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  1. Prokiller

    Ladd's Mystic Teminator Build

    please please do a write up of this. this is something i would love to do!
  2. Prokiller

    Black Pearl Evolution Redux

    dually noted about the possible overheating issue. the plan is to not have them under there for more than this season. and what i can also do is leave the top open when not parked at a show. that way it will allow for more ventilation.
  3. Prokiller

    Want to see the missing pictures in old threads!?

    my company doesn't care anymore about disk storage ratings, only the ram size. We installed 13 pedabytes of ram last year and are on target to double that this year. remember, this is memory we're talking about here
  4. Prokiller

    Black Pearl Evolution Redux

    yes they did here's a pic of the amps under the RSD: i had an aluminum battery box that i originally planned to use, but had too many issues with trying to get the battery secure and wires routed and and and... I had this plastic box laying around that i bought YEARS ago(read like 10 years). made a couple brackets to keep the battery secure. Have a 200amp breaker in the box. not too much to really take pictures of. the best part of a stereo is the lack of seeing it. granted this was never the plan, but only because i needed to get the car done. the bass really hits for damn sure. the rest of it sounds pretty good, but needs tweaking. it sounds a little muddy right now. @Yeahloh95 said i should turn the gain down on the speaker amp. in the end i'm very happy with it so far.
  5. Prokiller

    Ford Carlisle 2018

    oh i hear that all too well! my 18 gt pp2 went into production wednesday after only 2.5 months...still another month to go. did you get the new B&O stereo? what color combo?
  6. Prokiller

    Ordered a 2018 GT premium PP2

    went into production FINALLY on wednesday. still showing the delivery date of 6/20, but fingers crossed its sooner. got the window sticker though:
  7. Prokiller

    Full Moon Friday Garage w/ attached house

    i'm waiting to put your future kids into forced labor
  8. Prokiller

    Ford Carlisle 2018

    congrats on the ecoboost!
  9. Prokiller

    Full Moon Friday Garage w/ attached house

    exactly! we spent maybe 5 hours prepping and like 1.5 doing the mulch.
  10. Prokiller

    Black Pearl Evolution Redux

    forgot again to snap a picture....but i did get the rear seat all back together yesterday. also pulled the battery out and reran the power wire from the alternator/fuse box to the now fuse box to T-block in the pass fender. I cleaned up some wiring on the driver's side as well since i won't have the battery there anymore, it was an eye sore. the wife was then helping by recovering the truck floor panel with new felt. We got the sub and floor all mounted up. still have to trim a bit of the fabric around the sub itself for it to be considered done. but we're getting there.
  11. Prokiller

    Project White95

    T1 looks sooo massive from that angle and it makes it look like the bumper is on the ground. when did you start popping bags? looks lower than a fly's ass. was that the right phrase @95riosnake?
  12. Prokiller

    Full Moon Friday Garage w/ attached house

    yard work sucks... spent all last saturday trimming the HELL out of the apple trees. sooooo many branches to deal with. I feel your pain @Number Tew. this saturday with the threat of rain all day, we cleaned up all the flower beds and trimmed all the bushes. planted a dozen more perennials various places, then mulched everything. i'm owwey now.
  13. Prokiller

    Black Pearl Evolution Redux

    forgot to snap a picture when i was done last night, but i did finalize up the fuses and the power/ground wiring to the amps. all of it fits nice and neat on the plank i have the amps mounted to. it will work for now. then ran out to jo ann fabrics to get more felt for the floor panel to redo that. should be able to get that installed tonight and then i can mount the sub and battery box. looking at the home stretch here, just need to get the power wire ran to the alternator and get new door panels.
  14. Prokiller

    Ford Carlisle 2018

    the Stangnet crew rides again!!!
  15. Prokiller

    Black Pearl Evolution Redux

    made headway on it last night. got the power wire all mounted up under the car. will still need to connect it on both ends yet. but at least its run how i want it. then i shifted to making a temp amp rack as i just don't have the time to get the full thing done where i originally planned to put it. just too much things going on right now and i really want to take this car to the shows that are all happening in the next month. wires are just ran at the moment, not cleaned up at all. i'm still going to make it look presentable, but not show worthy. it will be hidden under the rear seat delete panel. still need to get a couple more mounting brackets so the shelf doesn't move around and shorter screws to mount the amps. plan is to finish that up tonight and start working the battery install and the fuses.