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  1. Welcome To SN95Source.com: bcozzi71

    Nice looking car! What wheels/sizes did you go with? I'm currently running the stock 17 X 8's and would like to upgrade to get a bit more rubber on the road.
  2. Welcome To SN95Source.com: Nater_Potater

    My first car was in '76; I bought my folks '66 notchback 200 cid 3-speed manual Mustang. It was a good steed, but lacking in both power and braking, owing to the small displacement and 4 lug drum brakes. Granted, the 6-banger running through Clifford headers and out dual exhaust sounded very European sports car-ish... After rebuilding the tranny twice, I snagged and rebuilt a C4 and associated center console goodies, and never looked back. Still wanting for more power and brakes, a full 289 drive train with front discs and 9" rear was scrounged from the local Mustang salvage yard that would align quite nicely with the fresh C4. However, a '69 Dodge Superbee with a 383 and Hemi-spec'd 727 tranny soon entered my life, thus putting the horse on the sidelines. Yes, it finally went to a well-deserving family who still owns it to this day. Fast-forward to early 2017; I had been driving my wife's grandmother's 1994 Pontiac Grand Am for the last 10 years (four-banger, auto tranny), and not enjoying anything about it, save for the 30 mpg. My wife's grandfather had bought an '01 GT a couple of years ago, but was making noise about buying a truck to go fishing with (he's 96, by the way). One day, he slides on into our driveway in a mid-sized truck that he just picked up, and asks if we'd help him sell his Mustang. "Sure. I'll get my camera; we'll take some clear shots, and then post it." My wife turns to me and says, "Why don't you buy it?" That's a very good question! So I did! Well, then; here we are with a 53 thousand mile, sixteen-year-old, two-owner car, that had its first set of new tires installed almost six years ago (the same as OEM - Goodyear Eagle GT). 'Typical GT fodder with the 4.6 2V, auto tranny, limited-slip rear w/3.27 gears, laser red paint, black interior, and Mach 460 stereo system. And, it gets right around 21 miles per gallon! I figure it's worth the $4500 I gave him. Future mods will be light, as it's my daily Summer driver. It'll be fun to run in the local SCCA events, so mods will be geared towards that end. Nathan
  3. 2001 GT Grandpa Car.jpg

    From the album Nater_Potater's Junk Pile

    First brought home. Just about as bone-stock as you can get, even down to the OEM-spec'd tires!
  4. Nater_Potater's Junk Pile

    Cars, bikes, planes, whatever...
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  6. What did you do to your mustang today??

    Rotated the antiquated Goodyears and changed engine oil/filter.