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My SN95

  1. Looks like you just got a bunch of stone and concrete? Lame...
  2. Congrtualtions on the new house Steve! Mine purchase is much less exciting. U-Joints for the front Jeep axles and speed bleeders for the fronts.
  3. I'm still gorgeous:
  4. Need to Google that, not sure when it is.
  5. Thanks man, still need to make the rest of it! Not sure how I'm going to route / fab this but imma wing it! They bay came out okay! I didn't finish it so I just ground the welds best I could and painted it with a rattle can. Doesn't look terrible but it doesn't look finished also. Thanks though! It's been a rough couple years for this car but it'll come together soon.
  6. It's always that ABS block that gets you. It's okay, maybe next time. Well park next to each other at MW this year, I'll win because my ABS is deleted
  7. We're pretty effing hilarious here But agreed it's hard to find organized information on social media. IE write-ups and so on will always live in forums unless they figure out a way to do that on facebook.
  8. Ordered the rest of my wheels today. 3 months en-counting
  9. Side note, for all who don't know of "Handz" it's probably better that way.
  10. Seriously though, I'm very happy we can make a nice easy transition here! I've known Bob online for quite sometime and he is a good soul! Lots of Luck Steve and by my book, you did everything perfect! Thanks again for everything and keeping this site alive!
  11. BOB? REALY!?! Ugh... that means New Jersey owns the Source. FML
  12. Oh and my fun wheel offset measuring tool:
  13. Starting to look complete again. Almost there and finally in touch with our sales rep at TSW and getting the wheels ordered in the next couple days.
  14. Nice work Ryan! Looks really awesome and top notch work as usual! PS, all Jasper cameos above are amazing!