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  1. Boostedbyu


    Pretty sure reading the Trim code on the sticker
  2. Boostedbyu


    As in that aspect, no. As in cost, no. But it isn’t one that’s seen everyday either...that’s all I’m saying. Move on troll.
  3. Boostedbyu


    Man I would love to try and find that. All I can find are exterior colors...
  4. Boostedbyu


    I have a 1997 Mustang GT, in Aztec Paint code, 5 speed with Saddle cloth interior. I was wondering how rare it is, because most Aztecs I’ve seen have either black leather or tan leather. I might have to order a Marti Report on it, unless someone points me in the right direction to be able to figure it out..
  5. Boostedbyu

    RC cars

    I didn't buy it off etsy. I got it from eBay. But it is the same seller and the same car. Lol
  6. Boostedbyu

    RC cars

    I've done a lot to this car. Had custom Cobra emblems made for it, the wheels I had SA RC customs make, the parachute I also made and my prostreet wing. I plan on getting side mirrors for it handmade and also working on a 5" cowl hood. I defintelt need to find new wheels on the Tamiya I just picked up. I got the whole thing, with the TL01 chassis and running motor and esc for $125. Everything works on it. It's almost "like new" condition.
  7. Boostedbyu

    RC cars

  8. Boostedbyu

    RC cars

  9. Boostedbyu

    RC cars

  10. Boostedbyu

    RC cars

    Why can't I add pics from my iPhone anymore here? There's no option... ??
  11. Boostedbyu

    RC cars

    No doubt. The RCRI chassis is insane man. I'm very pleased to own one. as for crawlers, I'm just dabbing on getting an axial SCX10-ii kit. I need something to haul this around on a trailer.
  12. Boostedbyu

    RC cars

  13. Boostedbyu

    RC cars

    Seen some nice builds in here for another hobby. I'm currently working on a 2003 SVT drag chassis I'd like to share with you all. Its on a full Carbon Fiber and aluminum drag chassis. With skinnies up front and 1.5" foam slicks on the back.