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  1. Thanks for the welcome. The Delmarva peninsula is a terminal moraine located on the East Coast. Del,(Delaware)Mar(Maryland)Va(Virginia). While the Gen 2 swap is enticing, I am getting sticker shock from the pricing. I'm leaning towards a 4 bolt stroked Windsor with a Sniper EFI, similar power to the Gen 2. After the clone is on the road I will do a resto on the Cobra.
  2. Greetings. I'm here to pick brains and share. I have 2 SN95's. One is a 1994 Black Cobra barn find. It has an SVO block, crower cam and a KB 2.2 L blower, and has been idle for 10 years. Oh yeah it has only 28K on the odometer (about 10K on the SVO block.) The other is a 1995 Cobra clone (GT). White with a black top. (Not a vert) It has no drivetrain (or radiator) and 142K on the odometer. The plan was to put the Cobra SVO motor in the clone, but i am having second thoughts. I am leaning toward a crate motor for the clone. Fascinated by the thought of a Gen 2 coyote swap I live on the Delmarva peninsula. My daily driver is an AWD Edge.
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