to help!!! take some pics and post em up when you get it installed.
  9. Serpent

    Need helping deciding

    rust is like cancer and to stop it completely even after they were to do the repairs you can see, no doubt, some more will crop up that you can's see yet.. I would get rid of it now before it gets worse and would be even harder to unload it. if you are not necessarily intent on a mustang, wait for one of the 150% for the value of our car type trade in. when the dealers run specials, unload it .
  10. Serpent

    Fender badge removal

    3M weatherstrip adhesive works great. comes in yellow and black. another floss user for getting the badges off. more gentle since it is a softer material than piano wire or any other metal string type material. less possible damage to paint that way. never have had to use heat to get them off. just be patient and bring plenty of floss!!!
  11. Serpent

    sn 95 wings/spoiler/ducktail

    not the same diffuser as on the drawing of the yellow car. but one none the less. they make two, one street and one race https://www.carterscustoms04.com/product-page/sn95-rear-diffuser-street-version the guy who did the drawing was hoping someone would make the body kit that is in the drawing, but never happened. too bad.
  12. Serpent

    sn 95 wings/spoiler/ducktail

    met with my fab guy so the bracket prototype is in the works.
  13. Serpent

    sn 95 wings/spoiler/ducktail

    in case anyone interested, experimenting with a couple of different designs. will post pics if interest is there. wing/spoiler/ducktail will be out of abs plastic with aluminum mounting brackets to the factory holes. this may take awhile as my aluminum fab guy is really good, but sometimes busy to takes him abit to get something finished. one is partially done in cardboard now. will have to get with my fab guy and see what he thinks about the brackets. one will be this shape but but fasten to the lid like an s281 wing does the other will be be more like this, but again, fasten to the existing holes. both will be with brackets to mount the wing to the trunk with the brackets being as unobtrusive as possible. trying to make something a bit more universal in nature so it would work on the sn95 and new edge. we shall see. my son has a new edge so can try on my car and his and see. thinking a bit more angle up than the s281 wing, not straight up like a nascar-ish but more than the s281. these will feed off the back line of the fender rather than the lid so won't look so narrow. in addition, the other design flaws, in my opinion of course. is that when they make brackets, the wing sits on the bracket in such a way that it raises it significantly off of the deck lid. I plan to notch the bottom of the wing where the wing hits the bracket so that it is just off the trunk lid. being plastic, anyone could easily oval shape the mounting hole to adjust it down even more if they want it to touch. I don't want mine to touch, but barely not touch. might even see what my fab guy says about hinging the bracket so the angle could be adjusted.
  14. Serpent

    Project NoPulp - V2

  15. Serpent

    Project NoPulp - V2

    subscribing. local shop does the swap using the stock k member...saves some money.