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  1. Rambo_Nate

    P51 Intake on NPI Heads

    Eh, I thought the adapter plates will give a better seal on the head that's all. These metal intakes are good for 20hp/15tq so why not right?
  2. Rambo_Nate

    Welcome To SN95Source.com: Rambo_Nate

    Thanks, still getting used to the place.
  3. Rambo_Nate

    P51 Intake on NPI Heads

    Hello guys, I have a P51 intake manifold and livernois adapter plates. I originally wanted to go with a PI intake manifold because I wanted to do an upgrade on my 96 GT, my question is has anyone ever done this before? I also have a Saleen style hood so if anyone is wondering...it should, in theory, be able to clear. I tried researching on the net if anyone has done this but my results were futile. My current setup for bolt-on power is steeda pulleys, K&N fipk cai, mac 75mm t/b, c&l plenum. Nathan
  4. Rambo_Nate

    St. Patrick's Day picture contest

    Oops, yes thats him! I used the wrong name.
  5. Rambo_Nate

    St. Patrick's Day picture contest

    Great examples but I think you are misinterpreting what I was trying to say. What I'm trying to explain is that I haven't seen my style hood in person on another car with shaved vents in my area or surrounding states. Seeing a clean SN95 is a treat/rare for me to begin with lol. I recognize Caleb's old black 96-98 Twin Turbo Saleen car! I follow him on Instagram by way.
  6. Rambo_Nate

    St. Patrick's Day picture contest

    I believe it since I've been sporting the hood for a while I haven't come across anybody with a similar hood setup. I've been to American Muscle for 5 years strong with over 1000 mustangs and still haven't seen it lol. Thank you! I sent the pictures and the address.
  7. Rambo_Nate

    Welcome To SN95Source.com: Rambo_Nate

    Awesome! Thank you for the follow. I try to keep my followers updated and entertained lol.
  8. Rambo_Nate

    St. Patrick's Day picture contest

    I had the hood custom made by Kaenen. I called up their shop and they built the hood in a weekends time. The hood is Saleen replica with shaved V6/GT vents. I believe I am the only one who has it like that because all the ones I've seen have vents.
  9. Rambo_Nate

    St. Patrick's Day picture contest

    Thank you! I had it custom made about 4-5 years ago, the vents are functional.
  10. Rambo_Nate

    Welcome To SN95Source.com: Rambo_Nate

    Hey guys, I've been around Mustangs for 2/3rd's of my life and it has been a wild ride. I got introduced to the platform at a young age waaaayyyy before I had my license, a matter of fact I was on two wheels - my bicycle/bmx bike. There was a guy who lived down the street who owned a white foxbody with blue racing stripes. He would drive it up and down the street all the time until one day he really opened the throttle in front of me. He was at the corner and dumped the clutch in first gear and power slid down the street - the rest was history! I got my first Mustang when I was 17, I am 30 now and still have it. I daily drove it for the first 5 years of ownership, then I started to modify it heavily after I graduated high school. Fast track till today the car has Saleen exterior parts and a couple of bolt on's. I have a wild idea that would make it the ultimate pony car by my standards and do not want to give it away haha, it will be a surprise. I also I have 2002 Mustang GT Convertible that I am currently restoring. I picked up 2 years ago but haven't had a chance to really dig into because my career and family lifestyle is more priority. The end goal is to make that car a Saleen Speedster...I guess you know what I like a hint, hint! Nathan
  11. Rambo_Nate

    St. Patrick's Day picture contest

    Hey guys, Jay "1998cobrasvt" encouraged me to join. Here is my ride:
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