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  1. Steering Wheel Radio Controls

    I have two other vehicles with steering wheel controls, and have grown to love them for the fact that I don't have to drop my hands and/or eyes to fiddle with the buttons. I do a fair amount of freeway traveling. Having to reach for the dash is quite a bit more distracting than using a thumb or index finger. Trust me; couple the 80 miles per hour freeways speeds with the idiot drivers around here, and you want both hands on the wheel!
  2. Steering Wheel Radio Controls

    ttocs, thanks for the response. I've found/been offered generic control pads that strap to the wheel's rim, but, for obvious reasons, I don't want some wonky knob hanging off the rim. From what I've been able to find out in the meantime, the later wheels use a "clockspring" (slip ring) that has an additional contact for the radio. If I'm insistent on this, it looks like it'll take a whole new steering column to make it work. I think efforts might be better directed at cool stuff like more horsepower... Nathan
  3. Steering Wheel Radio Controls

    As if my a/c flapper problem wasn't enough trouble for me, I'm now I'm jones-ing for an upgraded radio. Has anyone added/converted their steering wheel to interface with an aftermarket radio to incorporate the controls into the wheel? If so, what switches did you use, and what does it take to get the radio to "talk" to the switches? I've been looking at other Ford steering wheels (Exploder and the like) to see what could be found that already has switches mounted. This would be for an '01. Thanks, Nathan
  4. A/C Vacuum Controls

    Happy Friday! This summer (my first with this car) has shown an odd idiosyncrasy with the a/c controls. Specifically, when pulling a moderate load at low rpms (auto tranny), the a/c flapper valve flips over from the dash to the defrost vents. I know this is caused by low manifold vacuum, but, shouldn't there be a check valve in the system that attempts to hold vacuum in the system during those brief excursions? Just as soon as either the throttle is lifted slightly, or the stubborn tranny decides to down-shift, everything's back to normal. A few assumptions on my part (yes, yes; I know...) 1) There is a faulty check valve somewhere between the engine and the heater controls, B) There is a leak between the hypothetical check valve and heater controls, 4) There is a leak in the flapper motor/diaphragm This could all be resolved if I knew two things; is there a check valve, and, if so, where is it? Anyone? Beuller? I can't seem to find a proper all-car vacuum system diagram for this critter. Thanks for your help, Nathan
  5. The Music Thread: What are you listening to?

    Oh, yeah!!! Don't forget "White and Nerdy"
  6. What Did You Purchase Today?

    Okay, but where does it connect to your car?
  7. Speed Week at Bonneville

    It's a whole different feel from any other type of racing. It's more about being around the crazy hardware and being able to rub elbows with the crewmembers.
  8. Speed Week at Bonneville

    What a blast! If you've never been to the Salt, it's pretty surreal. Picture standing on a vast frozen lake that stretches far enough that you can't see the shorelines, but it's in the middle of the summer. You can drop food on the ground and still eat it, as long as some jackass hasn't puked antifreeze there earlier. It's the green "snow" you have to watch for... All kinds of cars; all kinds of motorcycles; a little of unconventional. Take the diesel pickup, for example: Turbo'd and supercharged Detroit diesel! Note in the background; that was the only Mustang I saw out there. Maybe next year I'll take mine... The bike I was pitting for: 2016 Triumph Thruxton R, putting out around 85HP to the rear wheel. That's a sunrise, not a sunset. Yes, we were on the Salt before the sun came up every morning. That picture gives a bit of the feel of how vast the Salt is. Those mountains are about forty miles away. Classed as a tricycle! Well, I suppose "Trike" would seem less sissy... Possibly my favorite; a first-gen Honda CB750 twin-engine on a stretched frame. It sounded sweet! Dig that crazy paint job, man! Finally, here I am at the starting line, proudly displaying my Salt Flats Record. Yes, according to the track officials, I am an Official Record Holder. Well, that's about all I got out of the week. Maybe if I was to field a ride... 'Anybody want to meet there next year with a contender? Nathan
  9. Bonneville 2017

    Speed Week on the Salt
  10. Double Vision

    From the album Bonneville 2017

    Blast from the Past! A pair of first-gen Honda CB750's on a stretched frame. It sounded awesome!

    © Nathan Lee

  11. Sunrise

    From the album Bonneville 2017

    Morning Number Two. We beat the sun to the Salt every morning to take advantage of the cool air.

    © Nathan Lee

  12. Tricycle?

    From the album Bonneville 2017

    Believe it or not, this is classed as a three-wheeler.

    © Nathan Lee

  13. The Crew

    From the album Bonneville 2017

    Here's the crew around the bike, getting ready for another run.

    © Nathan Lee

  14. Extreme Diesel Powerplant

    From the album Bonneville 2017

    A close up of the powerplant. No, I don't know how fast it went.

    © Nathan Lee

  15. Extreme Diesel

    From the album Bonneville 2017

    It takes all kinds! Someone stretched the bed on this mid-sized pickup and dropped a Detroit Diesel on the frame rails, along with a turbo and supercharger!

    © Nathan Lee