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  1. Another Build Thread... Why Not

    Well got tired of messing with the car trying to figure out what the p1121 code was coming from so took it up to a local mustang shop around town. They checked it out ended up having a crossed wire in the tps (which I checked like 3 times guess I was wrong still) anyway got the car back still surging some but it's way better. Found out last night the mach one throttle body is different from the 97 tb and will make it not run correctly. Hoping that may fix the last of my surging issues fingers crossed. Here's a rolling shot my buddy took on the way home from the shop. Cars first long cruise with out stalling all the time.
  2. Another Build Thread... Why Not

    Still having issues with the car but getting closer But traded these baer calipers for my cobra calipers got them painted up and ready to put on when it's running all the way
  3. Coolant light won't come on

  4. Another Build Thread... Why Not

    I literally just copy and pasted from there so i guess it linked it there idk
  5. Coolant light won't come on

    Been searching can't find the thread i saw one time a while ago on how to fix it. But my low coolant light only comes on when you turn the key on I've put a good res I'm it I've jumped the plug to test it I can't get it to come one unless it's on start up. Any idea on how to get it to come on like it should?
  6. Another Build Thread... Why Not

    It's alive!!! Iac is bad gonna have to replace that but other then that seems like it just needs some tuning issues fixed and she is good to go hopefully gonna try to upload videos later
  7. Another Build Thread... Why Not

    Well spent the past couple days after work messing with the motor yesterday all i got done was the top half of the long tube cause it's such a pita then it started pouring. Today I got the whole top end done now Monday I just need to finish the long tube, power steering pump, crank pulley, and oil pressure sensor and she will be ready to fire up and hopefully run correctly and smooth this time fingers crossed
  8. Another Build Thread... Why Not

    Not 100% but leaning towards it was the last adjusters being stuck all the way up
  9. Another Build Thread... Why Not

    Got the head put back one today got everything retimed. Checked compression and we have compression again hoping to get it back together soon and running again
  10. RassCar's Racecar: Snake with a bad heart

    Motor coming along good. Heads came back nice Jordan does good work he's local to me.
  11. i had people ask me about this on another forum so i figured id share it here too Ok so ive been having a few people ask me how to do this I figured was a pretty known thing I guess not. but basically what this is is to get you inner lights to light up with your brake lights. It doesn't cost anything and it's very easy. Not much gain to it besides you brake lights are brighter I guess Going from this with brakes on To this OK so first thing your gonna do it go to the bone yard and cut you off one of these (you don't need the socket or the bulb or any thing Then what your gonna do is take that out the rubber thing and with a pair of needle nose grab down at the bottom of the plug and pull the wire and terminal out so you will have this After that take you light out and go to the right most inner light and pull the rubber thing out of that one and there will be a open slot in there Plug your wire in there with some needle nose and put the rubber thing back on then basically gonna just tap into the colorful wire in the other plug next to it So the one all the way to the left that says major just tap into the light next to it and you will have this Put it all together and repeat for the other side and now all three it your lights will light up with the brakes and blinkers
  12. Another Build Thread... Why Not

    Got the b head cams installed and head retimed just need to order a head gasket and head bolts and she will be ready to go back together and try to get running soon
  13. Another Build Thread... Why Not

    well wanted to go eaton looks like way more pita and more money. havent looked in to it that much yet but looks like id have to swap the body harness for the 99+ cars and all that jazz maybe im wrong idk. but i got this intercooled v1 for 1000 bucks couldnt pass that up may still do eaton one day but ill enjoy this version of boost for now
  14. Musturds new mystic build up

    man hell of a deal on that car. cant wait to see what you end up doing to it
  15. SN95Source Under NEW OWNERSHIP!!

    me too im really liking how this forum is setup so far and dont have to use photobucket lol