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  1. streetpilot

    Project White95

  2. streetpilot

    Project White95

    A little late now, but when I installed those I used a Harbor Freight engine support bar between the fenders to support the engine from above and took the K-member out completely. I wouldn't do it any other way.
  3. streetpilot

    The Chronicles of 95riosnake's OCD Machine

    SO, Option 1: The house has taken priority and there is ZERO progress on the car. Option 2: The car is in the middle of a Super-Secret Wide Body Conversion that only those with a super-secret decoder ring security access key card to the new build garage know about or... Option 3: He's just busy. I'm voting option 4, because Dan always comes up with ideas that no one else can come up with, so it can't possibly be one of the above.:) (Holding breath...)
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