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  1. Prokiller

    Lanter's house reno and garage expansion

    ah i remember doing our shower...that schluter-kerdi system is really good stuff. looks like you are coming along quite nicely though
  2. Prokiller

    Project White95

    those wheels would looks spectacular on there.
  3. true, but that's what insurance is for
  4. doesn't look too terrible. as least its not anything like frame damage.
  5. Prokiller

    Dalamar's 2013 RAPTOR

    didn't realize how sad and pathetic those stock manifolds would be.
  6. seriously?!?!! that blows. mine's been fine despite now getting two tire punctures that need to replace the tire...
  7. Prokiller

    ThomasW's Two into One build

    this is going to be cool. you never see this on a mustang let alone an SN.
  8. Prokiller

    Number Tew's First House Build Thread

    our black friday purchase this year was a onkyo 7.2 receiver and onkyo 7.1 speaker setup. one of the first movies that was amazing sound wise was Mad Max. so i would definitely recommend that. supposedly tron: legacy was supposed to be good too but it was lacking. ready player one was decent at times.
  9. Prokiller

    Merry Christmas Everyone!

    merry belated christmas everyone! what'd you guys get? anything good? nothing for the mustang for me, although i did get an air cut-off tool and a dremel kit
  10. Prokiller

    2018/2019 winter break mods

    ooohhhh carters customs stuff, i want to see it when you get it. perhaps we'll finally have to get together
  11. Prokiller

    2018/2019 winter break mods

    the most honest prediction in this thread
  12. the obligatory "what are you building this winter" thread and go! 1994: next to nothing. i want to tweak the stereo and if i really get ambitious, tweak my exhaust so i can install the torque arm with the help of @stprorolla49 perhaps 2018: steeda stop the hop kit carbon fiber gt350r spoiler
  13. Prokiller

    The momstangs rebuild

    angry mother voice: WHAT DID I JUST SAY!
  14. Prokiller

    The momstangs rebuild

    don't you even dare cut open those sexports!!!