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  1. lol buried under this oven
  2. well im jealous now they will look excellent on your bottom work bench shelf though!
  3. looks excellent. well laid out. I like where this whole wire tuck is going :)
  4. Congratulations. welcome to the "car is back burner" build club
  5. this is all very cryptic. also, no pictures
  6. @Lanter @Tabres @Blackmage @jgib4 that is all for now
  7. i might have missed this. is this a single or twin kit?
  8. man lots of good looking "new" builds lately! im going to have my reading cut out for me this winter! looking forward to this one as well!
  9. i cut the battery clamp end off of the large cable. i then installed a ring terminal in place of the battery terminal end. I then took the eyelet and grounded that directly to the frame. This way i did not have to eliminate or change any of the factory harness.
  10. im glad to see this build going on! one question. with the on3performance coolant adapter. Should the "spring" part of the thermostat not face the engine? In your picture it is shown pointing up, and i assume that goes directly to your radiator? correct me if im wrong or there is something i dont know. Looking forward to many updates to come!
  11. i cut the large factory ground and put it directly to the frame rail in the front. then just grounded the battery in the trunk to the frame rail. cant say if i have issues because my car doesn't have an engine...
  12. first off will is a jerk. and I think I say that for both myself and chris. Also the statement that "everyone" has won is not fair. cant remember seeing @Blackmage win. your car might run but your a loser too!
  13. maybe we should all brainstorm some ideas for criteria for this month and that will help out? how about "track cars" or a color theme, like "Black cars only" ? just a thought
  14. you finished in one post what has taken me years! and im no where close. that looks awesome, well done!
  15. wow! thats kinda what i was expecting to see but i still cant believe it. Im sure i would lose my patience trying to line all the bolt holes up on the top through that little hole!