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  1. Number Tews Boss Lady

    Number Tew's First House Build Thread

    We're slowly becoming less of "those people" on the block...My garden is almost complete, just need one more row of flowers and then to deal with the rest of the front yard =/ So pretty
  2. Number Tews Boss Lady

    What Did You Purchase Today?

    I don't know if @Number Tew ruined all my fun or not yet but I picked up this pretty lil' thang on Thursday night I struck out on two '13 Boss 302s and a '03 Mach 1 All the kids
  3. Number Tews Boss Lady

    Number Tew's First House Build Thread

    So, Hurricane Irma decided to come destroy Florida. I was home alone since @Number Tew had to work (and pretty much won't have a day off until who knows when) and my idiotic self wanted to go play outside at 3am during one of the worst parts of it and well I went for a walk around the block lol Here are some pics I took at night and some in the day time after her bitch ass left. We only lost power for about 25 1/2 hours and we had no major damage to the house thankfully Video (click the image to view) of the moment the power went out at 8:30pm --- don't mind my manic laugh at the end =/ After storm watch kittes Most important, the stangs stayed safe! Video from the backyard (click the image to view) Video from the front (click the image to view) Some pics of the neighbors houses I went out and checked on the neighbors Mustang to make sure it was safe. His cover flew off and I didn't bother trying to put it back on since there were no branches on his car. Houses across the street from us The fence between us and our neighbor (with the red jeeps) looking into their backyard We didn't want these palm trees anyway We still need to clean this up Fence on the other side of our house Neighbor on the other side got lucky this tree wasn't bigger and hit their house I really really hated this wood fence so I'm glad it got knocked down Anyone want to help clean this mess up? Neighbors down the street, the lady was lucky she wasn't home otherwise her car would have been demolished Perfect excuse to cut down a tree limb
  4. Number Tews Boss Lady

    SN95Source Daily Chat Thread

    Yes...but I'm sneaking out around 12-12:30.
  5. Number Tews Boss Lady

    What Did You Do to Your Mustang Today?

    Was technically yesterday but I finally washed it after a couple months of neglect and I ordered it a present.
  6. Number Tews Boss Lady

    What Did You Purchase Today?

    bwhahaha i'm going to remember this!
  7. Number Tews Boss Lady

    What Did You Purchase Today?

    And yet I'm okay with this
  8. Number Tews Boss Lady

    The Music Thread: What are you listening to?

    the True Crime Garage Podcast... @Number Tewbetter watch out...
  9. Number Tews Boss Lady

    What Did You Purchase Today?

    I keep buying new house stuff and things to replace the stuff I've had for about 10 years-- A new ceiling fan pull chain, measuring cups, whisks, knife block + knives (don't hate!) Bought this, I wonder if I can change it to look close to my car lol
  10. Number Tews Boss Lady

    Your favorite beer thread

    Today was payday. The ciders are for @Number Tew
  11. Number Tews Boss Lady

    Number Tew's First House Build Thread

    I have been moving all my stuff in already (everything here currently is mine). I have been doing all the cleaning and scrubbing around here. The backroom had some nasty looking tile that I spent a couple hours scrubbing. It still needs another round in certain parts. The blinds were disgusting in here but they were no match for me! Kitchen Things It's a little messy right now but will be cleaned up again this weekend after I scrub the floors Bedrooms Bathrooms I have such great decorating skills Garage We both fit until he put the dryer in All mine!
  12. Number Tews Boss Lady

    Post Your Pet!

    Aw sorry to hear about your kitty loss I love the markings on them, they are cute little monsters! Are you going to try and get another one that looks similar?
  13. Number Tews Boss Lady

    SN95Source Daily Chat Thread

    Haha between 1-3 and I'm usually good.
  14. Number Tews Boss Lady

    SN95Source Daily Chat Thread

    I found out it's going to cost me about $150-200 for my mom to be removed from the title on my car and sign over everything to my name only. And I've successfully pissed off my boss by 7am today! I'm ready for a drink now.