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  1. Slowly but surely coming together Hoping to put the trans in next week. Got the correct fuel rails coming to me and ordered a automotive 340 pump. Just needs a few more small things for the trans and some wiring and I think I'll be ready to fire it up soon
  2. Finally got some work done on the truck yesterday. Got the old motor and trans pulled and put the lightning motor in just gotta put it all together and then put the trans in also hopefully a couple more weeks and I can attempted to start it
  3. Another Build Thread... Why Not

    Picked up the Eaton swap a few days ago. Tons of parts for this. Just need to finish the lightning swap in my truck then I can start on this
  4. Another Build Thread... Why Not

    Finally decided to pull the trigger on some coil overs instead of the mark viii ones. Talked to the guy about making a set with American flags on them and he said he's been wanting to make thoes but in a limited number so I'm gonna be the test set number 00 of 12 I think they will look good gonna be red white and blue too
  5. http://www.ebay.com/itm/161277383521
  6. You can get the obx long tubes and y pipe for 300 and some change on ebay everyone likes them. That's what I'm gonna do eventually
  7. When I looked around most people said the wouldn't so I didn't try lol
  8. There bbk mustang headers I took them off and sold them put stock truck headers on it
  9. Picked up my 4r100 swap yesterday now I just need to get the old motor out so I can get it all swapped over
  10. Another Build Thread... Why Not

    I got lucky a buddy of mine picked up a 10th anniversary with a messed up motor and decided to part it out and he offered it to me for 2200 bucks. The blower that I'm selling for $1,700 I only have $1,000 in so technically I only have like 1500 bucks in it before I sell the Mach 1 intake cables and all that which I'm hoping to get about $700 for it which would only put me about 800 bucks into an eaton swap LOL
  11. Started tearing the truck down last weekend got the whole top end apart Also found out the 4r70w in stock forum will not hold up to the torque of the lightning motor so didn't have a few grand to spend on building a motor so I looked around for a 4r100 swap ended up finding a complete swap minus ecu for 400 bucks and picked a ecu from the bone yard on Wed so that will all be getting swapped in with the motor Hoping to have it swapped next week fingers crossed
  12. Been slackin on updates here. But sold the mustang and keep the motor and picked up a f150 with a messed up motor for 750 decided I needed a truck more then I needed two mustangs. I'm gonna keep going with this cause I want a build thread for the truck lol So had the whole motor tore apart cleaned up the crank picked up a set of gt500 rods from a friend of mine that works at vmp so the bottom end should be good for 700ish now. Picked up a set of low miles heads with stage 2 comp cams in them also have the 6 pound lower pulley Forged short block back together Long block ready to go back in the truck
  13. Another Build Thread... Why Not

    Been slackin here lately not much has been going on car sprung a coolant leak on me last week fixed it and immediately the water pump took a shit and started leaking got a little warm but seems to be fine now Also selling my vortech and picking up a Eaton swap for 2200 bucks from a buddy of mine can't wait to get that installed
  14. Holy crap I don't think I've owned a dirtier car. Guy was a smoker so of course it stunk and the ashes left like a gray film everywhere stains everywhere seats carpet center console. So tries to get that cleaned up some today Before After Found a set of these front seats mint online I may try to get them if the guy will come down some