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  1. UltraSabers

    that's going to be awesome for in the wedding. never heard of this site, but going to have to spend some time there
  2. Ebony Desires

    don't go any bigger than a half inch then. we had a similar problem with @busta when we replaced his belt. there is not much travel on that tensioner.
  3. Ebony Desires

    aweseome! can't wait to see this down there.
  4. 2016 Premium Performance Pack GT

    why isn't there a shoot of the mclaren with the mustang?
  5. Installing Front Window Motors

    yeah...that wasn't the motor itself it was just the bushings. they are about $5 at any auto parts store. the pictures are all broken since photo-suckit went paywall, but here's the instructions for replacing them. http://www.sn95forums.com/showthread.php?14336-How-to-repair-window-motor-bushing-94-95-cars-only
  6. Installing Front Window Motors

    was it bad as in not working at all? or was it clicking at top and bottom of window travel? could have just been the bushings turned into garlic. it's super common on 94-95s.
  7. Full Moon Friday Garage w/ attached house

    haven't done much to it other than figure out what and how we want to do the trim around the window and mirror. have to get some wood to do the window before i can go any farther into it. and have to get another piece or two of the chair rail trim as we decided to use that instead of the baseboard trim around the mirror. the baseboard trim is MDF and not thick enough for what i want to do. so we're going to use the chair rail trim, cut off the large flat section on the bottom and then notch the back for the mirror to sit in. wordy, but once i get into it and snap some pics, you'll get what i mean. but it's currently on hold for the weekend for the AM show.
  8. how much space around a sway bar is needed?

    i can't see a panhard bar in your future with that setup. going to be right in the way.
  9. Ceramic coating???

    @Rolocut where you at to explain?
  10. american muscle 2017 show

    i just assumed it closed already and didn't feel like looking.
  11. i had to replace a sunroof tube on my old 1988 acura legend...was lovely discovery the first time it leaked in. a good solid puddle and a soaking wet seat... so i feel your pain on that one.
  12. american muscle 2017 show

  13. Full Moon Friday Garage w/ attached house

    was off last week so i could try and wrap this bathroom up. got the majority of it done. i didn't want to go balls out till 3am every morning killing myself on my vacation so its not completely done, but what isn't done is manageable. i also had to help my parents move and my birthday thrown in there so that was a couple days i couldn't work on it. first to get it out of the way, here's a side project the wife has been working on. sanded this down to barewood and then stained it to match pretty darn close to our entertainment center cabinets. now back to the bathroom. first pulled the vanity out since we planned to get all up in there the whole week. last of the tiles officially gone gone gone! starting the frames built for the shelves that will be put in the stairwell. 3/4" plywood should hold anything i would ever need to put in there. it held my fatass while installing it so we're good to go. and now that the hard part of that build is done, time to cover up the hole in the wall where the medicine cabinet was. we also had to move the outlet on the right to accommodate the wider vanity and mirror. also note the new box installed for the vanity light. ready for spackle. you can also see the line where the wainscotting will go up to. first panel installed while i was cutting the rest of the panels and getting all that ready for install, she sanded down the door and the closet door. all wainscoting is installed. pulled the toilet out to finish the back wall piece and because the floor was next. now that that was finished, it was onto the floor. laying out all the planks to make sure we didn't just install them and have the same pieces side by side or get stuck with ones we didn't like. started in the closet and worked our way out. around the door frames was the hardest parts. had to cut them a bit to get the pieces to slide under. this stuff was super easy to work with though. score it a couple times and snap. almost done and done i couldn't have actually planned it fitting perfectly around the toilet flange. it was just dumb luck it's now friday morning and time to setup my trim station. we were rocking along and i didn't take any pictures of the trim but here's where we left it for the night. all the baseboard and door trim is done. then moved onto this small area of chair rail. new switch and switch plate also installed. had to move my parents on saturday. Sunday i was so tired from that and just frustrated with them because they had nothing ready to go; it was a fiasco....but i digress....anyway, all we did was the behind the toilet/shower area and reinstalled the toilet so we could use that again. and that brings it up to date. the plan is to try and make a frame from the baseboard trim for the vanity mirror tonight and get that installed. which will then allow me to cut/install the last bit of chair rail for that wall. then put the crap vanity back in for now. we're talking with a friend of the family who owns a custom cabinetry business about making us one instead of an off the shelf one. finding one we like has proven to be very difficult. at least one that isn't stupid expensive. other than that, the only HURDLE persay is i don't know how i want to trim around the window. it's inset and smaller so i'll have to get creative with it.
  14. american muscle 2017 show

    obviously i'll be there. but i didn't register so not sure if the car will be going or not. @95riosnake any update?
  15. Cashless future?

    i'm not saying the IRS won't ever catch up with it, but this isn't really a good example. dude was doing it for 10 years. my statement revolves around the concept that the IRS is constantly watching, every year...which obviously this proves they can't handle that workload.