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  1. CobraClone94

    Does my car sound weird?

    So, i ran the car for a bit, took it for a small spin, the issue seems to have cleared up Thank God. The ticking is still there, i will have to pop the rocker cover at some point and check it over. But for now, it's running great, See vid attached I am not to worried right now, i am not able to put it on the road till spring.
  2. CobraClone94

    Does my car sound weird?

    Will do Thanks
  3. CobraClone94

    Does my car sound weird?

    I did not prime the oil, I just started it.. That rocker has been making that sound for years, but this year it's noticeably louder. If so, i will have to wait till i have somewhere to work on it.. I am also not confident diving so deep. But the rough running, that is new this year.
  4. CobraClone94

    Does my car sound weird?

    Hey Everyone. My car has sat for over a year, due to time and money. I was able to pick up a battery the other day, and start it. after i watched this vid I noticed it's running weird, and a loud clicking sound coming from the drivers side Rocker cover. It sounds to me like it down a cylinder, what do you guys think? Also forgive me calling the rockers the valve train.. i hadn't slept well the previous night. Thanks in advance Don.
  5. CobraClone94

    CobraClone's Art Thread

    I just had to do another automotive intro, i choose Cleetus Mcfarland, i love his vids.. It turned out pretty cool Enjoy.
  6. CobraClone94

    CobraClone's Art Thread

    Wanna watch me colour?.. It's pretty relaxing, i could use the youtube subs.. trying to get that magic 1000, so i can flip the moni switch
  7. CobraClone94

    CobraClone's Art Thread

    Thanks, it's a Digital Card Game called STOOPID! i published back in 2015. there are a ton of animations on the maps .. with plans for stuff you could click on as well. https://www.thegamecrafter.com/games/stoopid-the-card-game
  8. CobraClone94

    CobraClone's Art Thread

    Well i am here i might as well throw some stuff in this thread for you all to enjoy, these 3 are maps i built in Unreal Engine for my card game STOOPID! It's being put on hold thou, due to lack of support. We tried 2 diff crowd funding campaigns, and they both failed.
  9. CobraClone94

    CobraClone's Art Thread

    Sure, I'd love to do some work for you. I am looking for anything at this point, that intro i did was to try and get The owner of 1320Videos, Kyle's Attention. .
  10. CobraClone94

    CobraClone's Art Thread

    Hey Yeah i have been very busy trying to find work, it's stupid competitive in my field. My Mustang has been sitting for 2 years, no money to put it on the road I did graduate college last April thou. 3.4 GPA
  11. CobraClone94

    CobraClone's Art Thread

    Been awhile, I am a huge fan of 1230Video, and i thought it would be cool to remake one of their older intros Was fun to do. Enjoy.
  12. CobraClone94

    CobraClone's Art Thread

    Wallpaper i made for myself awhile back, Feel free to DL and use it
  13. CobraClone94

    CobraClone's Art Thread

    Just reposting some lost links.
  14. CobraClone94

    CobraClone's Art Thread

  15. CobraClone94

    CobraClone's Art Thread

    Sorry bout the missing pics all. I am not sure what happen.