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  1. Nice! This guy has bailed me out of a complete timing mess with his modular knowledge. Great guy for the job
  2. Thanks man! That's our pug/beagle pup in my hoodie. He's a good dog!
  3. Thanks for the welcomes! I started another thread not realizing this was already created.... Looking forward to learning this new-to-me site!
  4. Thanks for the welcome! I came up with the name a while ago... I live next to the cuyahoga river (caught fire in the 70s and nicknamed the burning river). I run through the national park a lot and don't mind jumping into the once polluted river when I'm finished lol.
  5. I made an account last week after talking to 96blak54 (Gary). Figured I'd introduce myself over here. I've been active on sn95forums for a few years and enjoy it but was told this is a pretty cool place too. Anyhow, for those who don't know me I have a 1996 Gt with some minor mods done to it. -pi intake -78mm bbk throttle body -bbk o/r x pipe -borla catback -comp xe262ah cams -COP conversion and some hidden wires in the engine bay -lowered on 18x9 cobra wheels -cobra hood and bumpers/ s281 wing -lots of replaced stock parts! Im looking forward to hanging around and getting to know some more enthusiasts! IMG_7957.mov heres a link for the exhaust sound (if it works) https://streamable.com/zv1nt
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