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  1. Evilcw311

    Heavy Horse Garage (and House)

    Yawn..........is the lanai and pool built yet?!? 😉
  2. Evilcw311

    Det_Riot's Sexual Teal Whale Cannon Resurrection

    I already own all the tools needed to do the job. I already have a vehicle to do the job. I already have a steady line of customers that I have serviced for years and a steady clientele for upcoming installs. Basically ive had several times over the years that people tried to get me to go out on my own but I refused to. Cost of doin it now is about $2k for the licensing and insurances for a year. I can be a one man show for now and I’ll be making more than double what I was. Plus I have 2 other companies who I already partner with so this is taking off extremely fast.
  3. Evilcw311

    Warrior's grandpa car build

    What about sod?
  4. Evilcw311

    Det_Riot's Sexual Teal Whale Cannon Resurrection

    Wait?!? Did she get rid of her CTS as well? Or is this a second toy for her? yall young pups with no kids get to have all the fun!!! Lol monday I officially went out on my own and started my own business so hopefully I can catch back up to some of you soon!!! 🙂
  5. Evilcw311

    Det_Riot's Sexual Teal Whale Cannon Resurrection

    Wtf?!?? Ssssoooooooo...........there won’t be any updates on the teal cause now there’s an 18?!?!?!
  6. Evilcw311

    Project White95

    White I like the bracket you made to run the hoses back into the bay from the inner fender but please tell me your gonna put a grommet there?!?! Otherwise that will eventually chafe and then wear on the hoses. Unluess loss of stearing while heading towards a wall is you thing!!!! Lol
  7. Evilcw311

    Forum Ban Game

    Banned for being way too jelly that he didn’t think of it first!!
  8. Evilcw311

    Forum Ban Game

    Banned for being way tew sensitive..............
  9. Evilcw311

    Forum Ban Game

    Banned for thinking he can ban me
  10. Evilcw311

    Brake Swap questions

    Well then I retract my previous statements. Pete is a piece of work and I’ll leave it at that. Children might be present. Does ftbr make brackets for newer newer brakes to work on our cars? I still gotta get brackets for the 2015 calipers I have to make them work on my 95.
  11. Evilcw311

    Brake Swap questions

    Which one is Pete?
  12. Evilcw311

    Brake Swap questions

    Good luck getting a response out of ftbr. I’ve tried getting ahold of him repeatedly through both forums and his site and he refuses to respond if your not one of his personal buddies. Horrible way to run a business, ignoring customers who are trying to ask questions so they can buy stuff from you.
  13. Evilcw311

    The Chronicles of 95riosnake's OCD Machine

    Keep asking questions in here. Maybe it will force Dan to go look at his mustang and touch it!!!!! Lol
  14. Evilcw311

    Forum Ban Game

    Banned for not remembering I was in seaside in July/August and I’ll be in Panama City beach first week of October. so you best have my oj ready!!!! Lol
  15. Evilcw311

    Forum Ban Game

    Banned for not bringing his lazy arse up here to drink some with me!