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  1. UltraSabers

    These were purchased from ultrasabers.com for my upcoming wedding on September 23rd. I ordered 6 of them and was entered into the Summer Raffle, and won a 4th place prize. So without wait, here they are. The first one is my grab bag win. Its an Aeon V4 with what i believe to be an Arctic Blue blade, 36", with guarded switch, and no sound. Next was a Dark Apprentice V4. All of the below sabers are configured pretty bare bones, no sound or anything crazy. 36" lengths, Consular Green. These will be for the groomsmen. Initiate LE V2 Dark Initiate LE V2 Initiate V2 Dominix LE V4 This one is Guardian Blue with guarded switch. This is for the Groom. Hard to tell in pictures, but the left looks like the arctic blue, vs the guardian blue on the right.
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    welcome aboard!
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  8. What Did You Do to Your Mustang Today?

    tested out the new rear end with a burnout and sent off the old tires.
  9. Welcome To SN95Source.com: CobraClone94

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  10. Door panel help

    they all do that basically. ive seen some guys put a screw in the center of the door cup to hold it tight to the panel. i just live with it :-/
  11. Welcome To SN95Source.com: Neverenuff1

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  12. Fender badge removal

    the heat can sometimes seperate the "chrome" from the emblem too. dont get too crazy with it
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