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  1. Full Moon Friday Garage w/ attached house

    we debated on that, but i don't want to waste time on it. i know what will happen if we do that....it will look okay enough and it will sit for a long time and we'll never get around to replacing it all the while hating it. so if every time i walk into the bathroom i see this ugly POS, it motivates us to replace it.
  2. Photo hosting

    i switched to flickr. top right button opens up the camera, then you'll see a thumbnail on the bottom, from there you can select the ones you want to upload. once you get used to it, it's pretty good
  3. The Not-So-Sexual Whale Cave

    i really like that tile! and i don't think you approached it the wrong way. i started our flooring in the closet and worked our way out. it came out fine, but the vanity wall, all the pieces had to be cut longways to align with the wall. it wasn't fun. and for your case, trim will cover up the area and...it's a freakin closet.
  4. The Not-So-Sexual Whale Cave

    ah the joy's of tiling....i don't miss that part. granted with the large format tiles i did, it wasn't complex like yours. but the finished product of this will turn out amazing. what's the plan for the floor?
  5. The Madd Motorsports POS

    HA! that would mean that @95riosnake would have to stop playing house and get back to the car
  6. Full Moon Friday Garage w/ attached house

    ben stiller?? you mean the fonz, henry winkler? i know the picture got blurry for some reason.
  7. Full Moon Friday Garage w/ attached house

    so the blue...looked purple. the lights really made it look lavender. without the lights, it wasn't too bad, but not what we had envisioned. it didn't match the blue tile for shit. so spent the rest of the day framing and hanging pictures. the wife's Indy wall (dealt is there to keep it symmetrical for now until we find something better) these will be going up in the library tonight and some Game of Thrones swag for by the pool table Sunday morning we went and got new paint to better match the tile. its darker than we had in mind but it looks better in the end. and she kept getting in the way so finally she posed for a picture. its a small room so both of working was sometimes problematic, but we got two coats on the walls. she rolled, and i brushed the edges. threw the vanity back in there for now. had to modify the bottom to go around the new trim. i'm hooking it all back up tonight and against the tile. its a little hard to get the lighting to cooperate with the camera, but it does really match well. i did hang the doors back up last night as well with new hardware, just didn't grab any pictures of that. only a few things yet to call it done done (until we find THE vanity) hook sink back up paint ceiling flat white towel rack towel hook for by the shower floor transition piece new blind for the smaller window deep cleaning all of which will be done by our annual halloween party
  8. My Boss Lady's 2002 Trans Am Collector Edition

    regular maintenance stuff like this is always the first thing that needs to bet done when getting a used car. like you said, hopefully all the new, fresh, and clean things should make a difference
  9. Number Tew's First House Build Thread

    of course. love that movie. it's been on one of the movie channels lately and i've been watching it no, but i do have a white ball of dog fluff.
  10. What Did You Purchase Today?

    went to the new york comic con last thursday. Only our second con ever. spent way too much money, but had a blast. this is just the artwork we got. got a 3 indiana jones movie posters, some pops (including the extremely expensive/rare indiana jones one), and a bunch of other free stuff. the one on the left is a poster for this guy's movie coming out. if you haven't heard of Richard Turner, check him out. he blew Penn and Teller's minds. dude does amazing card tricks and he's full out blind. was shear luck that i saw/recognized him. was walking around and passed a booth and saw him sitting there about ready to pack up. guy was incredibly humble about his tricks. he signed one of the posters for me. the top two are prints and the middle bottom is an original by CJ Draden. the original is Bela Lugosi and the top right is the gary oldman dracula film. i just love his style. it's all etched into a piece of glass and then painted. just really cool method to me. saw him at our first con in baltimore and kicked myself that i didn't pick up any of his stuff. so i wasn't walking away empty handed this time. the Thanos one is the one-off for this con that was raffled off (i didn't win), but i got a numbered print of it. @cjdraden on IG if you want to check out some of his other stuff. lastly is a childhood favorite. hell, i still love darkwing duck. i found that print in baltimore. found out that the guy who voiced him was going to be in NYCC so i brought it with to get it signed. dude was an hour and half late and didn't even apologize for it. so we were salty about the whole thing, paid $30 to talk to him for about 60 seconds and he signed my print. adult me says it was a waste of time; childhood me says its the coolest thing ever! i created a monster though. the wife is now loving these things. so i'm sure we'll be going to more in the future.
  11. Full Moon Friday Garage w/ attached house

    got two coats on the beadboard and a second coat on the trim last night. again, not the easiest thing to discern in the pictures, but there is nice fresh white semi-gloss on there now. now for the blue on the walls and ceiling. we decided last night to see what the blue on the ceiling will look like rather than just standard ceiling flat. worst case, i just paint over it if we don't like it. it's a light enough blue so it should work out. it's the same blue used in the office ceiling if you want to go back and see it.
  12. Number Tew's First House Build Thread

    looks like a Besta cabinet. that's the same ones we have for our entertainment/media storage
  13. Ebony Desires

    truck and car?
  14. Mustang Week 2017 Car Show Pics

    what in the actual hell???
  15. Full Moon Friday Garage w/ attached house

    seriously...i don't hate it persay, but doing trim just plain ole sucks. this took me 3 hours to do. plan is to paint the beadboard tonight and maybe another coat of on the trim. the first coat is always the worst, should go faster now that there is paint there to grab onto.