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  1. I keep getting these S197/195/550 stuff all confused. To many blasted numbers, SN95 is way easier. Lol well, both the painted brembo’s and the 2nd set of calipers interchange between brackets, so if the S550 calipers fit a S197, i think we’ll be good.
  2. No worries man. so i got my brembo’s from a S195 car and they fit my brackets fine (bc i designed them to. Lol) . I used the same brackets for the S197 4 piston calipers and they fit fine minus two small issues. The rotor was no longer centered and the radial clearance between the rotor edge and caliper was insufficient in one location, hence why there are two separate brackets. Im entirely confident that the S197 brembo’s will fit fine (hell, the ones i have may be Brembo’s, im not sure as i was sent them for testing purposes). Picture attached of the S197 calipers. The S197 bracket is backwards compatible with the 05-09 Brembo’s with a 18” wheel. The rotor centering was only off around .020-.030” and is less an issue on the 05-09’s due to the rotor opening in the caliper being slightly larger than the S197 calipers. All brackets use the S195 GT500 14” rotors. Thomas
  3. Correct-o-mundo! the 4 piston GT500 brembo’s and S197 calipers fit. The 6 piston calipers i see no reason why they shouldnt, but I haven’t tested them.
  4. I have brackets for: 4 piston GT500 Brembos (05 to 09) that fit in a 17” wheel and 4 piston GT500 Brembos OR S197 4 piston calipers. These brackets require a 18” wheel for both caliper styles. Both require spindle mods, the 17” wheel brembo bracket requires some caliper mods as well. Both brackets are for SN95 spindles. The attached photo shows the lower spindle mods required.
  5. About $28-38/each depending on the source (those are mcmaster carr prices). If your patient, sometimes they pop up on ebay for cheaper.
  6. Brake Caliper Bracket guys... i need a show of hands on who all is still interested at $350 for the brackets, spacers and hardware. if you want/need the drill bit and tap (14mm bit, M16x2 through hole tap) those would be another $75. The machinist said he can have them all done and shipped to me no later than the last week of April and wants a $100 deposit for each set. He also said the deposit is non-refundable once he orders the materials.
  7. Files have been sent off to the machinist, he’s just been working 10-12hr shifts 6 days a week and hasnt had time to machine any yet.
  8. Its never to late! Lol I didnt check to see if they would fit 17’s but, i had to space the caliper further away from the spindle centerline by 3/32”, which will have taken nearly all (if not all) of the radial clearance between the caliper and the inner surface of the wheel barrel, so i would say with 99% certainty, 17’s wont fit. Price wise, no idea. Probly somewhere around the same price as the ftr kit with hardware, anodized brackets and the spacer. These brackets use a 3/16 spacer between the hub and the rotor. They also require NON-reversible modifications to the spindle itself. Modifications involve drilling/tapping the stock lower caliper mount hole and also grinding the outer surface of that “tang” with a bevel to provide clearance for the caliper to fit. The Calipers themselves require some slight grinding to provide clearance as well. The Gt500’s need the top surface machined “pads” ground off and smoothed to fit inside 17 inch wheels. The S550 calipers (4 pistons only, the 6 piston ones i havent had the $$$ to buy and verify yet) require a bezel to be ground on the upper bolt tang to clear the upper caliper bracket bolt head.
  9. Could everyone who was interested in the Gt500 or S550 brake caliper brackets post up with which version they were interested in. I got the S550 caliper brackets refined (they are slightly different from the GT500) and am waiting on the first proof set to arrive to verify fitment with a metal set. The machinist is wanting to know how many potential sets of each so he can determine materials and a pricing schedule.
  10. Sounds good! I’m expecting them to be similarly prices as the other guys kit, but im also planning to have these anodized in black to prevent corrosion. The big question is, do you guy want the drillbit/tap needed for the spindle mods included or available as an “option”. Drill bit and tap is basically $75 extra as an option.
  11. I didn't want to make it a point on your topic but I really think that fuse box  and maybe the harness is going to be in the way of the wheel after doing similar stuff to my own car.  I have seen pics of engine bay harnesses that have been rubbed by the wheels just from being tied up to where the fuse box is and they were a few inches higher.  I know how bad it sucks to get the wiring sorted out, and to find out a wheel is in the way.

    1. ThomasW


      No worries man!  I looked at it again today and it doesnt look like it’ll be a problem, but i didnt put the wheel up to actually check.  

        I’ll likely do that tomorrow just for piece of mind. 

  12. New here, but not new to mustangs. Currently own 2-99's. ones a GT the other a v6, that is a empty shell. These make # 13/14 mustangs that i have owned (i think, its been a few). Last car was a 96GT with built everything and a custom turbo kit i built myself. The current GT turned into a buyers remorse type build after i realized just how much of a piece of junk the car was. After dropping close to $6k into it i decided to buy a rust free (or so i thought) car to do a full drivetrain swap so as to save alot of rust and structural repairs on the GT. This is where the v6 comes in. $600 buy and have sold/given away a vast majority of the parts off it, so its a roller shell and currently undergoing all the bodywork for a color swap and a bunch of other stuff. Im also doing custom CF ducktail spoilers for 99-04 mustangs.

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