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  1. You have finally answered! Very nice dude! You didn't tell me the stang was in Bahrain! Anyways, do tell more!
  2. So what are we doing for founding members?
  3. Mustang Week...where everyone on youtube waits for Mustang owners to embarrass themselves and crash.
  4. I would love to but I am not always available to access the site hence why I don't post much. I have to wait until I am in my room to do so.
  5. I will be ordering. I like this forum so why not?!
  6. Happy Thanksgiving. Mine wasn't so good as I am in Afghanistan but luckily I spent it fooling around with my linguist. Everyone...drink for me!
  7. Hey man, I am trying to find good pictures of Deep Violet Mustangs as I am looking for ideas for new paintjob. Any suggestions to include possible pics of yours?

  8. Military is for wussies. Soul-ja boy is tougher.
  9. nah dude i wish! i got class all the fucking time =[

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