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  1. no never made the brackets but FTR copied the bracket and is selling it https://www.fullytorquedracing.com/mustang/sn95-14in-brake-kit.html @Steve-Oh
  2. Alex302

    Turbo mach 1 build

    what brand oil filter relocation is that?
  3. Alex302

    NMRA Action kicking off soon!

    ill be there Saturday in the show and staying for the grudge race as well
  4. Alex302

    Got me some new seats.

    They will bolt up to the stock rails i just drilled some new holes in the rails.
  5. Alex302

    Got me some new seats.

    There comfortable and have good support
  6. Alex302

    Got me some new seats.

    Found these on Craigslist there not @tony carbonfiber level but they look good.
  7. Alex302

    Welcome To SN95Source.com: Tally_4.6

  8. Alex302

    New CCWs

    looks killer