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  1. Goldmember

    What I've been up to

    Glad to see you still have heart for the car; good to hear from you. Best of luck whatever you decide to do.
  2. Goldmember

    did this guy transfer over from the other forum?

    BRB getting Kleenex... Nothing but respect here, in a garage of quarter-million dollar exotics 'Stangs are still getting built! I met a guy at a car show years ago; he had an orange Gallardo, we got to talking, he told me about the 3 turbo 5.0 Fox bodies he owned way back when. Plenty of cool exotic guys out there. They just happen to have much better-equipped wallets. Mine currently has the money delete mod lol
  3. Oh and the plastidip pro hack: You don't have to mask the tires off. Just make sure you have some tire shine on them, the Dip won't stick to it, then it just peels right off the tire. I took the tires off and rotated; figured might as well since I did the calipers anyway. They can be done on the car, the hack for that is to cover up the brakes using plastic shopping bags or garbage bags. It works.
  4. I'm going to try it again today. My iPhone camera isn't the best thing in the world so I'll take out the Canon. It looks mean. I'm thinking a 1/8" red stripe around the wheel lip to give some separation between wheel/tire. Word of caution to those with Oxford/Crystal White cars: since there's well-documented problems with paint peeling: be careful. Just read over on crownvic.net, a guy with a CW '00 Police Interceptor dipped his whole car, then tried taking it off after a year. He took some paint up, too. http://www.crownvic.net/ubbthreads/ubbthreads.php?ubb=showflat&Number=2747407&gonew=1#UNREAD Granted, this is one individual who had a problem, but Ford white is known for peeling/defects. The painters on this board won't have a lot of nice things to say about Plastidip, but it's cheap, works well enough, and does the job for us backyard guys.
  5. 10 year old 17" starfish wheels. Grabbed a couple of cans of Black, figuring a) can't afford new wheels, Plastidip only $25 for a few cans; b) the wheels can't really look worse, and c) if I massively screw up, most of it will peel it off, Goo-Gone will demolish whatever survives. (It really does) Plastidip is pretty forgiving stuff provided you don't get huge runs in it. I did 3-4 light coats on the wheels. Wish I had a good pic but... flat black wheels + direct sun = damn hard to photograph. Looks mean in person though. While I was at it, I repainted my calipers using Duplicolor's Gloss Black. It's a bit much black against the wheels, but I had the paint lying around, so I took the budget-bomb approach instead of spending $30 on the new kit. Just dropped $300 in my front suspension as it is. Last, my third brake light was in bad shape. They still bring big $ from Ford, so I masked off the red lens area and hosed the rest down with Rustoleum Lens Tint. Had some lying around. $7 for the can opposed to $200 from Ford. Like I said, can't make it worse. Didn't mess with anything mechanical, you can always undo cosmetic stuff.
  6. Goldmember

    02-05 T-Birds

    Good choice. Looks like it has the Pony package so you get GT suspension on a V6.
  7. Good choice, someone beat me to it on running away from N*'s. Even still- they pull like a motherfucker once you get some revs built up.
  8. In daily driving. I think the PI doesn't really start cooking until 3500 RPM so that's where I'm taking to shifting. Obviously I'll adjust that down if I'm in traffic. Seems a little high to me, is that going to cause undue wear on the drivetrain? And what I would give for 3.73's... Driving a stock PI with 3.27's feels a lot like an old 5.0 with 2.73's. Like it's dragging a boat anchor.
  9. Goldmember

    My wife talked me into keeping the GT.

    I'd be in favor of that. I said what I did mostly out of respect for the title. Guys and gals bust their asses to create something awesome, for a stocker like mine to win kind of undermines the title imo... but if it's a dedicated stock car contest... then that would certainly change things up a little. Need another month to get it ready though... and we would have to define what constitutes "stock..." I do have a cat-back and a short-throw but that pretty much passes for stock anyway lol
  10. Goldmember

    Foxbody shocks/stuts on an sn95?

    Figure it's better to keep an old thread in business: Is there any benefit to Fox struts with stock springs? I am replacing front struts soon and simply want to know if there's anything to be gained. I imagine no since the SN has a little more travel.
  11. Nice work. Reborn is right, hell this thing came back from 6' under! 4V's are a ton of fun in higher RPM's, I fondly remember my '94 Mark VIII for that. Pulled like a freight train once the IMRC's opened up.
  12. Goldmember

    My wife talked me into keeping the GT.

    lol I don't know about ROTM, a stock GT doesn't really deserve the title. Unless there was an unofficial contest for stock cars? I take it to local cruise-ins, it's just nice enough to blend in, and it's my four-seasons daily driver.
  13. Goldmember

    My wife talked me into keeping the GT.

    I was ready to loosen a fuel line and take it for a spin lol... Was at my breaking point with the car... but I'm going to work through my issues with the car. Because Mustang.
  14. Yes, you read that right, my wife convinced me to keep it for a while longer. The logic is pretty clear: 1- I'm still too upside down on the car to trade it 2- My credit has taken several hits over the past couple of years, need to rebuild it 3- Doing the maintenance on the GT is still more financially viable than trading it 4- I'm not ready to part with it. My wife sees through my bullshit no matter how high I try to pile it. Why did I want to get rid of it? 1- Blew the #4 plug out of the head. (Fixed with Timesert, probably not going anywhere now) 2- All of the typical SN95 quirks were irritating me. 2b- I didn't want to keep putting money into it. 3- Our 10-week old Siberian Husky. I was contemplating an SUV to haul the pooch. She only rides in my wife's Altima. My wife prefers a clean car but she's not as fussy as I am, plus she has leather = easier to keep clean anyway. It is known that the dog won't go in the GT. Period. 5- My wife convinced me that it wasn't necessary. Her car will be paid off next May and she wants to get a small SUV at that point. So, for now, we will just suck it up. I imagine the dog will be less fidgety in the car as she grows. 6- Best of all- she drives the SUV, I drive the Altima, I can keep the GT as a weekend cruiser. Where do I go from here? 1- new front tires 2- replace front struts (OE) 3- some mild customizing (repaint wheels, other odds/ends) 4- oil change/trans fluid; rear axle sometime in the Fall 5- in the Fall- address rust before winter sets in again I'll be around...
  15. Goldmember

    Fair price for an '04 GT?

    Well, looks like I'm keeping the car a while longer. Can't take the hit on my credit right now, so I'll just work with what I have until the time is right.