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  1. Solar

    Crow is dead

    Sucks because I was about to garage the car. My plan was to get a Montero for our camping needs. Use the Bike as a DD and have the Mustang garaged to slowly save up for the aftermarket parts. Now it is just to get the Montero and someday get me a racecar.
  2. Solar

    Crow is dead

    Ladies and Gentlemen, My mustang is dead. Story? I was driving down to go home and decided to take the back roads way because it is dark and I can drive slowly which will make me tired. Perfect for my sleeping problems. Well, I decided to do that at the last minute and just took an off ramp. As I approached the turn, I noticed I was still going to fast. I decided to slowly apply the brake and went to shift from 5th to 4th. Instead, I shifted to 2nd and popped the clutch. Well, my rear end came loose and I was able to control it so I didn't hit anything. Once I finished the turn I decided to let it go because I knew I couldn't save it. I hit some grass as expected but I didn't take into account where I was. I forgot there is a ditch in which i went into. Once I hit the ditch, the Mustang slowly rolled on to its roof. No...I am not hurt. The rollover was so slow I could have drank coffee at the same time. No airbags were deployed. Most of the damage was caused from turning the vehicle back over. A-pillar is toast. It is a loss.
  3. Solar

    My big wang

    Oh dear god Charlie Sweets. She is a Cam girl.
  4. Solar

    My big wang

    I came here for dick. I am dissapoint.
  5. Solar

    High idle - P1506 code

    smoke machine helps too.
  6. Solar

    Welcome To SN95Source.com: htm281

    You have finally answered! Very nice dude! You didn't tell me the stang was in Bahrain! Anyways, do tell more!
  7. Solar

    Welcome To SN95Source.com: htm281

    Hey guy! Answer!
  8. Solar

    What Did You Purchase Today?

    Got my mm panhard bar.
  9. Solar

    What's Your Ride Look Like Today?

    I'll correct it.
  10. Solar

    Whats In Your Arsenal

  11. Solar

    What's Your Ride Look Like Today?

    With ya...not ideal. But I will be taking care of that soon too
  12. Solar

    The almighty EPIC engine bay thread

    this thread angers me. Reminds me of how undesirable my engine bay looks.
  13. Solar

    What's Your Ride Look Like Today?

    That should help a bit until I purchase some proper seats.
  14. Solar

    96 SVT Snake's Caspian Cobra

    I think we all agree that Full Length Subframe Connectors has made the biggest difference on the ride quality of our specific vehicles. That is either for racing and/or comfort. My wife now enjoys driving the car more now because of it despite my other comfy suspension mods.