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  1. I have a group text with @Duff Daddy and @SniveTroll and my wife hears my phone go off, looks at the clock, looks at me and says "Jason or Duffy". hahahaha.... she does know Jason from our time in the Navy together, but she's never met Duffy, course neither have I. LMAO...
  2. How long it be down for?
  3. yup, next Mustang be it a V8 or a V6 DD is going to be Yellow. i just decided,
  4. Welcome to the site! lets see the engine bay of the car? i'm assuming it's an LS1. LOL... not something i myself would do, but always love seeing it when others do it!

  5. I'd get rid of the star on the bottom right. It's blended into the state outline.
  6. Matt, try not to "thought" to much yourself! lol
  7. [MENTION=9]SniveTroll[/MENTION] can approve it
  8. What's up neeeeewwwwwwbies
  9. Let us in bitches we cold and hungry!!!!
  10. [MENTION=106]tony[/MENTION] we're on the outside looking in these days...

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