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  1. at least your driveway will be a pretty color when it rains for a long while. really really sucks though
  2. like a hole through it or just dented?
  3. the wife got ansy apparently. two days of the shower being done and i came home yesterday to this... guess i'll be continuing right along on the bathroom renovation. @Shifty might have a good hookup for the beadboard that we'll be using to cover up where the tiles were.
  4. not necessarily true. you don't have buy a new car. the really only added expense is the control pack and a few other little things for the accessory bracketry. otherwise it would all be stuff you would normally do to build a good solid motor. k-member is just a mod motor version, but same price. plus motor mounts swap headers, still just headers really oil pan, again, you generally want a nicer pan on a new build with larger capacity, so same. fuel system changes slightly, but depending on the build, you would be doing some of these pieces anyway.
  5. definitely a tough nut to swallow. but i will say, you'd be surprised what you can work out sometimes. i really thought after we finally decided on the 16 lariot that there was no way they would get it down to a number we wanted, but they managed to do it. granted it extended the term, but i'm okay with that because i can always pay more on it and end it early.
  6. i don't usually like the convex type wheel like those but that car with the stance it had was just awesome.
  7. 2nd place for me again.....
  8. had to for these one. years ago.
  9. nice to see you over here now. always followed your builds.
  10. drove it to work today. was nice.
  11. not soon enough...
  12. guy said his goal was to bring out a new design each year. but moving to the 05-09 next he said
  13. it sits a lot lower in the fender well. and the rear area is empty where the stock has that indented area bit. realized i missed a picture
  14. There was a new guy in the manufacturer's midway this past weekend at Carlisle. talked to the guy for a while and snapped a few pics of his new bumpers, skirts and hood. it's all fiberglass. i can't say the fit and finish is spot on like Cervini, but it's new and different so perhaps it will get refined down the road. the car the stuff is on doesn't completely give it a full look but with the right stance and wheels i think it would really stand out as a smooth setup. website: www.morphousdesign.com
  15. Door is on. caulked up the corners with color matching caulk. it has a 72 dry time so waiting till tonight to do the shower pan base and ceiling joints with white till it had a chance to setup. didn't want to try and do both and get mixing and it turn out weird. the white is only 24hr so i'll do that and still have to wait for the grey to cure.