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  1. Dalamar 96 GT

    nice to see you made the switch Dal!
  2. SN95Source Daily Chat Thread

    snowed last night and of course the dog gets super excited about it. had to take multiple trips to lick it. this is his path/artwork.
  3. SN95Source Daily Chat Thread

    did you replace the audi? or was this for the woman?
  4. SN95Source Daily Chat Thread

    dude! where you been Wilbur?!
  5. Another Build Thread... Why Not

    that was fast!
  6. 94 Cobra #3815

    that's a great idea to cut the tire in half. you just made yourself some adjustable tire size tools. i was wondering why you were making shocks to hold the rear in place, but then realized you still have it mounted in the car. i thought you removed that a while ago. those should really help you fine tune the ride height without having to buy/install coilovers. besides, even if you had actual coilovers right now, it wouldn't simulate actual ride height because you don't have much weight in the car.
  7. Tampa Serial Killer drives SN95

    here's the vert i had and it was an early 95 build. flat side skirts.
  8. Tampa Serial Killer drives SN95

    a very early 95 i guess is possible. the front side skirt spats give it away.
  9. Project NoPulp - V2

    hear that @Orange 94? #trendsetter
  10. ThomasW's Two into One build

    those pictures really helped my eyes understand the lines better. i think it looks great.
  11. MXProbeStang Build

    whoa that's some serious numbers out of that thing. that's incredibly awesome for it being in such a small car. how's it drive? also, which shop did it?
  12. FS: 2004 Mustang GT

    good luck! you selling it to raise funds for the coyote swap?
  13. Project NoPulp - V2

    that's some nice carnage!
  14. Tampa Serial Killer drives SN95

    a 94 gt by the looks of it. stripes are ugly