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  1. smitdavi

    Door panel help

    That's a brilliant idea. Thanks for sharing!
  2. smitdavi

    NMRA Coyote Stock Rule Announcement

    A buddy of mine runs this class: Drew Lyons.
  3. smitdavi

    Installing Front Window Motors

    Thankfully this was an extra motor I had laying around. When I redid my quarter windows a few years ago (before I knew about the bushings), the company messed up and I got an extra one out of the deal.
  4. smitdavi

    Installing Front Window Motors

    I wouldn't go to the top and about half way up would do the clicking thing. Was driving me crazy. Half the time it wouldn't even move.
  5. smitdavi

    Door panel help

    It really is a crap shoot with these pieces. I took my panel off this weekend to replace the window motor and before I did, the cup stayed in perfectly tight all the time, since the project this weekend and after reassembling everything, mine does the same thing. Unfortunately, I've don't have a solution, but rather just commiseration. The struggle is real.
  6. Spent yesterday off and on looking at this and trying some different things. First I thought I would have to take the full regulator out to get the motor out as well, but that is not the case. I should have taken pictures, but got frustrated and didn't think about it. I can at least lay out the steps to removing the motor WITHOUT removing the regulator. Remove door panel (nothing special here) Unplug window motor Remove the 3 gold bolts holding the window motor to the regulator You can access the motor through the speaker hole or the larger hole where it's obvious hardware goes in and out. I found it easer to go through the larger hole Make sure the window is at least 2/3's up. A 2nd pair of hands comes in super handy to hold the window Snake your arm in and remove motor Install new motor Honestly this was the hardest part of it all. It takes a little bet to maneuver the new motor to get it in place, but you will get it. Test Reverse all the steps and you are good to go.
  7. smitdavi

    E8 (Rio Red) Touch Up

    So far I've tried a few and they both have come up a shade or two darker than what's on the car. Anyone have any luck with touch up paint from anywhere, or is the best bet to hit up a local shop?
  8. smitdavi

    Ceramic coating???

    Yeah make sure you are satisfied with the finish on your paint before doing this. It sort of locks it in until you strip the coating.
  9. smitdavi

    Ceramic coating???

    Here's a pretty good article for you: Ceramic Coatings. I'm a huge fan of Ammo's paint system and would recommend to anyone. Ammo Reflex | Ammo Skin | Wax
  10. smitdavi

    What did you do to your mustang today??

    Replaced the dizzy and adjusted the timing a few degrees yesterday. Going to try and replace the thermostat housing and radiator hoses this afternoon. Also spent 3 hours doing the brakes on the daily (Hybrid Fusion).
  11. smitdavi

    Welcome To SN95Source.com: smitdavi

    I call Bloomington, IN home and I'm the proud owner of a 1995 Rio Red GT Convertible. Believe it or not this was my grandmothers car. I bought it from them in August of 2015. This car holds a lot of sentimental value as I got to drive this car, wash/wax, take this car to prom, etc when I was younger. When they asked if I wanted to buy it, of course I had to say yes. Better yet, the wife always wanted a red convertible.....which made the decision all the much easier. Currently has 105K on the odometer. It needed some TLC when I bought it a few years ago as it had been sitting for 5 years, thankfully in a garage though. Have spent a lot of late nights tinkering to bring back the beauty. Current progress on the car looks like this, including Mac shorty headers and pro chamber mid pipe that was installed last week: All brand new suspension Cold Air Intake New Top Gloss black FR500's 18x9/18x10 with Sumitomo Rubber 3.73 Gears Mac Shorty Headers Mac Pro Chamber H pipe Mac Cat Back Exhaust Have an explorer intake sitting around that needs installed, plus other odds and ends scattered around the garage.