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  1. Evilcw311

    ThomasW's Two into One build

    What are you doing for the e-brake?
  2. Evilcw311

    Ordered a 2018 GT premium PP2

    Who wins in a race though? 2018 or the 94? and where’s our Smokey burnout videos?!?
  3. Evilcw311

    Black Pearl Evolution Redux

    I always used the military splice but I added solder. It always made for the cleanest and strongest bonds.
  4. Evilcw311

    Shoot me now please.......

    Yeah this process made me realize I never want to build again. I’m currently starting on the basement and I’ve done some other projects to make it more how I want but that’s about it.
  5. Evilcw311

    Ordered a 2018 GT premium PP2

    Very nice!!!
  6. Evilcw311

    Ordered a 2018 GT premium PP2

    Pics or it didn’t happen........... 😉
  7. Evilcw311

    Black Pearl Evolution Redux

    I’m glad I’m not the only ex-installer who doesn’t know what the alt wire is!! Lol power, ground, remote, and speaker wires is all I remember. Maybe we’re just too old Scott and not up to date with today’s lingo!! 🤣
  8. Evilcw311

    Number Tew's First House Build Thread

    Now you wouldn’t be stereotyping a certain race would you?!?! Lol
  9. Evilcw311

    Black Pearl Evolution Redux

    Amps have fins for cooling. Fresh air flowing through the fins is it’s only way of cooling. Without proper airflow they will indeed overheat quickly.
  10. Evilcw311

    Ordered a 2018 GT premium PP2

    Wait?!?! Didn’t she already have a drop top, plus the trans am, plus your sixxer ?!? what went bye bye?!?
  11. Evilcw311

    Ordered a 2018 GT premium PP2

    I just can’t bring myself to spend $50k on a new mustang yet. They’re beautiful and totally badass but it kills me to spend that knowing I can find one in 2 years for half. Ill take a ride in yours yours when you get it though!!!!! 🙂
  12. Evilcw311

    My Boss Lady's 2002 Trans Am Collector Edition

    If you search hard enough you can find em in good condition for around $15k. I know a guy who got a base model for $9k. Id take a z if I could find a good deal one day.
  13. Evilcw311

    Number Tew's First House Build Thread

    Yeah but what’s scarier, that gator who was probably just looking for a Big Mac, or that big’ol duck at Disney?!? He’s always angry and yelling and you can’t hardly understand him.......... 🙂
  14. Evilcw311

    Number Tew's First House Build Thread

    Did you ever think maybe he works in pest and animal control?!? Obviously you’ve never seen how big the gators, anacondas, and squirrels get in Florida. Hell, that Disney place has a mouse walking around that’s as big as me!!!!! jeremy knows that I know he’s a cop. :-)
  15. Evilcw311

    Want to see the missing pictures in old threads!?

    Dont be jelly cause you aren’t evil enough for our evil genius club. Or or maybe it’s that your not genius enough?!? But you’ll never know!!!!! 🙂