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  1. IRS swap

    My old SN95 car I did the Griggs GR40 Super Street setup (with a few upgrades to the kit). Awesome night and day setup over a modified 4 link (I had the Eibach Pro Street system and swaybars before the Griggs setup). When I built my Cobra, I decided not to swap the rear GR40 stuff over and go IRS instead. I did the Full Tilt Boogie FT5000 kit and a FRPP Diff cover. Im on single adjustable Koni's and coilovers all around. All I have to say is, I love it! I'd never want or put back a solid axle even if Im making a 1000+ HP. Also check out this article from Maximum Motorsports. http://www.maximummotorsports.com/tech_rear_susp_irs_faq_royce.aspx
  2. What clutch fork for '94 GT

    Check late model resto or american muscle. They both sell either Ford or a McLeod piece.
  3. SN95Source Under NEW OWNERSHIP!!

    So this is where all the cool kids ended up!
  4. Stand Alone Questions

    Pro-M? http://www.promracing.com/pro-m-efi-engine-management-systems/ford-complete-efi-systems/pro-m-efi-engine-management-system-for-the-1996-1998-mustang.html#Learn