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  1. Mystic SVT

    96 Mystic Termi Cobra

    I have a coyote motor I might end up not using
  2. Mystic SVT

    96 Mystic Termi Cobra

    I am sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo jelly!
  3. Mystic SVT

    4.6 to 5.4 4V swap.

    Get yourself a tubular k-member, 1/2" k-member spacers, mod the navigator heads to accept a boss intake (5.0 coyote), mod some 1-3/4" longtubes to fit, install some descent 106400 cams/springs, forged internals, 10.5:1-11:1 compression, rev to 7k, call it a day. Or if you don't want to do the mods to make the coyote intake work do the sullivan or a mach ported intake with adapters.
  4. Mystic SVT

    COP conversion?

    I did the COP conversion on mine also, used the harness from the RedMonster, it was stupid easy to install lol
  5. Mystic SVT

    n/a mach 1

    Alex302, what year 4V do you have? That's quite good #'s for the mods you have. Also, what gears?
  6. Mystic SVT

    n/a mach 1

    -'98 cobra intake cams (I say '98 because that is the only year B head cobra cams that use the same cams gear as the 99-04 dohc motors, the 96-97 use a different gears.) -Longtubes -O/R midpipe -4.10s-4.30s -March fluid damper -March UD hydorboost pulley -March UD waterpump pulley -March UD alternator pulley -Alum flywheel -Alum dirveshaft -K&N filter on stock air intake or go with JLT (no bbk or metal air intakes) -ported intake, or if you have the extra funds ported short runner intake Don't bother with swapping out to bigger TB or porting it, doesn't provide any gains on stock longblock 4V. Stock injectors are good for 370ish hp so no need to upgrade injectors either if staying n/a.
  7. Mystic SVT


    About 5-7hp...car still trapped 119.xx on his best run. Consistent 117-118mph traps with only bolt ons (4.10s, JLT, ported lower intake, Mac LT's, o/r X, intake spacer, comp cams 106100's, tune, no weight reduction. Car still made 365/341 so I would say giving up a handful of hp is worth the nasty lope when you still trap 117-119 in n/a form.
  8. Mystic SVT


    Driveability is great, the cams are not huge by any means but they do make some impressive gains especially on the top end. 106400s are a little too big for a 4.6, they sacrifice some power down low but make good gains up top. The bad thing about the 106400s is that you need to replace the valve springs. The reason the car sounds like it has big cams is because of what they are set up at (106/110), if you set them up at say 106/116 then they will have a smoother idle and make maximum power.
  9. Mystic SVT


    106400 comp cams, but you will need to upgrade the springs with these. Go with 106100 comp cams, have them degreed to 106/110, that will give you a nasty idle. This is my friend Daniel's '04 mach with Comp Cams 106100 set up to the specs I posted above. You have to use cloyes and trickflow adjustable cams gears to set them up to specs. I'm going to install mine hopefully within the next month, setting mine up to 106/112.
  10. Mystic SVT

    Cobra irs

    You need 99-04 IRS springs and shocks. SRA shocks will not work nor will SRA springs.
  11. Mystic SVT

    Head Questions Answered!!!

    ^^^Why not just put it back together and have yourself a shortrunner intake? No real need to port the intake, just clean up the intake floor and runners (closest to head). You don't happen to have an extra intake lid do you?
  12. Mystic SVT

    Head Questions Answered!!!

    Those plates only work for the lincoln intakes not the cobra intakes. Would you like to sell them?
  13. Lol me too! Me and my gf are going to wait until next weekend to go see it at the IMAX, it sold out here last week so can't go anyway lol.
  14. Mystic SVT

    Head Questions Answered!!!

    The FR500 makes terrible torque down low if the variable runner control is removed. It uses a shortrunner/ longrunner setup, longrunner for lowend grunt and shortrunner for high rpm's.
  15. Mystic SVT

    Head Questions Answered!!!

    He made an adapter for the B intake lid to bolt on to the c head lower, but he just needed someone with a waterjet to cut it out. He's working on using '99+ continental Intake adapters to hopefully be able to bolt up the B head intake to a C head motor. This would be the best of both worlds.