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  1. congrats. im totally blown away we have someone here named @Admin! mystery man!
  2. WELCOME to the site cant wait to start reading through a new build thread
  3. id love to go. ill have to see what sean's plans are. typically I don't go anywhere with out him. he drives I pay for parking
  4. voted and shared. will do the same tomorrow. Enough of the S197 already!
  5. wo wo wo! who wants to come shovel my car out of a snow drift?
  6. its not really a help to find "my" build thread. unless your looking for cobwebs. sweet for people that WORK on their cars though!
  7. i like that emblem. Looks sweet!
  8. if only i was closer, and my car had an engine, trans, front suspension, wheels and tire, and all that other important stuff for a cruise
  9. sssssoooooo is this going to be a Christmas present or what. Its not like you have any thing at CJ's taking up your time [MENTION=1]Bullitt[/MENTION] !
  10. gulf blue GT is the best. that has to be fairly rare as ford GT's go
  11. charlotte eh? i have family that lives relatively close(pun intended) might be time for a visit!

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