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  1. I check into the forums from time to time but I rarely comment. I got pretty demotivated after selling my baby and it taking so long to buy another car. I'd go in spurts of trying to find a new car, I'd go look at something and it would fall through. ..usually because the owners were BS'ing the condition of the cars. A couple years ago I had enough and just decided to buy my first new mustang but of course I wanted a GT500 or better. I saved up about half and I was ready to just buy and then the GT350's prices started getting ridiculous. After a mild meltdown trying to deal with ordering a special optioned s550 I gave up. A few weeks later I decided I'd just look for an SN95 Cobra, a 68-72 Nova or a 67-70 Mustang. I found lots of crap. This '68 looked to be in good shape and I got it with a fresh 347w/T5 & Disc brakes for $6500. It's a Frankenstein's Monster for sure but at least I have something in the garage. ..half the battle. Plus since I didn't spend much at all for the car, I've got a lot of options for what I get to do with it. While it'll probably cost me $40k+ to do everything I want, most of it is sweat equity so just throwing money at it all at once won't do much at all except make a pile of parts. Probably the most important thing I've bought for the car so far is a Welder.
  2. Yes, '68 Mustang Coupe. I'm doing a Fastback conversion while I'm doing the sheet metal work and I'm trying to decide now what engine and suspension to use. The car will be either DFG or Comp. Orange when it's done.
  3. It's nice to see all the old UserNames again. I'm sorry about the troubles.
  4. Wolvee


    My old 96 and my new '68
  5. I am. :0) How's life everyone!? ..and Yes I regret selling my 96. I have a '68 Coupe now but it's nothing special Yet. I'm starting the build real soon.
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