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  1. Ebony Desires

    MT is on my shit list right now after trying to deal with them at Quad. But still going to probably end up buying them after your suggestion
  2. Black Pearl Evolution Redux

    The solobaric's really don't need a box. They were designed to work with or without a sealed box.
  3. Anyone at Mustang week?

    Up here! Still mid 80's / high 70's down in SC!
  4. Ebony Desires

    They're 19x8.5" on the front and 19x10.5" rear. So probably a 255-265/30 front and 295/30 rear. Somewhere in that ball park. Need to replace the Jeep because it sucks royally and I need a dump truck for the start of the spring 2018 season.
  5. Ebony Desires

    At my pace, probably not until 3 years from now I'm trying to find tire deals since it's the end of the season. I don't want to put them on now since it's just going to sit for the winter. Ideally they'll be on prior to the start of next season. I'm trying to buy a new truck and car before next spring so we'll see how that all works out.
  6. Anyone at Mustang week?

    I think someone on here was saying they booked the convention center for the next few years. So yeah I think they are locked in for early September. Which I'm okay with because it drives the rental costs wayyyy down.
  7. Well, LSU suck this year 🤔

    That had a bit of a recovery time period due to the Nazi NCAA. @droptoppony I know the Beagles are starting to come together and performing well. I can see them crashing a bit, but for now I'll take it. Now it's the Flyers turn.
  8. Mustang Week 2017 Car Show Pics

    @Prokiller It's funny you said that because I won a trophy!! Well, @WildWillyWalker won a trophy haha!! I'm not kidding what so ever too hahahahahaha
  9. Well, LSU suck this year 🤔

    PSU, that is all!
  10. new theme

    Ohhhh I like it.
  11. Ebony Desires

    Aside from that, I've been driving it around. No too far since it's still not running 100% but the bugs will be worked out in time. The Jeep was down for a couple weeks so she sat outside under a cover. Luckily we had a nice stretch of weather so no rain!
  12. Ebony Desires

    I think I posted a few pages back of when I test fitted the TSW wheel I ordered. I was able to confirm fitment and struck a deal with them on the rest. They were supposed to arrive prior to MW but they came a week after. Oh well, the rest are finally here!
  13. Anyone at Mustang week?

    I like how they set up the car show this year. Previous times I've been down there they packed the cars in that mall. They spaced the cars out nicely so everyone wasn't on tip of each other. Bob why weren't you there? No excuse.
  14. SN95Source Daily Chat Thread

    I'm holding you to this! Ali would love it! I see what you did there.
  15. SN95Source Daily Chat Thread

    Wilbur, come to Mustang Week. Kay thx! @Blackmage