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  1. Steve-Oh

    What's Your Ride Look Like Today?

    Ran some night work this week. Brutal AF
  2. Steve-Oh

    Det_Riot's Sexual Teal Whale Cannon Resurrection

    Good to hear, feels like you have a good handle on it. Lots of luck!
  3. Steve-Oh

    Det_Riot's Sexual Teal Whale Cannon Resurrection

    Unless you're making that @95opal money be prepared to be reinvesting that money into the business for the next 5-10 years 😉 Excited to be seeing updates finally on this car!
  4. Steve-Oh

    Ford Carlisle 2018

    This is my thought process too. Zero chance I get up early enough on my day off 😉 @Bullitt wish I could get to see it! Enjoy that show, always wanted to get to that one.
  5. Steve-Oh

    Ford Carlisle 2018

    I haven't even cleaned the car yet! Hopefully tomorrow I can get to my parents to clean and put on wheel spacers. Headed over Friday morning.
  6. Steve-Oh

    What Did You Purchase Today?

    Out of everyone, I figured you would enjoy the yellow! 😉
  7. I had a response to most of the above and then the site updated and I lost it. Sooooo, HI!
  8. Steve-Oh

    Corey's Mach 1

    I love me some white machs! I like them naked without stripes 😎
  9. Steve-Oh

    What Did You Purchase Today?

    Picked up my first truck. She's kind of ugly now but she's got good bones, as my friend would say. Needs a good cleaning and rid of that horrible graphic on the side to start.
  10. Steve-Oh

    Ebony Desires

    It should be at Carlisle this year! As long as work doesn't get in the way.
  11. Steve-Oh

    Ebony Desires

    I think I do too!! On it this weekend! Oh God yes it does. They were rough
  12. Steve-Oh

    Ebony Desires

    I think I do too!! On it this weekend! Oh God yes it does. They were rough
  13. Here's the Saturn carnage
  14. A lot has been going on the past few months with lots of ups and downs. The Jeep is finally fixed! Trans is rebuilt, brakes are bled (Properly!) so it stops so well now and alignment done. However just when one car was working well, our other car took a shit. I knew something was wrong with it however I thought it was a little valve tap... A little "valve tap" turned into a spun rod bearing and a nice knock. We had no choice but to drive it so we drove it with the knock for a little while, then the day before Easter it threw the rod right through the block, very fun! Ordered a "new" motor for it and decided to take the gamble. Got the new motor installed and haven't been able to get it to run right since. Computer is saying it is throwing a "cam sensor" code but there is no cam sensor on the motor . With all the problems this car has caused since last summer we decided to call it quits. We're looking at something newer, she wants a 2013+ Passat so that is what she's getting. Also I've been hustling around to find my first truck for this season. I've been driving for a friend of mine but really want to branch off on my own. I'm finding out that it is WAY easier to buy a used car over buying a used triaxle. Trying to find something you like with also being affordable is proving difficult. People think their trucks are worth WAY more than they are and it's worse than the car scene. However, the one truck is all buttoned up and took a picture of it on his maiden voyage. Also been driving the black truck and it has since become very dirty. The End!