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  1. Another Build Thread... Why Not

    Wow I've been slacking on this got the car pretty close to being done only have a few things left to do now. Finally got the car out of the shop to run for a bit and gt a few revs out of it. Also sold my cobra wheels and picked up a set of rovo cape towns need to get the rear tires put but but loving how the front is looking http://cloud.tapatalk.com/s/5a5d57fa78ee5/VID_299681010_150805_459.mp4
  2. Another Build Thread... Why Not

    Started on my wiring harness yesterday buy that was a lot of work lol thinned out what I'm not using anymore changed the fuel Injector plugs hid all my coil on plugs swap and put all new loom cause the 20 year old stuff was trash. Also extended the iat sensor to the map sensor and wired up the pump Got it all back together today and decided to start the car and it fired right up I was surprised ran pretty smooth. only ran for about 30 seconds then realised the ps wasn't hooked up yet so it started spraying oil lol whoops hoping to button it here soon http://cloud.tapatalk.com/s/5a273755ba85c/received_1834235029919912.mp4
  3. Another Build Thread... Why Not

    Just about done finally got my oil cooler in the mail got that installed along with the intercooler pump and lines also did all the vac lines for the motor. All that's left is I need to get my coolant crossover back and installed, order a barbed fitting to finish up the power steering and then wiring. Also gonna be picking up a automotive 340 pump with the hanger out of my buddy's twin turbo fox and im.also gonna install the relay kit for the pump when I drop the tank
  4. Another Build Thread... Why Not

    Getting close now didn't get as far as I wanted but it's pretty close to being done only left I can do right now to the motor is the intercooler pump. Dropping the coolant crossover off tomorrow to get another sensor bung welded on it and waiting for the oil cooler to show up in the mail. Thinking maybe next week I'm gonna start on the wiring nightmare I don't wanna do lol
  5. Well didn't get the trans in ended up being to heavy it broke the trans jack and fell over so gonna take it up to a buddy of mine have him install the trans and build my exhaust while he has it But today got my dual 14" electric fans to get that swap done since the truck had the wrong water pump in it. Was actually cheaper to do electric fans instead of the correct water pump lol
  6. Another Build Thread... Why Not

    Well got some more done today on the swap. Got the return style rails in and held down put the plenum on to test fit it by the fuel pressure reg it's close just moved the vac port up and it fits good now. Bolted down the blower put the acc back on and started the alt but got confused so stop there for the day to do some research on how it mounts up. Hoping to have the engine part done tomorrow so I can start on redoing the harness cause there's lots to move around, extend and remove excess plugs for stuff I deleted
  7. Finally gonna get the trans put in tue then change the fluids and filter in it then hopefully try to make it make some noise
  8. Project NoPulp - V2

    Can't wait to see how this turns out of love to do this to my car one day
  9. Another Build Thread... Why Not

    Finally got started on the Eaton swap on my weekend last week. Got a new edge crash bar installed with the heat exchanger. The next day got the knock sensors mounts cut off the block, lower intake installed, timing cover swapped and painted the blower and set in there. Still have to do the turkey pan delete and make the return style fuel rails work before I mount the blower fully
  10. Another Build Thread... Why Not

    Havent had much going on lately with the car. got the car put in the shop to start taking it apart for the Eaton swap real soon
  11. Finally got whats left of the stupid pilot bearing out of the motor. Now gonna try to put the trans in next week and maybe start it up
  12. Well got all the wires extended yesterday and got the motor pretty much together. Just need to make a cop harness for it. Today I attempted to put the trans in but the pilot bearing from when it was in a mustang would not come out at all so that didn't get done today but did get the front end off and installed the trans cooler picked up all my hose and an fittings I needed. Should be getting my heat exchanger and tank in the next couple days getting closer day by day
  13. Slowly but surely coming together Hoping to put the trans in next week. Got the correct fuel rails coming to me and ordered a automotive 340 pump. Just needs a few more small things for the trans and some wiring and I think I'll be ready to fire it up soon
  14. Finally got some work done on the truck yesterday. Got the old motor and trans pulled and put the lightning motor in just gotta put it all together and then put the trans in also hopefully a couple more weeks and I can attempted to start it
  15. Another Build Thread... Why Not

    Picked up the Eaton swap a few days ago. Tons of parts for this. Just need to finish the lightning swap in my truck then I can start on this