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  1. CobraClone's Art Thread

    Wallpaper i made for myself awhile back, Feel free to DL and use it
  2. CobraClone's Art Thread

    Just reposting some lost links.
  3. CobraClone's Art Thread

  4. CobraClone's Art Thread

    Sorry bout the missing pics all. I am not sure what happen.
  5. CobraClone's Art Thread

  6. CobraClone's Art Thread

    Hey thanks.. And yes, when doing anything like this, you never stop learning.. right now i am teaching myself how to do clothing, which is very diff and tedious. I have started modelling cars as well, they are super time consuming to do in 3D. Don
  7. CobraClone's Art Thread

    I also do alot of T-shirt designs
  8. CobraClone's Art Thread

    I did these for the COT project, these are the class icons. I am building 3D versions of all these as well.
  9. CobraClone's Art Thread

    Some prototype melee weapons i built.
  10. CobraClone's Art Thread

    Some more Props i built for COT(City of titans), these are for a shopping center in game.
  11. CobraClone's Art Thread

    This is a Game ready Prop i did for the City Of Titans MMO. This was built in a program called Cinema 4D.
  12. CobraClone's Art Thread

    Hey All, I was giving the go ahead to start a new art thread. I just recently graduated from a 2 year program here at a local college for Interactive Media Production and Design. I have been in the design industry for well over a decade, I am voluteering my skills with a game studio called Missing Worlds Media. Still looking for a fulltime role. I am a graphic artist, motion designer, web designer and more recently heavily into 3D Modelling. Anyways, hope you all enjoy my work and thanks for checking it out. Don
  13. Welcome To SN95Source.com: CobraClone94

    Thanks, I have a Highland Green 94 GT.
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