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  1. Prokiller

    Warrior's grandpa car build

    i'm actually not sure if you're joking or not but i was
  2. Prokiller

    Warrior's grandpa car build

    don't let the EPA see that
  3. Prokiller

    Black Pearl Evolution Redux

    i drove it into work today. now having the 18, i really think i need to switch to a hydroboost setup. the brakes stop sure enough, but you have to really hammer it down. the 18 has a firm pedal feel that is more confident (perhaps thats as good a word as any to use) that this car is currently lacking. i'm thinking about making that my winter project. it will be needed anyway down the line when i swap in the coyote as the stock setup won't fit. get junkyard 99-04 setup and the MM kit. they say it's only for a fox, but i have a mail out to them now to see what they say about the sn95 application. and a pic because why not
  4. Prokiller

    Det_Riot's Sexual Teal Whale Cannon Resurrection

    so where's the new thread on the 18? it was all over IG so its no secret anymore.
  5. Prokiller

    Lanter's rebuild of a '98 Cobra

    i used brand new brembo slotted rotors. i don't know. stranger things have happened.
  6. Prokiller

    Lanter's rebuild of a '98 Cobra

    hmmm, i didn't have to do that when i switch to cobra setup keeping the stock GT calipers/brackets.
  7. Prokiller

    Project White95

    where'd you get those sway bar mounts or are they homemade? asking for a friend.... @Shifty
  8. Prokiller

    Lanter's rebuild of a '98 Cobra

    could have also gotten GT brackets. they don't have that bit on them.
  9. Prokiller

    Warrior's grandpa car build

    old man tan! should actually be a really fun car when its done
  10. Prokiller

    Meet Valentine

    i like all of this even though i can't see the pictures
  11. Prokiller

    Det_Riot's Sexual Teal Whale Cannon Resurrection

    you have to change your sig back to the mustang now
  12. so mine doesn't have the problem since it was a late 18?
  13. Prokiller

    Mustang Week 2k18

    i have to go out to colorado the week before so the woman is going to come out for the long holiday weekend.
  14. i put in the steeda bracket so far and i still don't like the shifter. i also think a MGW will be in my future.
  15. Prokiller


    looks really good. i like the black following the grille