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  1. I've bought way too many parts for this pile of shit two and three times... I finally learned my lesson.
  2. haha, well there's no S195. So that's one less number to remember!
  3. @ThomasW The 4 pistons you have pictured are S550 4 pistons. The S197 Brembos are smaller, but I think use the same mount locations (guys swap in the S550 calipers to S197 all the time). These are the S197 Brembo calipers I will be using: I'm probably way overthinking it... just put me down for a set haha.
  4. Not to be a pain in the ass, but above you indicate 05-09 GT500. I assume these have the same mounting locations as the 13-14 GT500/Track Pack 4 piston calipers... would that be a good assumption? If so, I will send my $100 forthwith.
  5. Everything seems to be shifted up a bit. The posted timestamp is outside the white box too.
  6. There are two different S197 GT500 brakes (4 piston and 6 piston... both should mount the same regardless), hence I asked the question. I have an extra set of 4 piston Brembos off my Coyote.
  7. @ThomasW these brackets will fit S197 Brembos to the SN95 spindle, correct? I just want to make abso-fucking-lutely sure before I commit $350 to the cause.
  8. Meh. Never used it; never will. Logan is the only one I've ever known to use it lol.
  9. I'm in for brackets! I'll have a spare set of 2013 Brembos laying around when I "upgrade" the daily (it already has Brembos, but not powdercoated).
  10. I'm in for brackets! I'll have a spare set of 2013 Brembos laying around when I "upgrade" the daily (it already has Brembos, but not powdercoated).
  11. Technically speaking, 2^10, or 1,024, increments.
  12. Logan, I love ya, but chill the fuck out. It hasn't been years, and no one has promised shit. You are the only one of the Tapatalk users that can't understand that Tapatalk is out of our control. The forum software doesn't support it. We didn't write the forum software, nor can we force their hand. Sorry. Not sorry. You are a pain in the ass, but we love ya. You've just gotta be a little more understanding and patient. No one is going to delete your threads or ban you. Would you like a screenshot of the mod forum? There aren't, nor have there ever been, any "behind the door discussions" that weren't discussed in gen pop. There was a thread discussing the money troubles last year. We got like 10 supporting members that kept the site afloat until now. Same problem cropped up and the website was sold to Bob. Bob, his crew, and the remaining OG Source crew are working on a solution to the problems. The first temp fix was to shut down the file hosting as we were dangerously close to the website shutting down. Next is figuring out a permanent solution to that and our money issues. Then we can worry about the outliers such as Tapatalk.

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