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  1. 94-95 Saleen taillights on FB REAR SALEEN TAIL LITES 1994-1995 STYLE good cond no cracks or damage complete with harness $395 shipping is $39 if not a local sale 4O8.42O.6OO4 https://www.facebook.com/groups/sn95mustangs/permalink/1370711736376758/?sale_post_id=1370711736376758&comment_id=1371752156272716&notif_t=group_comment_reply&notif_id=1497791122500356
  2. welcome aboard!
  3. i want to pick up battlgrounds, looks fun as hell
  4. needed a new coolant temp sensor and radiator cap... after i dumped 4 gallons of coolant in the car wash Friday..... temp sensor wasnt reading so fans never kicked on. oops.
  5. damn that blows, always my fear is the jack slipping and htiting a brake line, fuel line, putting a hole into the car lol at least no one got hurt man
  6. we've been looking at used Toyota 4runners, certified units have a GREAT warranty without the price of a new vehicle. But, as I've gotten older, ive grown to appreciate being able to just bring some of this stuff in to have others work on it, as I do not have the time or the patience sometimes to do so. I guess thats the price you pay buying new.
  7. so many cats.... selling them to a junk yard would probably pay for a whole new exhaust systme these days
  8. i dont have the cash flow to buy $100 games every other week, i normally stick with one or two games for a year.. lol
  9. Sorry, I'll try to get over to Toyota more often, their prius' are moce these days! hah
  10. Psh home garage! its at the dealership i work for. its an alignment rack thats sunk into the ground.
  11. psh, they still got 30k miles left in em!
  12. I got a soft spot for those G8's... Nice rides man!
  13. 2016 Cadillac ATS performance edition 2.0T. If i needed a new DD, I don't think I'd look anywhere else. plenty of room, and for a 2.0t the thing shits and gets. 2017 Escalade. god theyre expensive... i still want one of these too.
  14. few small updates over the past couple years now. put my old 17"s on it, much better than the 16"s. I then was able to get an IRS exhaust for reeaallllyyyy cheap, brand new flowmaster. its not stainless, but for this car it'll work. its still beyond stock, so I was a little worried with the diff housing sitting farther away from the body than a lowered car would be, that the exhaust wouldnt fit or would hit. turned out not to be the case and it all bolted up almost perfectly. This is a 98 car, so the exhaust hangers are almost identical to the 99+. here is few pics for comparison, the first is my 96 hangers, and the second is the 98 hangers. and the IRS exhaust in its full glory. I needed to unbolt the shock, quad shock, and vent tube breather to get the exhaust out in one piece. not bad. We were only able to use the exhaust hangers that fit under the rear bumper, the other 4 (2 per pipe), were far off. All we needed to do though was make some hangers from basically the back of the muffler, up to the stock hanger location and we were all done. Doesn't look 100% like it would on an IRS car, but it does give it a neat look and doesn't hit or rub on anything. We tried to flex the car over some driveway entrances and hit bigger bumps to make stuff move around, and never had a problem with the exhaust hitting. overall im happy with the results. As far as sound good, i would say its like 5 decibels louder than stock haha, but it does have a reeaalllyyy nice sound to it. still has the stock 6 cat h-pipe on it also.