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  1. Bought this for the beast.................
  2. Not yet. Lil'man will be a junior this year. We're gonna let him finish high school before making the big move. But on the the bright side I'll have a 3 car garage so I can bring the beast home. Her parents are saying more and more they're about ready to move to Florida with us so hopefully here in a few years. Actually I bought dirt,grass, and stone. The concrete and other stuff appeared after some jerk dug up my new lawn.......... :-)
  3. I've bought a few things lately............ .....but this is the biggest........... and white has pics of my smaller purchase.......
  4. Still needs tapatalk............ ......new ownership take note..........
  5. I approve of this change!!! :-)
  6. That is fawking epic!!!!! Lmfao
  7. Question is will there be enough room if you had used solid mounts that drop you 3/4's of an inch. That's what I plan on doing with my Windsor and I have team z's k for my 95
  8. Dude I hadn't seen this post till now. Sorry. bout that. I sont have any that o can think of. I'll actually be in the same boat myself cause I will have to get a downpipe fabricated. I'll ask some of my car buddies and see if they have recommendations. On mine I was just thinking bout ordering one from b&g then modifying it.
  9. Josh, where was this at??
  10. Will this car ever see the light of day or will it forever be a pile of parts like mine?!? ;-)
  11. Lots of variables here. First off, where are you located & do you know if there's any reputable tuners around you?? Second if the answer was yes, the. See what they recommend for tuning whether it be a specific chip or whatnot. If not then you will need to decide how far you are willing to travel to get it tuned. Third, what is this cars goals short and long term?? Are you done with any major changes or are you considering any power adders or anything else?? This should be taken into consideration as it could affect what platform of tuning you chose. Do you you consider yourself somewhat knowledgeable around computers and do you feel you could learn how to read tuning tables?? I ask because you could always look at standalones if you plan to go big on building this car. Sorry if this seems like a lot at once but this should show you why we need more info before giving you advice.
  12. Bump...........
  13. Cough.....95's had the active rear vents too.....cough...... ;-)
  14. He's on the other site pretty often.
  15. Is this really even a question!?!? LLLLLIIIIFFFFTTTTT!!!!! Lol