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  1. Black Pearl Evolution Redux

    Just make sure if there’s any openeings in the wheel well that they get sealed. Try using the weatherstripping to seal between the wood and well and let us know how it works. Ive heard bad and good with the Eastwood stuff. Same as the reviews show. Some say it’s thick and great and others swear it’s way thinner. Either way it should be sufficient for what your doing and will help make all the difference
  2. Project White95

    Nothing a lil duct tape and job weld couldn’t fix!!!! ;-)
  3. Random parts I have for sale.....

    Also adding my team z k-member. It’s never been installed. I’ll sell it for price of one new and I’ll cover shipping. That’s a bit of savings for something that literally is sitting brand new and never been touched. Josh can attest to that.
  4. Random parts I have for sale.....

    Instead of 2 months I gave ya 2 years...... still want it??? :-)
  5. Black Pearl Evolution Redux

    @Prokiller use something such as dynamat extreme or second skins products to line the wheel well. Then you just need to find the easiest way to seal the board to the wheel well. Weatherstripping may help but not sure how well it would seal. It’s worth a try. The main thing is just getting it as tight as you can. The solobarics do well with a large airspace but you will definitely notice a major difference in sealing it. People generally think freeair means just toss it in. Unfortunately they still need a way to restrict the airflow. They use to make a material you could use to line an open backed enclosure for free air subs and what it did was heavily restrict the airflow enough so that the sun still thought it was in a fully enclosed box. It was really useful for doing things such as mounting a sub to a rsd or rear decklid and not needing a box. You just lightly framed aroUnd it and then backed it with the material.
  6. Random parts I have for sale.....

    $5 and a couple other items and you got a deal!!! 😂
  7. Black Pearl Evolution Redux

    I had a customer once who insisted on having 3 10’s in his wheel well like that on a drop top stang. It sounded ok at first but then we used dap foam and sealed all around the board to well and any other spots it could leak. Then it hit so hard that even with the top down it still had lots of bass. Biggest problem with ever doing it in a free air is the same as large ported boxes. They have lots of bass but don’t have as clean of a punch and it negatively affects the frequency response
  8. Steering Wheel Radio Controls

    I always loved when customers asked why you need a wireless remote for cars. I ask them how well they know the face of their phone or the buttons on their tv remotes. They always say very well and I tell em, EXACTLY!!!!!!!!
  9. Custom 99-04 Ducktail spoiler.

    They discontinued it. That doesn't free it up??
  10. Custom 99-04 Ducktail spoiler.

    If someone has the speed of sound gauge pod for our cars I'd pay good money for s carbon version of it. It still kills me that they stopped making it as it's the only pillar pod I've ever wanted.
  11. A/C Vacuum Controls

    Yeah mine did the exact same thing. Had to redneck engineer a fix as I haven't yanked my dash to rerun the line yet.
  12. SN95Source Daily Chat Thread

    I got pissed off once and kicked something out of anger with my left foot. Broke my big toe. Then realized I had a very long drive thru traffic on my motorcycle while wearing tennis shoes. I feel your pain!!!! Lol
  13. Anyone at Mustang week?

    Glad to hear someone finally did something worth noting to it.
  14. Pics of it finished?? Or is it same as pic above??