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  1. Defiant

    Another Build Thread... Why Not

    Car looks good nice job. Are the wheels really off camber or is that just me?
  2. Defiant

    What Did You Purchase Today?

    A large 3 pack of bananas. Time for them milkshakes yum.
  3. Defiant

    Defiant's 'Nightmare' Build

    I removed the plastic cover on the ign switch so it fits fine.
  4. Defiant

    Temp guage

    While the cluster is out I would test the stepper motors with a 9v battery. Doing this I found out some of my needles weren't positioned correctly after someone installed a gauge overlay. Takes 5 minutes to do and you'll have peace of mind knowing all your needles are reading correctly
  5. Defiant

    Defiant's 'Nightmare' Build

    custom key setup, no more bs separate key and fob removing stock gauge cluster to install new termi cluster
  6. Defiant

    Defiant's 'Nightmare' Build

    Just transferring the main posts from another forum. '00 GT 5 speed with suspension/brake/engine mods Needs a rear spacer I know I know.. stock headlights installed. PO had some ricey chromies in there. Nothing like that brand new gloss! went wingless for a while began removing this heavy sound system the box was so large it doesn't fit thru the opening. The PO cut out the sheet metal behind the seats so it can fit that way, and it was still real tight hack wiring that I resoldered because only 1 speaker was functional... fixed removing stock T45 shifter new pivot cup put in (from a Jeep!) steeda tri-ax installed and new shift boot put on trunk officially cleaned up new fuel filter some nice detail work short burst
  7. Defiant

    New England

    Central CT
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