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    The Return of the TTSaleen

    Oh I plan to update quite a few things including - 1. I have to fix the 4R70W transmission. I broke it during my recent track outing. Lost reverse and it tries to move forward in Neutral. What I thought was a spinning/bad track on my 2nd pass ended up being a broke transmission that would not put the power down in 2nd gear. Got it pulled out over the weekend. Plus it is a good time to send the convertor back to Precision and have them loosen it up from the 3200 stall to something a bit more aggressive such as 4500 for a harder launch. 2. The turbos are 10 year old journal bearing models which at the time worked very well. Even now they make great power, but I think by changing to a newer billet design and ball bearing model it will make more efficient power and spool quicker. 3. The safety has been neglected as I wanted to keep it a full street car. However with the track outings I'm planning, I am going to install a roll cage in the car over the winter along with some other things to keep it straight and stiffen it up. 4. Lastly the fuel system is 93 octane for the low boost setting (900rwhp) and I ran C16 for high boost (1200rwhp). But contemplating switching over to E85. I am happy to have the car back. I owned it for 12 years and it was the longest I ever had a project car. Ryan

    The Return of the TTSaleen

    Yes I was there with my azure blue Mach 1 in the Fastlane Motorsports booth. I actually got behind Detroit Riot and Joanna as they were leaving on Saturday and gave them a rev. LOL. Photobucket appears to be having problems today, so I can't post a picture of it. But check out my Instagram account at ttsaleen. Ryan

    The Return of the TTSaleen

    Quick update on the TTSaleen. Took the family to dinner in it on Saturday night. Then on Sunday, I put on my Bogarts and Hoosier slicks and went to the track. Got my best times so far under less than ideal conditions. Car setup - 93 octane 17.5# boost Only stalls at 3200 on transbrake so it leaves really soft. 1st pass - 1.58 sixty foot time and went a 6.13 @ 121mph. 1/4 mile sensors were not working unfortunately. 2nd pass - 1.47 sixty foot time, but spun badly in 2nd, pedaled it twice went a 6.61 @ only 112mph but still went a 9.98 @ 147mph in the 1/4. I feel like on the 1st pass it could have gone mid 9's around 150-155mph. Anyway, it was awesome to be back in my old car and on the track. I never built it to be a track car only a street car. It sure TWISTS up on the launch with only subframe connectors and no rollcage. LOL!!!!

    The Return of the TTSaleen

    So it's been 4.5 years since I sold my car. I had previously owned it for 12 years and sunk a TON of time and money into it. My goal was to have a true 1,000hp street car which it easily accomplished back in 2009. After a few years of attending shows, events, etc. I didn't drive the car as much and decided to sell it and put the money toward paying off my house. In June 2014, I sold the car. Fast forward to November 2018, and I had the itch to own the car again. I contacted the buyer and he sold it back to me....albeit he didn't want to sell it but when you flash CASH, it helps. LOL. Fortunately, he had only put 1,000 miles on the car and it was in perfect condition from when I had sold it. My garage is really TIGHT now! HAHA! Planning to build a separate detached soon, but made the TTSaleen fit next to my 2003 Cobra and 2003 Mach 1.

    Det_Riot's Sexual Teal Whale Cannon Resurrection

    Nice! Glad to see the SN95 is coming back to life!

    TTSaleen's project car thread

    Picked this bad boy up Saturday. Had it installed that afternoon and test drove it in the freezing temps (check out my instagram for the vid). Big thanks to Fastlane Motorsports! Highlights - 9" Ends - small bearing from Moser with ability to use factory brake brackets (P/N 7700) Moser 33 spline race axles Eaton Trutrac 33 spline differential - (P/N 913A701) Moroso 3" wheel studs (P/N 46180) UPR spherical extreme duty upper bushings with larger 1/2" bolts (P/N 2003-88-R) Ford Racing Rear Differential Cover (P/N M-4033-G2) Welded axle tubes and custom brace. Also reused my 3.73 gears and installed new bearings/seals.

    TTSaleen's project car thread

    My stock bumpsteer/toe link arms were well worn/rusted and looked slightly bent. The new ones from FTBR are larger/BEEFY! and fit great. My alignment guy really liked them. The Mach1 handles really good with the IRS and I have enjoyed driving the last few days (even in the rain). Plus the Magnapacks sound really good.............that reflection of them under the car tho! I also took my solid 8.8 and started disassembling it and dropped it off at Fastlane Motorsports for them to start the build.

    TTSaleen's project car thread

    The good news is the Mach1 is back on the road. I drove it last night, but sadly it was sleeting so only very MILD cruising down the road. Alignment is way off due to all new bumpster arms (FTBR) and Camber bolts so I have an appointment setup for 8AM tomorrow to get that fixed. I put the Cobra's Magnapack catback exhaust onto the Mach so it clears the IRS.....wowza does the Mach1 sound good now!!!!!! LOL!!! Hope to drive it tomorrow after alignment and snap some pics/video. Changes made - Removed H&R super sport lowering springs from Mach1 and installed H&R race springs from Cobra onto it. Removed Tokico blue shocks and installed the original Cobra Bilstein shocks. Removed solid 8.8 rear and installed IRS that has the Full Tilt Boogie Racing bushing & bolt upgrades along with their bumpsteer arms/rods. Removed Maganaflow standard exhaust for solid rear and replaced with Magnaflow Magnapack exhaust for IRS rear.

    TTSaleen's project car thread

    So this happened yesterday. If you're gonna be a bear, be a Grizzly. Decided to put the Full-Tilt Boogie IRS into the Mach1. Dragged the Mach1 rear out and going to take it apart and build it up to handle some drag-strip action in the Cobra including 33 spline axles, C-clip eliminators, etc.

    Number Tew's First House Build Thread

    Nice progress.

    TTSaleen's project car thread

    Broke this stock 1/2 shaft in my Terminator last weekend at the track. So I put another one in yesterday and its ready to go again!

    TTSaleen's project car thread

    Complete Full-tilt boogie upgrade and stock 1/2 shafts. Leaving at 4,500rpm and a well-prepped track equaled dead-hook and "pop".

    TTSaleen's project car thread

    I am torn between taking the rear outta the Mach 1 and beefing it up, then dropping it into the Cobra. And then putting the IRS under the Mach 1 as my daily. I figured a terminator-swapped Mach 1 with an IRS would be kinda cool. Anyway, here's a video if you are interested.

    TTSaleen's project car thread

    Just realized it has been along time since I updated this thread. So in the last few months here's the quick update - Got the racing bug again. Installed Hoosier 28-10 slicks onto my Bogart rear wheels. Installed M&H front runners onto my 17" Bogart front wheels. Went to Fayetteville Dragstrip on 11/12/2017 and ran 1st pass ever on drag setup. During burnout alternator quit, dash gauges did a full sweep, but car still running....so of course I staged it and made the pass. LOL 4K launch and small bog outta the hole. 1.68 sixty foot time. Ran 7.0 @ 99mph in the 1/8th and a 10.70 @ 136 in the 1/4. Drove back to pits and battery gauge at 11.8 volts. No more runs. 11/19/2017 - Back to Fayetteville with a fixed alternator (broken internal solder joint that Johnny's Electric fixed under warranty - 200amp upgrade). Did a burnout and staged. 4k launch and BOOM, driver side 1/2 shaft decided it had enough. So car is now down for a minute till I fix it. Going for a mid to low 10 second pass before end of the year. Car is super fun to drive and banging the gears is always exciting. Stay tuned as I decided if I stick with the IRS and spend almost $2K for upgraded 1/2 shafts or if I go with the proven solid-axle swap.

    Mustang Week 2017 Car Show Pics

    Great pics! Haven't been on here in a while!