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  1. Psychorugby

    Meet Valentine

    Thats just an Explorer with a car body.
  2. Psychorugby

    Meet Valentine

    Only things I’d sell it for at this point are a Hellcat Charger or this rumored “four door Mustang.”
  3. Psychorugby

    Heavy Horse Garage (and House)

    Permit still hasn’t come back. Hopefully they start digging in the next couple weeks. Should be done by late April.
  4. Psychorugby

    2018/2019 winter break mods

    Yep... paying someone. The more I think about it, the less I want to take the top half apart to put the hoist on the motor.
  5. Psychorugby

    2018/2019 winter break mods

    Is the K something that can be done on jackstands (I know with enough jacks anything is possible)... or should I just pay to have it done lol?
  6. Psychorugby

    2018/2019 winter break mods

    What K member are you going with for the 12? I'm pretty sure my ball joints and/or control arm bushings are shot in the 13, so naturally I will probably get new A arms (BMR)... and am considering a K member (BMR) as well. I assume this is something I should just take to a shop with my clutch and headers and rent a car for a couple days?
  7. Psychorugby

    2018/2019 winter break mods

    1966: Maybe clean up around it. Doubtful. 1995: Clean up around it, but not so I can work on the car, just to be able to walk around it and question my decisions in life to this point. No work will be accomplished as usual. 2013: Gather up parts that have yet to be installed and claim that I am going to install them - long tubes, clutch, clutch line and reservoir, Fred's Wart Remover, premium gauge cluster, subs and speakers...
  8. Psychorugby

    ThomasW's Two into One build

    I'm in for brackets! I'll have a spare set of 2013 Brembos laying around when I "upgrade" the daily (it already has Brembos, but not powdercoated).
  9. Man... all I did was slap a "+5hp" sticker on the back of my daughter's scooter.
  10. Psychorugby

    Heavy Horse Garage (and House)

    The lanai extension got axed. Pool starts next month hopefully. We close on the sale of the rental property Thursday, so that gives us the mental freedom to pay for the pool. I cannot wait!
  11. Psychorugby

    Meet Valentine

    motherfuckinggoogleimagesfuckphotobucket Anyways... got the 2018 intake manifold, JLT series II cold air intake, LU47 injectors, and custom tune installed last night. I am awaiting the tune revisions after I sent in the datalogs. Butt dyno says all this is probably 60-70whp over stock. Still waiting on the long tubes to come out of powdercoat.
  12. Psychorugby

    Meet Valentine

    motherfuckinggoogleimagesfuckphotobucket I tried directly copy/pasting the pictures. See if that works.
  13. Psychorugby

    Meet Valentine

    Google Images link, so it probably doesn't work... Shortly after I did the suspension - Koni adjustable shocks and struts, BMR handling springs, BMR adjustable panhard bar, BMR non-adjustable lower control arms, BMW lower control arm relocation brackets, and MM caster/camber plates: About 6 months later, fully settled: Found some TruFiber carbon fiber hood vents that have been discontinued for a long time: Car really needs another paint correction and ceramic coat, but I can't string together that many hours. This weekend hopefully I will have the time to install the 2018 intake manifold, JLT series II CAI, LU47 injectors, and Li Tuning & Racing custom tune!
  14. Psychorugby

    Meet Valentine

    This has been corrected. As soon as I can figure out how to host pictures correctly and post them, you'll have proof.