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  1. Schiffy

    What Did You Do to Your Mustang Today?

    i drove mine to work this morning
  2. Schiffy

    SN95Source Daily Chat Thread

    Hmmm... I have 3 kids and a 4th on the way, so let me chime into thise debate on parenting and kids with ipads or phones or whatever... my kids are 9, 4 and 3 with the 4th due in August. they are all boys. this is the age of technology. i didn't get my first cell phone till i got my drivers license, and thats exactly why i got it. My wife and i don't ahve a home phone, so my oldest son has an Iphone. now, WHY an iphone might you ask? because when we got our new plan, it was cheaper to get an older iphone 4S than it was a flipphone based on our plan. he has 1gig of data and thats only because he has to, and honestly, he never uses it. it sits on the couch or his bedside table. the only time he does use it, is when he takes pictures of videos or facetimes my brothers or parents. my wife has an ipad and all of my kids are allowed to watch Netflix on it, they are limited to how often they can use it, and it's not like they can walk out to the living room and turn it on because it has a lock. same with the Xbox. they are only allowed to play xbox on the weekends and usually from 1-3 in the afternoon which is when my youngest takes his nap. they do however play outside on the trampoline, build forts in my bushes and anytime i work on the car(s) they are highly involved. i don't think letting a kid play with them is a bad thing, i think making them dependent on it is.
  3. Schiffy

    What Did You Purchase Today?

    I got a grill... LOL
  4. C heads with the Intake Adapter to run the B upper, yes?
  5. Schiffy

    I'm Starting a Debate on K-Members

    Well, i've done research on a lot of K members, i know a few posts up from back in June last year i was anti UPR, i'm still on the fence about it, but Matt and i have taken on a project car and after going back and fourth on K members and coilovers and then seeing what was local, we said screw it, we'll give the UPR a shot. got a helluva deal on the UPR complete front k member kit and it will soon be under a drag race only car... i'll post a build thread later... So UPR on our "yellow dragon" and i'm waiting to install my Team Z. mine is a DD, so i went with the AUTO X with the bracing. it's still saves considerable weight, adds tons of clearance and i just love Team Z. never had issues with their fitment, they have top notch customer service, it's made IN America and they are racers themselves.
  6. Schiffy

    howdy doo

    Stop posting Jason and get to putting that new motor in the L... sheesh
  7. Schiffy

    Vacuum issues causing the car to not run

    Man it's been a minute since i've been in here... was just scrolling though sitting on duty seeing what was going on. came across this, figured id go back through it and torment myself with all that. haha... car has been running fine now for almost 2 years exactly. last february though, that hood i had blew up the day before i deployed and smashed the roof, so the roof is a little wavy these days and the stock hood is back on it, but other than that she is the exact same as back then. (always run hoodpins on aftermarket hoods regardless of what they tell you) The car does now sport a full Team Z rear suspension and in the garage there's a set of 03 Cobra C heads that will be going on with a C lower intake, B upper adapter and then of course my B head upper intake. also got a set of Longtubes and X pipe in the garage and a full Team Z K member kit ready to go on when i do the longtubes. trying to decide if i want to say screw it and put the Dynomax bullet mufflers on in place of the 40 series, or not... i got a ticket back in December for "loud Exhuast" so i figured i'd stick it to the man (and my annoying neighbors) by going louder. haha... just haven't bit the bullet yet.
  8. Schiffy

    What Did You Purchase Today?

    not today, but recently, i got a short runner intake, longtubes and some new balljoints
  9. Schiffy

    I'm Starting a Debate on K-Members

    I'm late to the party and i have no personal experience on my own vehicle or the pics anymore, but i was there when my buddy removed his UPR K member from his '04 Cobra and one of the welds had cracked. The car only had about 200 miles on it since the install. there are pics and i'll try and get them. it's been probably 8 years. either way, ever since then, i've been anti UPR, i gave them another shot with their coilovers on my '98. I know it's not a k member, but speaks volumes about their customer service or lack thereof. i had issues, i called them, nothing, emailed them, nothing, used the contact form on their website, nothing... QA1 and UPR are the exact same, so i group them together. i helped Caleb install his Team Z on the smurf and it was a little pain, but we got it figured out, and they stayed at the shop late the day we did the install, in case we had anymore questions, so i was super impressed with their customer service. I also run their tubular rear street beast control arms on my car, and will be purchasing their k member soon.
  10. Schiffy

    SN95Source Daily Chat Thread

    what up fools... long time no talk (to some of you anyways) Facebook has me jaded. it's so easy to post and get instant replies! haha... plus i've been deployed now since January, so i'm not even around my poor car... been lurking a few days, seeing all these new screen names and what not... just check in, seeing what all i've missed...
  11. Schiffy

    96-98 Cobra CAI's

    I've got the OG JLT for mine waiting to go on when i get home.
  12. Schiffy

    NSFW - Post your funny pictures

    why are all your posts sex related? LOL
  13. Schiffy

    SN95Source Daily Chat Thread

    whats up guys... long time no post.
  14. as the dad of 3 little boys I gotcha man... we haven't gone through anything like that luckily, BUT, the first time they had to get shots I always felt like an asshole. they look at you with those eyes that just say "dad, why are you letting them hurt me" hang in there brother. it'll work out. i'm kinda late to the party, so it seem like she's doing ok, but figured i'd chime in, being a dad myself