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My SN95

  1. Ebony Desires

    I can't wait to see everyone!! Going to be a good time this year.
  2. Ebony Desires

    I think the belt I put on was too short so it's maxed out. I think if I put a longer belt on it, that will stop. Fingers crossed.
  3. Talks of POTUS assassination

    Off topic, but my opinion towards cops is on the hatred side. I've seen so many good people, with good intentions become cops and turn into corrupt pieces of shit. If I could burn every black, white and blue "American Flag" I would. It's a disgrace to deface the symbol that is the American flag in such a way, personal opinion. /rant.
  4. Ebony Desires

    All in all it was pretty easy to do the wiring. I have a couple of gremlins lurking that I'll work out prior to mustang week but shouldn't be too bad, all related to the two boxes I moved into the pass. side fender.
  5. Ebony Desires

    Got the exhaust rigged up for now with 2.5" pipe. Once I get time I have 3" tubing sitting here to make something a little bit better. I'm still using the old Flowmaster cat-back I got from 2008, sounds like shit and is all rusted out. However, I still made it work: Untitled by whereamioo7, on Flickr Untitled by whereamioo7, on Flickr Untitled by whereamioo7, on Flickr Once I figured out the engine builder didn't stab the dizzy at TDC things went smoothly and it started right up like nothing. Set the timing and she runs really well! Was very excited to hear it finally run. Got the front end back on, filled the trans fluid and took it for a little drive down the street. Left my dad a present in the middle of the street, couldn't resist. Untitled by whereamioo7, on Flickr Untitled by whereamioo7, on Flickr Then I ran out of gas: Untitled by whereamioo7, on Flickr
  6. Ebony Desires

    Ahhh fuck balls, it's Saturday not Sunday! Thanks for the reminder Troy!! <3
  7. What Did You Purchase Today?

    Oh, nice boom boom stick !
  8. Finally got to fix the sunroof drain tubes. Not very interesting but basically they were a blue convoluted tubing and over time they got brittle and broken. This cause all sorts of issues electrically when the water leaked on the fuse box. Long story short, new starter and 5 days of headaches. The drain tubes themselves were not too bad to replace but it was a pain to route the tubing as I forgot the note the original routing before removing Anyways, here's a couple non-interesting pictures: So no more wet floor and no more electrical issues! On to the good stuff. Here is my parting gifts to myself from my old job: 20x9 SRT-8 Gen-1 Replica Wheels Also got a new rear sway-bar. As you can tell from the pictures the original is quite a waste.
  9. What Did You Purchase Today?

    Got some 3" tubing and O2 extensions on the way today. Maybe I can get the exhaust temporarily built this weekend.
  10. SN95Source Under NEW OWNERSHIP!!

    Baby back ribs?
  11. Ebony Desires

    I have power! Had a little troubles with the electrical so I wasn't getting spark. Got it figured out so I'll try again this weekend for a start-up. [video] [/video]
  12. Det_Riot's Sexual Teal Whale Cannon

    I think I can read minds, definitely did not even see this post until now. My message this morning was on point! $18K and you're done!
  13. SN95 Coyote swap Master Thread

  14. Cashless future?

    Have you ever seen what the IRS work with? Their equipment is from 1950. I agree with Ryan, the big guys are pushing for this because they make more money when you use plastic.
  15. suspension of direct file uploading

    What the f*ck, are you f*cking kidding me?! This is total b*llsh*t and I hate all of you. F8Ck this place. F*ck f*ck f*ck f*ck