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  1. seijirou

    ThomasW's Two into One build

    I would like to order a hot pink cowl panel for White95.
  2. seijirou

    IRS swap

    Me too. I can't believe how many of ya'll have it just sitting there for years. Install it already!
  3. seijirou

    Talks of POTUS assassination

    I actually like the gridlock. Are things perfect now? No. But if nothing ever changed, if we could count on tomorrow being like today, we will figure it out and we'll be just fine. But those fucksticks keep fiddling with things and making changes. The less they can do the better. I hope the democrats get the majority in congress in 2018 so this shit can be locked down & mired in partisan bullshit and nothing happens.
  4. Agreed, application-specific probably has a lot to do with it. Being one piece also helps I think. With mine the passenger side is 4 pieces, and you can't put any of the bolts in for any of them until it's all together. It's a real balancing act.
  5. Nice writeup. I have the hooker slip-tube headers designed for a fox. Driver's side was cake, only 1 of the tubes is separate. On the passenger side 3 of the tubes are separate from the collector, it's a nightmare to assemble when you can only use 2 hands, 1 foot, and your teeth to hold everything together.
  6. seijirou

    IRS swap

    Another IRS swapped sn95 over here. I've had mine since 2004 though, and I've swapped it from car to car more times than I care to recount but perhaps that's some indication of how much I like it. I have the maximum motorsports package on mine and with the proper front suspension it makes a mustang feel like a go-kart.
  7. seijirou

    Project White95

    Were you going to do hydroboost with the windsor engine too? I've been thinking about trying to swap myself but it's hard to find good info on what it would take to swap a 94.
  8. seijirou

    Number Tew's Number Two Build

    Devastator is right, the "matrix" brace is all outside the frame rails, torque arm stuff is all inside the frame rails so they shouldn't affect each other. As far as what the matrix actually does I can't say, I didn't install things in stages so I went from none of it to all of it. Anecdotally, jacking the car from the rails after installing with a group of friends and mustang owners who have "standard" FLSFC's all noticed how much less twist occurs compared to jacking their own cars. But whether or not that translates to anything that matters when the car is on its tires I can't say, nor do any of us have experience with through-floor subframes to make any questionable comparisons to those. I would guess you can install the jacking rails without the matrix piece at all. The jacking rails were really the focus of my recommendation anyway. Being able to lift and place jack stands at nearly anywhere on the outer edge is something I'll never go without again, and it keeps those things away from vital components so if you do have a slip (and I have) there's a good chance it won't cost you more than a few bucks in the swear jar.
  9. seijirou

    Number Tew's Number Two Build

    That sucks man. I have the kenny brown matrix brace with the jacking rails for that reason. You can jack from the outside edge of the car at the pinch seam for the rocker and the whole damn car will come up. Just a thought.
  10. seijirou

    Project Say Shhh...!

    Looks good! White is better anyway
  11. seijirou

    Any benefits to over boring cylinders?

    Quench shall henceforth only be known as squish.
  12. seijirou

    What Did You Purchase Today?

    Congrats! That house looks exactly like one I used to own. Not the location but the model.
  13. seijirou

    What did you do to your mustang today??

    Tried to take it for a spin but quickly developed a belt squeal. New belt too. I'm wondering if I have pulley alignment issues since making changes to the crank trigger setup. It eyeballed okay to me but that wasn't exactly scientific. Damnit!