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  1. Prokiller

    Dalamar's 2013 RAPTOR

    bumper does look good on there. i vote yes
  2. Prokiller

    ThomasW's Two into One build

    i doubt you'll be able to fit the 17" gt500s. and depending on the bracket you'll be using, the offset will give you a problem. when i put my vintage venom kit on, i was able to fit the 18" gt500s i had, but it was very close.
  3. Prokiller

    Ordered a 2018 GT premium PP2

    i should move this to the build section at this point... Friday: got my new tires put on. 305/30 up front and 325/30 out back. Michelin pilot sport 4S tires. the dealership also swapped out the strut tower brace for me that had a large paint gash on it. not that i'm the type to bitch about a little defect, but it was pretty noticeable and i just asked if they could do anything and they swapped it out. so +1 for fred beans customer service. @Yeahloh95 and that cluster glass smudge...dudeman came out with a single serving packet of glasses cleaner that you get at the dollar store and it wiped right off.....i felt so stupid. Monday: took it to get the windows tinted. went with 20% as i usually do. and then did a few things i had been collecting and waiting for this week to put on while i had a few days off. UPR catch can. i couldn't get the clips off or i would have put this on sooner. had to take the strut tower brace off (this is when i discovered the defect) and wanted the dealership to look at it first. but now that it was replaced, this can went on. also cut a bunch of stupid part number labels off various items. cleaned up the bay a smidge. AM wanted like $40 for this dead pedal. found it on aliexpress for $4 shipped from china. came in like 3 days amazingly. now all the pedals match (it was previously just plastic) also switched out the clutch pedal spring. everybody said it's a night/day difference. i wouldn't go that far, but it is a lot smoother to shift. can feel the grab point more now. realized i didn't take a picture of that. next up was the steeda shifter base bushing i scored at the AM show for half off in their scratch and dent tent. no clue why it was in there, but whatever, it was in perfect condition. you can see why the stock shifter is sooooo spongy. this was a significant improvement in the feel of the car. really makes shifting smoother and more confident of what gear you're going into. and lastly, my boss and i went halvsies on a pair of polk speakers for the center dash speaker. "they" say it is single handedly responsible for the muddy sound stage of the car. $40 for the pair on amazon, so sure why not give it a shot. it does really make a difference. lot cleaner sound now. these are pictures from when my boss did his (his pictures are better) stock: new: now to just drive the piss out of it. few things will be bought sooner rather than later. still need to get the spoiler situation figured out and going to get jacking rails like real soon.
  4. Prokiller

    Ordered a 2018 GT premium PP2

    oh i completely agree with you. i felt very very weird going up for it when there was some cool cars there. but it was a charity show for some kid in the hospital. somebody walked around and took pictures of all the cars and he decided his favorite 5. he gave the best award to the fire company who brought their truck over.
  5. Prokiller

    Ordered a 2018 GT premium PP2

    surprisingly went to a little local show last night and took home some hardware with this car already....i've owned it 12 days and got a trophy. owned the 94 for over 12 years and have 2 total...
  6. Prokiller

    Black Pearl Evolution Redux

    remains to be seen Troy. who knows with this damn thing. i'll put the new cylinder in and the steering shaft will fall off....
  7. Prokiller

    Black Pearl Evolution Redux

    messed with the wiring sunday morning a bit. turn the key and wiggled a wire at a time going to the ignition switch. found the culprit. It was one of the wires that alarm was spliced into. cut out the section and put in a new bit of wire. also took back out the ignition switch and put dielectric grease on all the contacts to make sure they are good. i accidentally popped a fuse when i doing it by grounding out my strippers to the dash metal.... go to test it and the key gets stuck in the ignition. like really stuck. won't turn, won't come out. steering wheel turning doesn't do anything, the lock level doesn't help. eventually sprayed in some wd40 to hopefully loosen up the cylinder. and then this happened... damn thing just pulled right out. so now i got to get a new cylinder set. why can't it just be one thing...i fix one stupid little thing, but in doing so, another stupid little thing happens. seems like my best option is to get this set: https://www.americanmuscle.com/black-lock-set-9495.html it has the ignition and door keys to match. the only downside is the trunk wouldn't match. not the end of the world, but better than having a singular ignition key and another for the rest of the car.
  8. Prokiller

    Spockbacca's Loudmouth Mistress

    amazing work!!
  9. Prokiller

    Ordered a 2018 GT premium PP2

    i think from a roll, the 94 would win. anything else....probably the 18. anything with a turn, the 18 all the way. smokey burn out to come after i put some miles on it and get different tires. not going to burn up sport cup 2's for no reason. i have michelin pilot sport 4S on order in 305/30 and 325/30 on order. plan is to try and recoup some of that cost by selling the SC2s.
  10. Prokiller

    Black Pearl Evolution Redux

    well it seems those military splices might have been the root of my stuttering problem. it was an utter shitshow in there. i pulled it all out and seems to be running great. the only problem right now is that it doesn't want to start when turning the key. It's almost like the brand new ignition switch is bad or something. if you move the column up and down, it will fire. going to pull it apart again one night this week and look into the wiring again. perhaps put my old ignition switch back in and test. it was borderline not going to go to the AM show on saturday but i said screw it and brought it. thankfully i did because i took home Best in Class 94-98!
  11. Prokiller

    Ordered a 2018 GT premium PP2

    some AM show pics with @Yeahloh95 the 94 took home best in class too!!
  12. Prokiller

    Full Moon Friday Garage w/ attached house

    this is what it should be like all the time
  13. Prokiller

    Black Pearl Evolution Redux

    alt as in alternator. the wire that the end fell off of even though i swear it was crimped nice and tight. on other news, i switched out the ignition switch at the suggestion of @Yeahloh95 as the cause of the mysterious and random stutter bullshit it does. the previous owner had installed this ghetto alarm system that was not installed properly (all the wires were just stripped and twisted together, never actually connected or soldered). i pulled that thing out while i was in there. still have to fix a line that goes over to the drivers side door for the locking feature but not like it's a big deal. however, i did find this nonsense that i cut out and replaced:
  14. Prokiller

    Ordered a 2018 GT premium PP2

    first look before they cleaned it up: and as we got drove away with it: and direct sunlight this morning: and now while i wait for the wax to dry:
  15. Prokiller

    Ordered a 2018 GT premium PP2

    The eagle has landed!