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  1. smallblocksn95

    Det_Riot's Sexual Teal Whale Cannon Resurrection

    Ironically enough I was out in the garage yesterday and found the issue of mm&ff the teal cannon made the cover of
  2. smallblocksn95

    the motha frickin audi

    I’ll check it out. What they call a sub in this thing is a joke
  3. smallblocksn95

    the motha frickin audi

    Not to derail or anything thing but have you dealt with the stereos in these much? My parents picked up a 2000 A6 4.2 quattro for an extra vehicle, and the only ones that work are the subs and the single tweeter in the driver b pillar. I know the front driver speaker is blown for a fact, but I get no sound out of the rest.
  4. smallblocksn95

    exhaust leak on the elbow

    I just cut the blocks off the pipe, flipped them around and bolt them to the opposite head
  5. smallblocksn95

    ThomasW's Two into One build

    I can vouch for that, they’re all over at work
  6. smallblocksn95

    ThomasW's Two into One build

    Your hoses came with a lot more rubber clamps than mine did for my irs
  7. smallblocksn95

    SN95 351w swap

    I tried, it brings up an error saying there’s no image at that url
  8. smallblocksn95

    SN95 351w swap

  9. smallblocksn95

    SN95 351w swap

    Shows how long it’s been lol
  10. smallblocksn95

    SN95 351w swap

    I’ll work on some pics, I haven’t used my photo bucket account in years lol. As far as the fuel issue goes I haven’t decided if I just want to put another pump in so I can get it tuned , broke in, and the rear alignment done, or wait and do what it needs.
  11. smallblocksn95

    SN95 351w swap

    I got some work done, 408 is in, irs is in and now I need a fuel system lol
  12. smallblocksn95

    SN95 351w swap

    Tell me about it....the guys at CHP and my tuner seem to think I'm going to be around 500 at the tire so I'll probably need a transmission next year lol
  13. smallblocksn95

    SN95 351w swap

    Either a rod bearing again or a wrist pin idk yet. Sad part is I was doing 35 on the way to get gas when it started
  14. smallblocksn95

    SN95 351w swap

    Motor took a crap again...made it 5,000mi this time. A new forged 408 is being built, and I'm going to do an ed Curtis cam this time