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  1. ThomasW

    ThomasW's Two into One build

    It is! I really like the stuff so far. It sprays well and the coverage is pretty godd. The copper gets 1 light coat and is then left to flash, then 2 medium wet coats and that is all. Clear normally gets 4-5 coats for the extra shine.
  2. ThomasW

    ThomasW's Two into One build

    Installed the foglights and bezels on the bumper last night: Also relocated the proportioning valve and started running new brake hard lines. They could be better, but they wont be visible, so im not to worried about it. I spent all day together working on replacing the rusted rocker panels on my truck, got one side about 1/2 wayish done. Tomorrow its supposes to rain and the truck doesnt fit in the garage, so i’ll spend the day finishing the brake lines and install the subframe connectors on the mustang.
  3. ThomasW

    ThomasW's Two into One build

    Stuck at home with a head cold and clogged sinus’, so may as well do something fun to work the cold out. Final coats of clear on my firewall panel: Painted the front bumper: Put the car back in the garage and put it on jackstands under the suspension so i can put the subframe connectors on and start replumbing the brake system as well as some rust cleanup and undercar coating on the bottom side. I’ll probly swap the solid axle out for the irs before taking it off the stands.
  4. ThomasW

    ThomasW's Two into One build

    Now that all the T1’s and firewall panels are done, i can make my own stuff. My cowl panel is done, mostly. Still a bit of waviness to it, i’ll probly wetsand and clear it one final time. I also separate the splitter from the front bumper and trimmed it. Now i need to do some sanding to smooth it out, then skin it in CF.
  5. It’d be an extra $75, but i can do it.
  6. ThomasW

    ThomasW's Two into One build

    I have a small bit of CF/Kevlar twill. I’ve had it for years and still have no idea what im going to do with it.
  7. ThomasW

    ThomasW's Two into One build

    While yet Another T1 and firewall panel cure, i worked on the skinng of my cowl panel. Did some cleaning, sanding, bit more cleaning, then spent 8hrs putting on 4 separate coats of epoxy. Once this cures i can sand it flat, one final layer of epoxy, sand that flat, then apply a clear coat and it’ll be done. Hopefully by then the final T1 and three firewall panels will be done so i can make my firewall panel.
  8. ThomasW

    ThomasW's Two into One build

    Im looking forward to seeing how the blue T1 turns out. The copper im skinning my cowl panel in looks really good so far.
  9. ThomasW

    ThomasW's Two into One build

    You should see the blue, green, red, silver, gold, purple and hot pink.
  10. ThomasW

    ThomasW's Two into One build

    While the clear coat was curing for Another firewall and T1, i decided to start skinning my cowl panel in my Reflective Copper CF:
  11. ThomasW

    ThomasW's Two into One build

    Here’s a photo of the firewall panel on the car: 3 of the 8 are done with a 4th in the vacuum bag. Its my plan to have all of these and the last 3 T1’s im doing done by the 11th, so far I am on schedule for being able to do so.
  12. ThomasW

    ThomasW's Two into One build

    @Prokiller @LWARRIOR1016 you guys have Pm’s. Your parts will be ready to ship come the beginning of the week and payment received.
  13. Lol. I know the feeling. My truck hasnt been washed in 2 years. Lol
  14. Lol *cough* need a car *cough*