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  1. The Not-So-Sexual Whale Cave

    Looks great Bryan! Nothing like picking a simple pattern for your first attempt at tiling haha.
  2. ThomasW's Two into One build

    I'm down for one! The balancing act with CF and Rio Red is real.
  3. 94 Cobra #3815

    I actually called and talked to Griggs about that because I wanted to get 305-315 tires up front. The fenders on that car are still "stock," but pulled and rolled to the max. I was told to call back if/when I ever get to the point of that and they would help more in how to do it. However, I am not anywhere near that point... and I also don't know if using their SLA setup has anything to do with fitting wider wheels/tires up front. The whole wheel/tire part of the build is like a chicken and egg type deal - I can't pull the fenders/quarters until I know what size wheels I'm getting; but, can't buy wheels until I figure out what will fit. That said, if you're reproducing these at any point, I want a set. I will probably still be staring at a dust collection when you do reproduce them anyway!
  4. Carbon Fiber Repair

    me either
  5. Tampa Serial Killer drives SN95

    If I recall correctly, mine is a super early 95 (November 94 build date)... and no upturns.
  6. Tampa Serial Killer drives SN95

    OG Florida car I'm pretty sure; I'm looking for the Carfax @Blackmage sent me. My dad is the second owner of the car., and the only thing the previous owner did to it was install a shifter.
  7. Tampa Serial Killer drives SN95

    I've got the uprights on my 95 I think. Now I need to find pictures...
  8. My Boss Lady's 2002 Trans Am Collector Edition

    FL2k, Silver Springs, and Wanna Go Fast all in January!
  9. Heavy Horse Garage (and House)

    I've been waiting until I was done with this project, but I'm bored at work and my thread needs pictures again (thanks Photobucket)... also, it's been a year since I've posted in this thread?!?! Here is a "small" project I've been messing with for over a year, but only seriously the last couple months - customizing our pantry. It really shouldn't have taken as long as it did, but that's what having a kid in the house does I guess. I don't have any before pictures that I can find (who takes pictures of a pantry anyway?), but the pantry was just a small room with five wire shelves. Wire shelves might be the worst idea ever for a house, especially a pantry. NOTHING will stay in the upright position and they hold next to no weight. When we built the house, we added an outlet in the pantry in order to add a wine fridge at a later date... that date was December 2015 haha... and the beer fridge followed soon after. Then, last September, I think, I got the bright idea to replace the lower two shelves with cabinets and countertop, effectively building in the fridges. Still can't find pictures of that point in time. A couple months ago, I decided enough was enough, was bored, and everyone was asleep... so out to the garage I went to fix the 1x1 to start framing up a top shelf. The pocket hole jig got a workout on these! And done with the first frame: The next weekend I went at the second shelf. This is where things really slowed down because I had to start emptying the contents of the pantry out into the dining room. Two down! Things really slowed down here as we had a lot of stuff going on and I had to wait for my dad to visit with his truck to get some plywood. Most of these pictures are on my old phone. How some of the older ones made it to this phone, but not these is beyond me. I just cut 1/2" birch plywood to size and finish nailed to the 1x1 frames, then face framed with 1x3 pine. Ready for putty, sanding, and paint: About this time, which was three weeks ago, my wife *asked* very nicely if it was possible to get the shelves "usable" by Thanksgiving. I guess she knows me too well. It didn't seem like too much of a challenge to get three shelves done in three weekends... until I decided I only wanted to empty the pantry once. So I may as well do the floors right? Right. Up comes the tile. Worst. Job. Ever. I taped a bunch of 6 mil plastic over the door opening and brought the shop vac in to just run while I was working. That seemed to cut down on the dust considerably, but there was still dust all over the butler's pantry and wherever I wandered in the house. The rental hammer was great for pulling up tile, but SUCKED at getting the thinset because the blade they gave me was incredibly dull. So I just went to Home Depot and bought my own damn hammer with sharp blades. Three hours laters and, voila! Wood filler is fun! Sanded with 80 grit, 120 grit, and 220 grit: Cutting in is a pain in the ass. It's a ginormous pain when you have three shelves to contend with. Cutting in around the shelves took a little over three hours. Ugh. Granted, I started and stopped a couple times and took a few coffee breaks because I started at 5am. Later that afternoon, I threw some paint on the shelves. This is the point that I realized I am good at cutting in vertical surfaces, but am terrible at cutting in horizontal surfaces. Reluctantly, I broke out the tape for the shelves. Of course the tape bled like crazy, so I had to cut in the walls again. Fortunately, cutting in the second time was MUCH faster than the first time. The second took less than an hour. My wife came in to inspect since she had been gone most of the day running a race in the morning, rescuing me from babysitting, and Turkey Day grocery shopping. While grabbing a beer on the lanai, I hear, "Holy crap, that's a helluva cut-in job, Sweetheart!" Cabinets permanently installed rather than just sitting there loose as they had been the last year plus: Cutting the dishwasher panels' facing down from 3" to 1.5" was one of the most stressful things I've done in a long time. I had the table saw on the floor, while trying to hold the panel square two feet above the saw, and feeding it through the saw... twice. I managed to cut them pretty damn perfectly. However, this meant it was a motherf****er to get the fridges in place. Door reinstalled and everything loaded back in for Turkey Day, except the canned goods since I didn't want them sticking to 3 day old paint. Looks almost like I planned it! I still kinda can't believe I actually got it done when I said I would, and over delivered by having the floors and walls done too. The only things left is to make the countertop out of some 150 year old white oak I've got in the garage; install and paint crown moulding, and paint the door.
  10. So not to beat a dead horse, but did you confirm those were teflon lines (they don't look it). Setrab, I am sure knew what they were doing, but you made the lines, correct? Don't want to see your power steering blow on the track is all.
  11. ThomasW's Two into One build

    Dammit, 18 months ago I was in the same position I am now!
  12. ThomasW's Two into One build

    Tampa, FL... close enough?
  13. ThomasW's Two into One build

    I'm not even color swapping really... just "adding to" Rio Red. I can't even find the time to body work the engine bay, let alone the trunks that I owe you...
  14. ThomasW's Two into One build

    Wanna come paint mine lol?